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  1. I'm not really a fan of mega block developments but this one is great. Varying heights make all the difference and first ward needs developed acreage yesterday.
  2. Really? A 2-storey Zaxby's would be world class in some of these cities. I think he meant peer cities and above...perhaps. Raleigh is or is fast approaching peer status. The rest....
  3. Yeah. I was worried this would have ended up looking cheesy compared to the original building. In the last few weeks this had really come on and looks great.
  4. So are they just doing the hotel right now with res and office later?
  5. I agree. This is a handsome little building.
  6. Wow. These shots are great. What a great vantage looking down the rail line. Duke, FNB, Honeywell, and all the South End towers are going to make this view extremely impressive in a couple years. Go Charlotte!
  7. Probably easier to curve a bullet than a parking deck.
  8. This one has really been moving too. I love how its going to stretch the skyline in shots from the south. Especially the aerials. I think we will eventually have a nice wall fronting the tracks through town.
  9. Cool. I went to high school in Beaufort. Here in New Bern though, We have oak trees and Pepsi-Cola for days... couldn't resist.
  10. At least something taller than Cityview is going up here. The sooner they wall in that thing the better.
  11. Beautiful pic and a gorgeous bird. Can't tell what is is from that angle. Too small for an A350?
  12. I agree. I doubt we'll get anything that transformative at this site. But I'm certainly hoping for at least a new tallest here or at one of the other 40+ zoned sites.
  13. Yeah. The first one looks absolutely ridiculous. 10 floors taller than BBnT....lmao.
  14. I also dig the "juxto" of old/new. Don't really get much opportunity in these parts. Love it in NY, Boston and London. About the parking...If CATS is content with letting the trains languish with overcrowding, tardiness and infrequency it won't be long till these folks get back in their cars. Love how South End is killing it though...
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