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  1. Today this evening from Facebook BNA. Construction progress happens a day at a time. Unless you're here every day, we're guessing BNA® looks a little different each time you visit. >SWIPE THROUGH > to see the progress HENSEL PHELPS has made on our new roof canopy since October, and what it will look like when it's finished! #BiggerAndBetter #RaisingTheRoof
  2. Lot of Cars underwater not far from Opry Mills. https://youtu.be/WVGrvQi56EA https://youtu.be/zyXvZF2idzU Fishing for cars: group pulls autos out of the Cumberland
  3. Today this evening from Facebook Sky5. The Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge was lit amber in memory of the 400,00 lives we have lost to COVID-19. Sky5 NC5 Nashville captured this gorgeous shot of the bridge tonight.
  4. AA Dreamliner Boeing 787-8. I was not this to watch airplane. I was focus at my work. Not far from BNA.
  5. Last Friday evening from Twitter BNA.
  6. Replaced with skyrises or parking lots? https://fox17.com/news/local/buildings-damaged-in-nashville-blast-wont-be-replaced-with-skyrises-parking-lots?fbclid=IwAR2mLWKa9vQxLQlzVdjkERrPXZJo2hbhzh4QQXcBqm-7f1jmDtRu2rclbeY
  7. White RV park where explosion.
  8. Where is crane base? https://share.earthcam.net/tJ90CoLmq7TzrY396Yd88PDmcRAEEEL0vm6paTUp56Y!/nashville_major_league_soccer_stadium/camera_1/live
  9. Today this evening from Facebook BNA. That's new! A 198-foot tower crane is upright at BNA® this morning. With its foundation on level 1 of the terminal (in a closed construction zone), the crane rises above the central terminal and will be used to help build our new roof canopy. Big cranes mean big things are coming to BNA as we expand and renovate! HENSEL PHELPS Fentress Architects Corgan Inc.
  10. Today this morning. Tower crane is up.
  11. Update New Allegiant routes Key West, Florida (EYW) Seasonal: Nashville (BNA): Flights begin June 2. Introductory fares begin at $59 each way. Delayed Allegiant routes Nashville (BNA) rescheduled. Greensboro, North Carolina (GSO): Flights begin June 3. Introductory fares begin at $39 each way.
  12. Yesterday evening and night from Facebook BNA. Four recent shots of Concourse D. Beautiful any time of day (or night). #FlyNashville HENSEL PHELPS Fentress Architects Corgan Inc. Today this afternoon from Facebook BNA. The north end of the Baggage Claim is bright and shining! The center and south end will look like this in a few more weeks as Arrivals level renovations wind down. Great work, HENSEL PHELPS, Fentress Architects, Corgan Inc. and MNAA.
  13. Last Friday. Doug Kreulen Twitter Our engineers at ⁦@Fly_Nashville are incredibly smart and incredibly strong. Here they are holding the new roof in place while we tighten a few bolts!
  14. Today this evening at Aircraft Observation Area. Boeing 747-400 & Boeing 767-300(ER) send back to Baltimore.
  15. Today this evening at Aircraft Observation Area. Boeing 747-400 & Boeing 767-300(ER) arrived from Baltimore. Hope Titans will beat Ravens.
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