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  1. So, is Popeyes closed for good? I primarily fly Southwest 4-5 times a year and have missed that over the last year or so. Didn't care for their breakfast, but liked that you could pick up an affordable fried chicken dinner at 6am before a flight.
  2. Burger King was open this morning. Flew out thursday and was closed, but they were open today and the airport was slammed.
  3. Barrier and fencing along north side of KVB Bridge for Indy Car Race. There was also some milling and smoothing of the asphalt on the east side approach.
  4. It happens just about each spring with the Pinnacle Building. Sometimes the Bridgestone Tower has to pump water as well.
  5. Drove up the road last weekend to pick up a Reds game with the Rockies (and Cicadas). They do it right with fireworks after friday home games.
  6. Not sure if it was advertised, but Economy Lot B was about half full on my way out of the airport yesterday. Didn't see any shuttles entering or exiting, but figured since the airport was slammed over the weekend, it was necessary to open that lot up.
  7. Is probably going to be one of the loudest ballet crowds ever heard tonight
  8. https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/tdot/programdevelopment/Final TDOT FY 22-24 Comprehensive Multimodal Program 4-27-21.pdf 840 to Hwy 70..........exit 239 is in TDOT's 3 year plan........for an Environmental Study. I 40 has been widened pretty good from Mt Juliet Rd. to Hartmann Dr. in recent years, so it will eventually happen. I40 in Smith County is getting a lot of attention in this plan......a good 10 miles of road and bridge work.
  9. Is good to see people out there getting this place ready for concerts again.
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