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  1. You can definitely find a decent place in Boston in the $1000-$1200 price range, even in a neighborhood like the Fens. I know because I used to own property there. There are cheaper places in Allston, Brighton, South Boston, East Boston, and Charlestown. Some parts of Roxbury and Dorchester are inexpensive, but they wouldn't be my first choice. Same with Jamaica Plain. Where exactly is your gf going to work, the financial district? Commuting and excessibilty to your workplace should be one of the main factors in considering where exaclty to move. Suburbs like Cambridge are great, but even
  2. I-275, I'm not sure it's the airport that restricts height, I believe it's the distance from the bay. The closer to the bay a project is, the shorter it has to be. At least this is what I remember hearing when I lived there. I may be wrong though. I would have been ecstatic (sp?) if they built a 510 foot tower in St. Petersburg, I was hoping it would be taller.
  3. They really need this to redevelop the dome area. It is a big piece of sh*t, and a very underutiltzed resource.
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