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  1. Just sitting here waiting for Orlando Sentinel to move on and sell their complex already......
  2. We were height limited by both the city, and the change in construction form that would be needed over 150'. Crossing certain height thresholds brings excess cost, something we were willing to explore, however the city started off demanding we stay at 8 stories on the eastern side & that made the vertical fight seem too up-hill. We eventually got them to okay the uniform height you see now, and not without some concessions. Bottom line on height, we wish it was taller too! As far as water features - we were assured they would essentially become public urinals, if you look back at my posts to this forum, our original plaza-scape plan included a central water feature. Do you really want to dine in a public plaza that smells like the kiddie-end of the pool? Shade trees can often hurt retail visibility (as many of you have noted), and once planted are extremely inflexible. Our retail will have outdoor seating with umbrella tables, so don't fret too much about roasting while sitting in the plaza. Antivagrant/anti-skate are two very different concepts, but ultimately the plaza is still private property and we will do what is necessary to make sure it is clear of nuisance. Any irritant designed to combat vagrancy can also effect tenants, so there is a fine line to skirt. I hear your points, and I certainly wasn't trying to ignore them. Moreover, to me this has been a substantial point of completion a long time in the works, and looking through old pictures it is hard to believe what was on the ground prior to this project. We are still a small ways out from delivering the sculpture works that will adorn either side of the plaza, I am excited to hear what you guys think once they are in place.
  3. Heck of a lot better than an empty triangle in my opinion (note that I am probably heavily biased).
  4. We were dissuaded from doing a planned water feature by the City actually, they essentially told us it would become a public urinal, and since we intend to include food service in the retail, you can see why we changed course. Don't worry though, we reallocated those dollars into some pretty awesome metal sculpture art that will be placed in 3 locations within the plaza, look forward to those being added soon.
  5. *starts taking a look at blocking for these sites*
  6. Just an FYI, we are still working on getting design implements in the lobby, but shipping delays like everywhere are horrible. Expect this space to look vastly different by time of completion.
  7. Quiet Deck getting finished out. Still have to add fire tables, seating, fill for the inlaid Bocce court, and treatments for the open air yoga area. Church pumpkins in the background.
  8. not the most recent photo, wanted to show the angle relevant to Eola.
  9. There may still be a few façade tweaks, & most of the spaces are still going through design finish (lobby, first floor amenities, main club room) with furniture and decor arriving through the backlog of US Shipping right now. Tiling and equipment still being installed in the dog-spa, partition glass still going in the shared office space, parcel room digital lockers, etc.
  10. A nearby unit for sale at the Vue (4th floor) at 925 SF (1bed 2 ba) is selling for $350k with an estimated mortgage payment of $2k (not sure if that includes incidentals). Given the proximity, if you account for square footage, a $1500-1600 sf unit on the top floor lakeside facing studio in Radius seems pretty reasonable, especially given the lack of a needed down payment. Radius and it's pricing seems even more reasonable when you take into account the rents they are asking in Creative Village, which to me is far less central to the city, and further from the city's hustle-bustle mentioned earlier.
  11. Yeah now that I glance back its coming out to roughly 300k per door, which I have seen recently. If that was their all in figure instead of hc I would be floored, and demand to know which GC quoted it. 26 story above podium is no cheap build.
  12. With steel prices where they are right now, my comment stands.
  13. Lol no way in hell a 26 story project of that size only costs $97m. Glad CV is expanding though, really wish the south end of by Magic complex would build itself out. The rate at which CV is growing, I feel like the Sentinel site is just crying to be built-out.
  14. My god a support column in the middle of a pool. That is going to be a nightmare. *Structural Engineering Cringe*
  15. that is part of the idea, those black drive isles are each 78' wide, leaving enough for a 65' boulevard street with side parking (temp/handicap) and a nice sized sidewalk on each side. keeps you from getting curtain walled at street level by massive podiums for each independent structure. This was literally me messing around for 8 minutes, but yeah you could absolutely front the promenades with retail/park space, and probably would be wise to do so. Its a fun dream, and I haven't gotten to play around with a site this size for awhile. Would love to take the time to firm up this design and write the proforma but I am busy with other projects. As soon as I get a whiff that sentinel might trade I will certainly come back to it.
  16. Creative Village, while nice, really didn't do all that much.... Creative. This was me messing around with a 2 story podium across the whole site (to contain all the parking) while having a drive over public access podium. Sentinel Fuckaround.kmz
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