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  1. Frinfrock was the GC brought in to quote the deal, and when the developer backed out, I am told they took over the deal themselves. Essentially Frinfrock is the developer.
  2. Will be very interested to see the inside of that courtyard.
  3. Anybody got any recent pics? Everything seems to be from this summer.
  4. I hope they raise the elevation of the fountain by 10' with some dirt move. That would at least make it somewhat interesting, on the concept you could watch a soccer game on the main pitch. I know it won't happen tho.
  5. If they ever really wanted to raise funds for stuff like this, one thing they could do is sell additional FAR above max zone to developers elsewhere. Chicago does it as a means of historic or park "adoption" where additional air rights are given for up front cash. Win-win. It does get the Alderman in a pinch later on when the Developer collects and builds slightly larger than the NIMBYs would like, but I am all for making politicians uncomfortable.
  6. ^^^ wholeheartedly agree with everything said. Metal stud is not competitive locally because Floridian Concrete is so dang cheap! My question is when will CLT & Metal stud finally break into the market?
  7. ^^^^ that an the increasing demands for Fire combatants in the IBC are going to further push it to be competitive with prefab metal stud (at lower heights concrete/metal stud price effectiveness breaks down to your area, and which side can service the project easier, though metal stud is supposed to be cheaper). I also think Frinfrock, despite building one of the ugliest apt buildings downtown, has really figured out their modular concrete system. I would expect them to start deploying it across FL.
  8. I posted this already for Radius, but might as well include here since 409 is directly in the shot.
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