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  1. A downvote? Really? Perfectly reasonable response to Rolly's question. I can certainly sympathize with loss of historic stock. The warehouses could easily be integrated into the new development. Street facade at the least. Definitely better than the Dillon was. Look at Winston and Durham. Dont understand why adaptive re-use is not a priority here. Developers seem intent on pulling Glenwood South all the way to beltline. The neighborhood is soon to be walled off from the rest of town with new towers. The scale of this will certainly erode the area's charm.
  2. So Lowe's tech center in new tower going up next to Ashton.....? Sounds cool. The yugeeee comment had me thinking Trump tower redux for a second.
  3. I live in New Bern. Caleb is lord. Be seated. But seriously. I thought that was a cool nod to the man. When in town I always get a kick out of New Bern station especially when Pepsi was on the corner.
  4. As much as I hate to say it, the Duke campus is stunning. UNCC is coming along nicely though.
  5. Yeah. Whenever there is a merge on an interstate, the line is backed up for miles and when you attempt to make it to the front and "zipper" I usually get stuck behind someone who is at a complete stop, trying to get over a mile back from the actual merge. And the consensus is that you are an asshole for going to end to merge. People go out of there way to make sure you don't get in because you didn't merge 3 miles back like everyone else.
  6. Saw 1 Glenwood lit up for the first time coming in on Capital tonight. Looks much more impressive than the renders. Caught me off guard way over to the right.
  7. Maybe now we're getting those out of town cranes.
  8. Ever heard of the Oak Ridge Boys?
  9. I've lurked on this site since inception, making the jump when metroboi and others left skyscraperpage in the before times. I've never felt the urge to post until now. I absolutely love 129 W. Trade. It's one of less than handful of talls in Charlotte from that era that actually look good. It seems pretty unique to Charlotte and gives the city a nanodose of grit in the center of town. I wouldn't go no further than maybe a pressure wash and that's probably too far. Leave this one alone. Let S. Tryon be our Pudong. We need this building as is. I think the Hotel will look great when complete. Love the density of this area lately.
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