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  1. I’ll have to see if there’s some sort of clear divide between the North and South ends. The other issue would be regarding parking, they might be able to open a portion of the building but I’m not sure where everyone would park with the parking garage likely being a ways away from it’s opening.
  2. Interesting. I’d think flights to Japan would make a lot more sense than flights to mainland China, plus it’s going to be tough getting a US carrier to sign up for another China flight so you’d be stuck trying to lure in a Chinese carrier. Judging demand from ticket prices this would make sense as well. You can often fly MCO-PEK for <$600, I’ve seen as low as $300. Flights to NRT/HND are generally $1k+ and not usually ever less than $800.
  3. Any estimates on when this thing will open? I went by the other day and I'm not sure how close they really are. Seems like the food hall needs to open first since it's on the end. The apartments on that end look to mostly be done but still need a bit of work. Then you go to the next bit and it's a long way away, probably at least six months. Could they open part of the building to residents while still having construction going on 100' down the hallway?
  4. There was a CV tour for UCF Alumni last week and they were indeed calling it “DPAC.” The area also seems real sketch after dark, maybe that’ll work itself out as the area grows.
  5. sethM


    Tragic. First they come for the Baldwin Fairchild sign and we say nothing, now they're taking our speedometer. Next thing you know someone will try to burn down Beefy King.
  6. You don’t have to go through customs and immigration twice to fly into Baltimore and go to DC. But if you flew into HKG and went to Shenzhen you would.
  7. And they were originally announced they were closed on Monday the Wednesday or Thursday before and then at the last minute announced they’d remain open.
  8. Their website is still listing Nov 16 as the availability date for some of the units. I ran by yesterday and I’d wager everything I own on no one moving in this month.
  9. Probably so, Dorian had tons of airtime on TV before it was ever close to FL so you have to imagine there were loads of tourists and business travelers cancelling their plans and staying home. I actually flew in that Monday afternoon before Dorian and MCO was a ghost town.
  10. Does this mean they aren’t expecting Lake House to be complete for another year? I was thinking Q1 20.
  11. But just like I had posted, you can rent an entire house right down the street for hundreds less. Then you won't hear people yelling in the halls, people hitting your car in the garage, having to go up and down elevators, and a property company that only cares that you've signed a lease. Most apartments have paper thin walls and you'll hear all your neighbors, the yard is all cinder block so you probably won't have that problem, but you'll still have all the other things I mentioned.
  12. You're somewhat right old man, Zillow lists the studio as a one bedroom, the cheapest apartment with a bedroom door is $1,722. The prices are crazy either way. If you go a few blocks away you can rent a 2k sqft house for $300 less than the cheapest two bedroom they offer.
  13. I was thinking it's way too big of a building to just have restrooms but then I was thinking the Art Festival gets setup all around the building, maybe they could have a large amount of restrooms for that instead of all the portajohns. Or if they wanted to make money they could make it a VIP area for the Art Festival with chairs, food, ac, and restrooms.
  14. That's a pretty generous description imo, however they could expand the park and leave the building. I'm sure there's something they could do with it in context of the park. The parking lot on either side takes up a ton of space that could be turned into park area.
  15. Apartments are now listed on Zillow, some listed as "now available" which I'm sure is a mistake. Others list as being available in November. 1/1s start around $1600 which is a little lower than previously reported. 2 bedrooms still start just under $2,500 /month which IMO is way too high.
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