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  1. Soil boring this morning on Winnifred Street.
  2. Article this morning in The Architect's Newspaper: "Deck parks are increasingly in vogue in the Southwest’s downtown cores, but aren’t a good fit for El Paso" https://www.archpaper.com/2021/06/deck-park-increasingly-in-vogue-but-not-a-good-fit-for-el-paso/
  3. Unfortunate news this morning. This could be filed under a couple threads.
  4. CubeSmart Self Storage. GIS lists the owner as: TSO BRYANT STREET SELF STORAGE LP, 1401 PEACHTREE ST STE 400, ATLANTA GA 30309. 1.34 acres sold for $2.75m on 1/12/2018. It will open in July.
  5. Today is National Trails Day. This scenic trail loops the pond at The Park - Huntersville, designed in 1988 by my firm, WGM Design.
  6. Referring to the original announcement post in the Economic Development thread of Saucy Brew Works at 501 E Morehead, renderings appear to show the abandonment of the former Caldwell Street right-of-way, which is great news. According to aerial from GIS below, the street had apparently already been abandoned. Another great streetscape improvement to the East Morehead corridor! Edit: Rendering attached. You can see the curb radius of the original street being repurposed as 2 parallel parking spaces, but that's subject to CDOT approval.
  7. Right, I don't see that ever happening. It takes an act of Congress to create a new interchange, and the NCDOT is not in the business of eliminating them. In my opinion, the more connectivity with I-85 the better, to lessen the congestion at the newer University City Blvd interchange. Other connectivity projects are taking place in the area, including the fairly-new University Pointe Blvd overpass. Another bridge over I-85 has been planned north of Harris Blvd. On another note, I'd bet that most University City residents don't remember the previous highway-level interchanges at (1) US-29
  8. At the time of the 2D (and 3D) Google imagery, the hotel tower was under construction. There was a construction elevator on 4th Street, and the roof was used as a lay-down area during the course of construction. Building inspections would not allow the roof to be used as any type of storage afterwards as well. While the building does have its issues, this image was a temporary condition.
  9. According to the latest available aerials, this still leaves a gap behind Cannon Pharmacy and Auto Bell. Are there any plans to connect this final section? Could the new light rail station just north add this to its scope?
  10. I'm an architect in Charlotte, and it's not just lumber. Lead times for materials and products across the board are at high levels. We're experiencing 6 to 8-month lead times right now for steel, and costs have nearly doubled since pre-COVID levels. There are only 3 major manufacturers of steel decking and joists in the US, and even 12 regional suppliers are subsidiaries of 2 of the same 3 national companies. Most steel foundries are currently operating with only one shift, which is unnecessarily inflating the market. If this trend continues, we might see the market soon revert to using precas
  11. Ahh wow! The new street sign makes those 167 utility poles in the background just fade away! So beautiful! ❤
  12. Since we're on the subject, to give a shoutout to the interior designer of La Belle Helene, the credit goes to Carrie Frye of Carrie Frye Interior Design. Here's a link to the project page with a description and photos: https://www.cfidstudio.com/lbh
  13. They should've rendered the hideous power lines for accuracy...
  14. Good News! Those units will be screened. See the elevation below.
  15. Is there anything in the works to mandate new TOD's bury all overhead utility lines? With a densifying SouthEnd, it's absolutely pathetic to see great developments ruined by messy utility lines. If any of these newly-planted street tree species have the potential to grow to impact the required clearances of the lines, you know for sure that Duke Energy contractors will come hacking their way through SouthEnd streets in about 15 years. Architecture firms shouldn't have to spend hours photoshopping utility lines out of final photos or using renderings in lieu of finished photos of horrible
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