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  1. https://columbiabusinessreport.com/news/real-estate-residential/76583/ i like seeing a lot of the older buildings in Cola being repurposed into apartments. These are much cooler than the 5-6 story aprtaments built on a podium.
  2. Looks like light rail in SC may be closer....but, still not imminent. I didn’t expect Rock Hill to have the first light rail line in SC. But, it makes the most sense. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/latest-news/article231676283.html
  3. Really surprised they didn’t have to close College St and move red lights to get that big piece of machinery onsite. Glad they used a large trailer to carry that piece of equipment in picture #1. looks like they are drilling and have steel on the site, what are they doing? I though the parking lot would be gone by now.
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but a nice development on Devine in Cola. https://columbiabusinessreport.com/news/construction/76621/
  5. This building looks like an armoured fort, the steel looks massive.
  6. Would be a great site for US Bank since they will most likely need a new home. In a two-three block area of town, we have two of the nation’s bank HQ and large operations from a third.....not bad for the square. Maybe a 30 story office building topped by a 25 story hotel topped by a 20 story apartment building.
  7. Articles like this really show how little some journalist actually research their topic. Every city will lose a company HQ, it is a function of the business cycle. They cited Greenville as a city that attracts HQ operations when it has actually lost a number of firms as well...Certus, Bi-Lo, South Financial and others. Charlotte has lost Harris Teeter, Family Dollar, Wachovia and others as well. So, for me, it comes down to what a metro is gaining, is it attracting business, and is it growing businesses. On both fronts, Cola does as well as anyone in SC with the exception of manufacturing. The honest truth is that SC as a state needs to seriously begin recruiting more HQ operations and regional offices. No metro in SC outside of Charlotte is strong in recruiting the hose types of operations. So, this article is about what I expect from writers who really don’t do a good job.
  8. Very good idea, a Four Seasons with residences would be awesome. And, they typically have cool looking buildings.
  9. Will SouthPark Grill go away or just feature steaks from Halls? I do hope to see more variety in SouthPark. Oak, The Palm, Del Friscos, Ruth’s Chris etc.. are all good. And the new steak place slated to open, forgot the name, looks incredible. But, I want to see more places like legion open in the area. Am excited to see a Mama Ricattas open across from the mall. I am sure it will be more expensive that Midtown, but a good addition. Anyone been to the new place that replaced Treehouse?
  10. I agree, I was hoping they will be a catalyst to develop the transit center site.
  11. Halls is supposed to be good, but another steak house????? We need more variety in the SouthPark area. But, I was not sad to see Taco MAC close, it was never that good.
  12. When I passed this project earlier, they were testing lighting colors at the top of the building. You could see it at the Camden/S Tryon split coming into town.
  13. Maybe we will see Ally II by built at Legacy Union if the new BB&T does not beat them to it. I know I have mentioned this before, but I can’t believe another hotel is not being announced in that area with all of the office development. With the growth of S Tryon and Southend, hotel rooms will be hard to get.
  14. I really like this building, but can’t help but ask, did they build this too short? I know the cost will rise rapidly at certain points in height, but it seems like this could have been in the 35-40 story range. Not complaining, I love the building visually, just thinking of the economics.
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