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  1. More metal going up on the entrance dome today. Hopefully this is the final application. Still wondering what the finished product will look like.
  2. This excellent photograph shows clearly that the claimed 490 foot height for Fifth Third Center is false. We know the L&C Tower is 409 (I once rigged it with a nylon rope while doing a climbing exercise with the Nashville Fire Dept.) and we also know that Fourth and Church is at least 10-15 feet lower in elevation than Fifth and Church. Given this information and the fact the picture was taken about 400 feet up (lining up with the horizon) it is doubtful that the FTC is any more than 420 feet tall. Somebody needs to tell Wikipedia.
  3. Yes indeed. But this view from Eighth Avenue reveals that part of the Thing will still be visible as you drive by. I would not normally post such a photo, but I thought the sky was nice.
  4. People say the revolving rooftop restaurant at the downtown Sheraton is no longer in use. But don't try to tell that to these birds who have conventions there on a regular basis.
  5. For about a year I have been wondering what the west face of 1Hotel would look like with these louvers on the big window. Now it appears the horizontal rails will be black as they are removing the protective film today. I suppose these things are designed to cut down on the evening sun as it shines on the lobby, bar or whatever is behind the window. It will be nice to get Eighth Avenue back.
  6. Here are three views from the State Capitol Building this morning. First looking southwest toward the Tennessee Tower and Amazon II. Tennessee Supreme Court in the foreground. And south toward the Renaissance Hotel and The Place at Fifth and Broad. Then southeast toward the older buildings of downtown.
  7. Perhaps this building is the "Gray Eminence" telling the other structures what to do from behind the scenes. Not meant to be seen by us. And if all the stuff planned for this intersection actually gets built, that may come to pass. Invisible by design.
  8. Here's a look from the interstate ramp today. Gonna be a nice looking structure.
  9. Here is the view from Church Street looking north this morning. First floor is going to be tall.
  10. This is an elegant tower. Am I correct in thinking that they made a design change to give the top condo a full balcony at both ends that spans the building from south to north? Not sure I see that in the early drawings.
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