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  1. If Centene can create a giant lake around their campus in the University City area, then surely we can create Belk River Uptown.
  2. Plus, CP&F will be vacating their pipe foundry land south of the river, which wasn't included in the massing concept. Again, this land will only become available late 2023.
  3. https://www.wbtv.com/2020/05/22/test-positive-covid-uptown-tower-construction-site-prompting-shutdown/?fbclid=IwAR0V76I6LHF-WIBB7qkfj96uk02gFZDJkcUl2-jYqp5uZSti7yMLBQiANgE
  4. Now that this rendering is fresh again, it looks like the hotel stair volume is not going to receive curtain wall as the conceptual rendering depicts. That's a big blank wall facing the plaza now, per the latest progress photos. Unfortunate.
  5. My pediatrician, Dr. Fred Culpepper, was here growing up in the 90's. I'll never forget the smell of this "Place," while eating Barnum's Animal Crackers that they would give out.
  6. From my sources: They're going with dark gray. They will paint the existing window mullions to match the new ones as part of the existing building renovation after completion of the addition.
  7. The lack of window muntins in this project and the Grand Bohemian greatly cheapens the historical appearance.
  8. The suburban mentality of "parking deck to the side" is how the Church St corridor gained 10 exposed parking decks. With or without street-level retail in parking decks, urbanity can do better.
  9. Not to throw this thread off topic, but this view does show Covenant Presbyterian's new Welcome Center, completed by my firm, WGM Design. It improved the urban street presence along Morehead Street. Great angle!
  10. South crane continues to come down today. You can also see the start of the secondary framing for the roof screen at the northeast corner.
  11. Don't forget to bury all the overhead utility lines and we'd be all set!
  12. Photos from AIA Charlotte Building Tour with Architect Turan Duda. No interior photos were permitted, but no penny was spared. It boasts an impressive lobby, beautiful series of auditoriums, curated artwork throughout, and top notch office space. Superb addition to South End.
  13. You are correct. I noticed that they installed these 2 sections out of their normal installation sequence, shortly after 5:00pm on Tuesday, July 9th. Because of this, I'm sure that the installer is aware. It may be a placeholder until the correct windows are shipped.
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