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  1. Since we're on the subject, to give a shoutout to the interior designer of La Belle Helene, the credit goes to Carrie Frye of Carrie Frye Interior Design. Here's a link to the project page with a description and photos: https://www.cfidstudio.com/lbh
  2. They should've rendered the hideous power lines for accuracy...
  3. Good News! Those units will be screened. See the elevation below.
  4. Is there anything in the works to mandate new TOD's bury all overhead utility lines? With a densifying SouthEnd, it's absolutely pathetic to see great developments ruined by messy utility lines. If any of these newly-planted street tree species have the potential to grow to impact the required clearances of the lines, you know for sure that Duke Energy contractors will come hacking their way through SouthEnd streets in about 15 years. Architecture firms shouldn't have to spend hours photoshopping utility lines out of final photos or using renderings in lieu of finished photos of horrible street elevations. AKA: Vantage, Railyard, Lowe's, Portman, 2100 South Tryon, etc...
  5. This is great! Old Concord needs to be added between Sugar Creek & Tom Hunter.
  6. https://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2020Petitions/Pages/2020-052.aspx
  7. I'd LOVE to contribute to an "ugly utility poles of Charlotte" thread if that exists. I've considered creating an Instagram dedicated to them. #BuryDuke
  8. "Never complain about parking again!"
  9. To rescue this thread from the depths of UP Page 3, LU2 progress now includes curtainwall installation along the construction elevators.
  10. Not on the riverfront yet... give it 10 years.
  11. Woah, flashback! My architecture firm, WGM Design, worked with Barium Springs in 2006 on multiple buildings. http://www.wgmdesign.com/barium-springs-home-for-children.html
  12. B. A. F. is a popular fan company lol, but most below-grade or enclosed parking garages are equipped with robust ventilation and exhaust systems.
  13. Except for the house at 5th/Poplar, First Presbyterian Church owns that block. Not to get this thread off-topic, but this is their 1992 Master Plan. If I were them, I'd consider long-term land leasing and/or some kind of community/mission-minded use for the block, instead of a simple, one-time sale, as property values will surely increase as Gateway progresses. While there are complaints about the Northwood-Ravin apartments being too near-sighted for the future plan for the corridor, this block deserves the highest-available use as well.
  14. If I see ONE more commercial for Altura on YouTube, I'm going to lose it! I've practically memorized the renderings during the first 5 seconds before the skip button appears.
  15. If Centene can create a giant lake around their campus in the University City area, then surely we can create Belk River Uptown.
  16. Plus, CP&F will be vacating their pipe foundry land south of the river, which wasn't included in the massing concept. Again, this land will only become available late 2023.
  17. https://www.wbtv.com/2020/05/22/test-positive-covid-uptown-tower-construction-site-prompting-shutdown/?fbclid=IwAR0V76I6LHF-WIBB7qkfj96uk02gFZDJkcUl2-jYqp5uZSti7yMLBQiANgE
  18. Now that this rendering is fresh again, it looks like the hotel stair volume is not going to receive curtain wall as the conceptual rendering depicts. That's a big blank wall facing the plaza now, per the latest progress photos. Unfortunate.
  19. My pediatrician, Dr. Fred Culpepper, was here growing up in the 90's. I'll never forget the smell of this "Place," while eating Barnum's Animal Crackers that they would give out.
  20. From my sources: They're going with dark gray. They will paint the existing window mullions to match the new ones as part of the existing building renovation after completion of the addition.
  21. The lack of window muntins in this project and the Grand Bohemian greatly cheapens the historical appearance.
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