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  1. Today this morning from SKY5 & BNA. Just another day of the clouds showing off. #FlyNashville Atlas Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 departure to Moody AFB in Valdosta, GA
  2. Yesterday evening. United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER departure to Las Vegas. British Airways Boeing 787-8 arrived from London.
  3. Today this evening. Working on new Donelson Pike near BNA and I-40 East.
  4. Today this evening. Update….. BNA Vision Plan International Arrivals Facility Hilton Hotel Satellite Concourse
  5. Tuesday evening. National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400(BCF) departure to Anchorage Yesterday evening. Atlas Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 (F) departure to Chicago. Delta Air Lines Airbus a350-900 flew above of BNA. Seoul to Atlanta British Airways Boeing 787-9 arrived from London.
  6. Today this evening from Facebook BNA. Our state-of-the-art International Arrivals Facility (IAF) is well on its way, what it will look like once it’s complete. #FlyNashville #BNAVision
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