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  1. .. Well said, anyone complaining about lakehouse has little concept of the actual engine that drives development, and wants to direct the course of building creation through zoning restrictions. That path winds up with less buildings built, and puts the city a lot farther away from having the type of architecture cited in this thread as "desire-able". Anyone who cannot see that isn't worth acknowledging.
  2. Their site was in MU-2 which has a max FAR of 0.35, and is only 94480 sqft. That means given their initial zoning (prior to applying for PD) they would have only been allowed a 33k sqft building. They went the PD route because obviously the existing zoning wouldn't work out. In their zoning fight they would have to ask for 331,200 sqft or an FAR roughly 10x what they had on hand. This is an enormous ask of any zoning dept, and clearly they had to make a myriad of changes to the building to satisfy the departments. To ask for that same amount of SF in a tower form would equate to (gra
  3. Laughing at all these "I wish Radius could have been taller" posts..... because I too wish Radius could have been taller... Still am very excited to have a beer looking at the lake from that pool deck.
  4. Blame the NIMBYs in Eola Heights. Height caps came from their input.
  5. Its all about value. Forecast the amazingly high rents like those planned at City View Tower 2 and you can do full building video screens with zero edge pools etc. I predict once the courtyard is done, and once the building is filled, that Radius will seem so natural in its location city residents will struggle to remember the empty triangle lot that once stood there.
  6. I didn't think City Tower was going to get built, and thought Society Orlando (x) would never gonna break ground. I am wrong frequently. That said, I would be amazed if this structure or ZOI ever saw reality. This deal might pan out if they permit the top floors as PH condo. The recent Condo trades downtown would support this angle. Any way this winds up getting done, I think it's EXTREMELY unlikely they wind up affording a multi-floor exterior video screen. Excluding that and the top floor pool, any structure sporting the finishes as shown would have to charge a rent higher than
  7. Yeah they are going to do a zero edge pool down the entire side of the building? hope people in a 4 block radius like occaisionally being whipped in the face with errant pool water carried by the wind. This structure has to be expecting rents higher than currently exist in the Downtown.
  8. So.... Do we like the patchwork bit?
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