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  1. I think it is time to ditch the Music City Star's old, outdated engines and cars..........build some bridges over the major intersections/grade crossings and get some updated light rail cars and an endless schedule. This litmus test has been going on for over 15 years and it isnt working with the current model. I know this comment probably needs to be on the mass transit thread, but that picture says a lot.
  2. In the hallway on the 12th floor behind the elevators, there is an awesome gallery of construction photos taken with a drone of the building.........this one stood out to me. I know it doesnt get alot of love, but it's a nice building.
  3. This is on the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge today........brought out a good chuckle
  4. Much appreciated guys. I posted these pics on the 505 site a month or so ago. Is cool to see the tower assembly and the precision that goes into each one.
  5. Another form going up for the crane tower foundation. Sorry if too many crane tower pictures...........not sure if i'll ever see this particular process again. Also wanted to show that big rig that just pulled up to the site.
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