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  1. If you need quality translations, then there is one good service from this review https://pickwriters.com/technical-translation-services , called TheWordPoint, they professionally translate in many languages. They also have a “demo version” feature in which you can translate phrases or quotes for free. For minimal phrases or similar greetings, this will be enough, and at the same time it will look competently.
  2. The second phrase in what language? If it is in Ukrainian, then the translation is not entirely correct.
  3. JonhG

    Dubai rent

    Thank you, I already found a good option here https://renty.ae/. This is a new company that offers car rental services and price comparisons with other services; this is quite a convenient feature and saves time.
  4. JonhG

    Dubai rent

    Hi guys! My wife and I are going to visit Dubai and stay there for 5-7 days, approximately in the middle of April. Someone can tell me where it is better to rent a house and how about the transport? Is it worth renting a car or we can you use public transport? Share your experience, thanks!
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