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  1. I wonder how much longer Sacramento held on to their spot after these figures were released. I'm guessing 8 seconds... ;)
  2. DownEast


    All the construction is pretty much complete on that end. The US 70 side is what's currently being worked on.
  3. DownEast


    If you go to his NCDOT link, scroll until you see project maps. Select it. The only available link you can then choose is "east end connector map." It's as good as any map that I've seen for the project.
  4. Not so fast guys. After JP Morgan builds their 1000ft regional hq here, that will add at least 20-30 billionaires right there. Heck, possibly a trillionaire or two.
  5. This. I've been living in the District for the past 5 months. It's street parking or bust. My work takes me all over the city. My parallel parking game went from pathetic to on fleek in less than a week. Residential parking permits are the norm in most neighborhoods. Indeed. DC parking enforcement are not the ones to play with.
  6. DownEast


    This is awesome. Thought this was way past dead. Glad to see some movement finally. Kind of figured it was an either/or situation with 301.
  7. Wow. Love the last pic. Nice set.
  8. When using the term "Bay area" you are really splitting hairs separating Seattle and Kirkland.
  9. Took me a minute to figure out where this was taken from. Never thought that would happen. Lol. Thank you Westin. Great angle!
  10. Yeah. But the way the Garden Parkway linked 321 to 85N would required a wide loop from Dallas to Bessemer City to eventually head to Charlotte. Even with the parkway you would have continued to use 321 to access 85N. I'll never understand that "jughandle" they tacked on north of 85.
  11. I live in eastern NC and the same plays out here. Most come down to visit children in the military, discover the New Berns, Swansboros, and Beauforts, and it's a wrap. Mostly from Ohio, Penn, and New Jersey.
  12. ^^^Great pics. Need to slide these Camry shots to the "Cars of the QC thread."
  13. Yeah. Almost feels as if you're coming into 'The Loop" from the Westside. Really cool angle.
  14. Here here. Our state motto has always been the shiz. When the Colbert Report ran on Comedy Central, the back of the set read, "Esse videri quam." Sly little flip-flop. I always felt I was the only person that noticed. Yeah, Colbert is genius.
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