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  1. Wow. I love this. Imagine they'll be able to do some cool things sequentially with these. Can't wait to see the rest. Another nighttime stunner from the QC. cheers.
  2. Well, using eastern Chatham as a point of reference, the county seems to have embraced a suburban sprawl, rapid growth plan. After a decade or two of maddening cookie-cutter development near the highways, the town will begin to look inward and slowly rehab and attempt to build out its core. Similar to what Cary, Apex and Fuquay are doing now. Love to be wrong, but Siler City being closer to the GSO's "anything goes" type of growth/planning, I'm not hopeful. Chatham will be fun to watch though because if all these econ dev projects play out with Toyota possibly adding auto assembly to the battery plant, the boom with be atomic.
  3. Believe me Sydney. No one cares about your opinion. They're just concerned about your inability write anything besides your "Raleigh sucks" drivel over and over again. Shows your age and It's kind of pathetic. Could you stand to be a tad more creative? At least entertain someone with your nonsense. Jeez.
  4. I never see ads either. But, the connection between here and the NE is so strong, for so long, it's not needed there. I really am only there when out of state. Even Ohio has been sending folks down en masse over the last 25 years. I have 3 friends here from 3 different parts of Lorain Co. Aside from the obvious economic opportunities of CLT/RDU, you can't overstate what the military bases do to showcase the state. Major contributor.
  5. These are quality looking projects too. DT Kannapolis is starting to develop into a legit little employment/residential node. If we could ever get some regional rail going, with the station so close by, it could really be something special. Sort of like a mini-Silver Spring or Rockville.
  6. Anyone else feel like getting.... Groceries all of a sudden. Ooooooh.
  7. I get the feeling that this project is going to be the highest quality and materials that Uptown has seen, residentially speaking. It's going to address the retail needs that really any corner of Uptown sans Tryon St. could use. Adaptive reuse, creative office, tower to replace the parking lot... This could really be great. It may also force LH to finally put down the much-anticipated hotel/residential component of LU.
  8. Downtown has been inching over the freeway in earnest for a while now. Downtown Durham just has so much momentum moving in every direction. Never imagined Durham surpassing WS and Greensboro 30 years ago. Even though most of RTP is in Durham County, it has always felt more Raleigh centric to me and nationally as well IMHO. In the last 10 years though with labspace in downtown expanding there is much more synergy with The Park. Now Durham as city has a name of its own outside of the Triangle or RDU.
  9. Kitty Hawk is in Dare County. Pasquotank County owns the land. Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, and Rodanthe. Dare has the best town names in the state. Kitty Hawk is my fav.
  10. Maybe Bladerunner had it all wrong, and buildings will evolve into billboards instead? I mean, balconies are in now, right?
  11. I don't know. I don't think Tepper had Charlotte in mind when Rock Hill came to the table empty handed.
  12. Good one. Similar dynamic to Brunswick. Population/urban center was traditionally Statesville until LKN swallowed southern Iredell and the subsequent switch. Bodes well for Brunswick swinging back to Wilmington using this precedent. I think Iredell was a single county MSA prior. Maybe part of the <barf> "Unifour" lol. Hate that name The battle for Alamance has only just begun...
  13. I love this topic. It's starting to make a little more sense to me now. There wasn't really much to the Leland area outside of the Belville exit until the development explosion beyond the 17/74 split in the early 2000's? While Brunswick's beaches have pretty much extended, developed, from the state line to Southport since 70's/80's? Even today there is a large gap between urban clusters at the the southern and northern ends of the county. Eventually it will switchback because the rate of growth near Leland will tip the MSA scales back to our favor. Regardless, Most people realize Wilmington is the real city in the area MB's there if you need more golf. I wonder if there are any other examples of "toss up" counties in metros like this.
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