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  1. I think 787-9 will return at March 29 2020. Landing at BNA about 6pm. Departure about 8:30pm to LHR.
  2. Today this morning from Facebook Sky5.
  3. Today this evening from News Channel 5. Due to delays in construction and newly discovered issues with the old Fairgrounds buildings that have to be demolished, the MLS stadium that will house Nashville SC may not be complete in time for the 2022 Major League Soccer season. The announcement was made Thursday during a Nashville Sports Authority meeting. The stadium was initially set to open in time for the 2021 season, but was pushed back to a 2022 start date for Nashville SC in their new stadium. After Mayor John Cooper held up the stadium deal while he continued negotiations with Nashville SC ownership, it has been revealed that the timeline has been pushed back further. Officials working on the stadium project also announced that asbestos had been found in the old Fairgrounds facilities, and that asbestos needs to be addressed prior to demolition. It's unclear if the stadium will be open for the 2022 season, but it appears unlikely. Those involved with the project said they are confident, however, that the stadium will be ready in 2022, it just may not be for the start of the season. Nashville SC is scheduled to play it's first two seasons at Nissan Stadium, after which it's unclear where they would play if their stadium is not complete. No one at the Sports Authority meeting ruled out Nissan Stadium for a location if the stadium is not complete in time for the 2022 season, and they said they'd address that topic if it became necessary.
  4. Today this evening from Facebook BNA. 1992- 10.3 million passengers 2018- 18,273,434 passengers
  5. Today this evening from Facebook. This morning, BNA Commissioner Bill Freeman got a close-up look at our Concourse D & Terminal Wings Expansion projects, which are under construction now and opening in the next few months. We thank our Board of Commissioners for their leadership as we build a world-class airport for our world-class city. #BNAVision Where is this? The North Terminal Wing Expansion, which opens this fall. >Learn more at BNAVision.com
  6. Today this morning from Facebook Sky5. Batman still here.
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