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  1. Here are some views of the nearly completed Asurion HQ from the sidewalk in front of the old Gibson Guitar building taken today. First a general view of the south end of Asurion showing 805 Lea Street, The Westin, Union Station, JW Marriott and the Grand Hyatt. Notice how clean Union Station is now. Looking east along Church Street. The Amazon Tower across the street. And a close up of the connection between Asurion and the Church Street Viaduct.
  2. This shot, taken today, shows a variety of projects on the west side of downtown and their various states of progress or lack thereof. From left to right, we have the Fred D. Thompson federal courthouse still sporting a red roof membrane on one side and a partially finished roof on the entrance rotunda. Then the completed and stunning (from the west, not the east) Grand Hyatt. And Endeavor/Whole Foods tower followed by Skyhouse. Then the Asurion HQ in front of the Broadwest which no longer has a form on its central core and is about to complete the penthouse level of Conrad Hilton. The topped out 2006 West End Tower is barely visible to the left of Amazon One which hopefully will soon be accompanied by Amazon Two. When Tony gets going on 801 and 900 Church Street this view will change dramatically.
  3. I was inspired by Alley to get away from the CBD and take pictures of the skyline. These views are from 33rd and Nevada Avenue today.
  4. Driving in Nashville. Going north on Eighth Avenue near Division. Must be patient.
  5. Here is the nearly topped out 805 Lea tower as seen from the intersection of Eighth Avenue South and Edgehill/Chestnut Streets. Decided not to crop Mark Spain out of the picture but was not paid for leaving it in.
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