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  1. Crane Inserts Added. Expecting lots of activity next week.
  2. After long delays by CenturyLink to move their buried cable this project will resume Friday.
  3. What is better located? Parcel M, the X Orlando site, or Radius? Should include ZOI above but I doubt its gonna happen.
  4. Depends on the desired parking ratio. If you focus on studio/efficiency units you could easily get away with leaving the existing garage.
  5. I approached them about doing simply wrap style 7 story on the site (which we would have bookshelved to look like several buildings) but the Highland team insisted that the need that parking for their southern tower. Said they could at most spare 84 spaces. I would love to look at it for a 1 story podium Kasita project. Based on Geotest there is definitely some cleanup required around DryCleaner.
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