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  1. Wow. Cool angle. Optimist Hall sets off the foreground.
  2. That Green's Lunch lot is just asking for it.
  3. "am hoping there is an arcade or linear park that spans the whole length connecting Tryon and College streets" isn't there going to be an arcade that runs alongside the church between Tryon and College? I don't really see the skyline as unbalanced especially since the completion of LU1. Skyline now has a suspension bridge type of effect when viewing from the east/west. It's really quite unique.
  4. I didn't get to chime in earlier. SC, statewide, has the worst drivers I've ever seen. Every other state I've been too are driver elite.
  5. I'm fairly certain RDU's request was also shot down, by a 1000'-1500'
  6. They really need to tunnel under South to connect the station. To both sides of the street.
  7. Yeah. The Katy is the widest by a mile. Don't understand why it's so far down the list. Having never come into to Charlotte from 77N, I must say it feels like you are coming into monster city. Especially nearing uptown.
  8. gman430. I so look forward to you drone shots. Thx for bringing Christmas to us early and for all you do for us up here. These photos are amazing as usual. This time last year I was staying at District West down your way. Loved the area. Cheers to the Upstate and Charlotte and their continued success.
  9. ^^reminds me of the the milk bar from A Clockwork Orange.
  10. Duke will be magically centered from this angle. Can't wait for this shot in a couple years.
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