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  1. Today this evening. National Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400 takeoff to Dover, DE.
  2. July 20, 2018. The Ledger. https://www.tnledger.com/editorial/articleemail.aspx?id=108458&print=1
  3. Today this morning from Facebook BNA. BY THE NUMBERS: 71% of steel is in place on our International Arrivals Facility! That's 1,276 steel beams and columns out of a total of 1,798 that form the skeleton of this major terminal expansion project. The new (and MUCH bigger) International Arrivals Facility will open in 2023 with 6 international gates (compared to 2 today) and a new Customs and Border Protection area, replacing the current facility at the end of Concourse A. It will set the stage for a whole lot more international travel! (Keep up the great work, HENSEL PHELPS.) #BNAVision
  4. Today this evening. Rain all day. Blue tower crane is completed.
  5. Today this morning. Lunch time. Continue Blue tower crane up by big yellow mobile crane.
  6. 14 stories new Hilton Hotel. https://bnavisionnashville.com/2020/10/21/its-official-world-class-on-airport-hilton-hotel-coming-to-bna/
  7. Today this evening. New airlines. Maybe nonstop flight to BNA from Anchorage? https://thepointsguy.com/news/northern-pacific-airways-boeing-757-reveal/
  8. Today this evening. Blue tower crane is up by big yellow mobile crane overnight.
  9. Today this evening. ALL RISE!!!!!
  10. Today this evening. British Airways landed at BNA. Last day of flight, suspended until May 9th. 2022, because of Covid-19.
  11. Today this evening. Other bigger crane mobile up.
  12. Updated https://www.enr.com/articles/53428-nashville-airport-revamp-hits-the-right-notes Check out has 9 images
  13. Update January 11th , 2022. December 2021. 1,483,353 passengers. Final totals 14,126,601 passengers in 2021.
  14. https://www.axios.com/local/nashville/2022/01/12/caa-icon-nashville-would-back-womens-pro-team https://amp.tennessean.com/amp/9186613002 Bring Women’s team to Music City Nashville. Or maybe
  15. Last Saturday afternoon. Forget about post.
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