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  1. Oh man. I love this guy. Yeah. You're like a pace car, attempting to pace white flag traffic. The most effective way of slowing myself on roads are speed humps and 4 way stops. Speed cameras are too. I just hate those too much to be an advocate. FTR I am always respectful of pedestrians, neighbourhoods, schools etc... when it comes to speed. Now on the highway... Mr Hyde.
  2. A little background. This was fun as hell. I grew up moving around taking road trips all over. Learned the state capitals at 8. The entire interstate system (2di and 3di) by 10. Super nerd stuff. I still gaze into Google maps for an hour a day. Early 40's. Spent all but 10 years of my life in eastern NC. I went for a challenge. Did this in ~50min from memory. Open it up nationwide and I smash 900. I'll attempt when I have time. Lol.
  3. Where do you think french fries came from?
  4. ^Clutch port news post, bra.
  5. The only similarities with SC here are Durham, Wilson, Halifax and Camden Counties. Nashville>Nash County. Warrenton>Warren County. Wilkesboro>Wilkes County. Gastonia. Lincolnton, Yanceyville....
  6. Blue Devil = Trust fund kid from New Jersey.
  7. Thanks for the update "Snowman." Jackie Gleason's lines are some of my favorite of all time. It's "Smoky and the Bandit."
  8. ^^ For the folks that think that Duke Plaza will too closely mimic DEC, the above rendering should put you at ease. Certainly more modern and striking against the sky with its sheer edges. It's really going to steal the show over there. The lighting between the glass curtains (I'm guessing) will be stunning as well.
  9. I don't think that's the point. The land was part of the Cameron family's real estate holdings that were amassed due to profiting from...? Cliff Cameron's wealth was derived from where? So long. Don't forget to grab Kirk on your way out. James is cool though. He can chill. Can't argue with your facts. But the Cameron legacy is the issue here. Not so much Cliff's.
  10. It's a name change people... Naming shopping centers after slave owners is soooo 1960's. What was radical then isn't so much now.
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