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  1. I'm jealous for whoever gets to live and work in that building. That's a commute that cannot be beat!
  2. Ditto! My condo is 4th ward so I'm excited about all of these, FNB, gateway station (1.5 block from house) and 500 W Trade.
  3. What is this they are building at the intersection of 5th and 6th street in Gateway?
  4. Was a beautiful day in fourth ward park. Love the enhancements they made.
  5. Honestly, if they go by Truist Financial or Truist Bank, the name isn't that bad. Truist alone is bad.
  6. I don't think slow business is the reason. They are doing really well and want to renew but the owner isn't renewing. I guess I'll keep on eye out on this address
  7. So I heard through the grapevine that Sports One lease is ending in a month or so and they weren't able to renew because the building was sold and there are plans to have it demolished. This is right across from where the Ellis being built. Has anyone head anything about this property? 521 N College
  8. I will never understand why this building get so much hate. It's such a good contrast to the other buildings. I hate the lighting but this is a good looking building.
  9. They are really going to need to add a left turning light at the Mint and Morehead intersection after this is completed. Trying to turn left at that light is a nightmare.
  10. Thanks! Been lurking for a very long time but I guess I am new to posting
  11. Not sure why I have to compare it to bank buildings of the past. And I was also speaking solely on the exterior design.
  12. To each his own. But when I say majestic, I speaking more to its grandeur and classic elegance.
  13. There's something very majestic about this building. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite buildings uptown.
  14. Street car development between poplar and pine St.
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