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  1. Inflation will never just "drop". Prices will only rise, it's only how fast they will. They are rushing to complete this, because in the world of city building/development, the longer you wait, the lesser the probability of completing the project. The design is already complete, contractors are selected.. at this stage it's just about allocating funding and if you're unable to complete that step it's a major risk to the project. The city is getting ready to sell all the property on that side of the park to developers next year and the tower should increase the value of those properties.
  2. Thank you for the correction - based off past comments by council and the mayor, I had a feeling the article was incorrect
  3. City of Greenville is live on Facebook currently... special announcement regarding Unity Tower (Mayor White, others, speaking) Edit: the tower will be called the Thomas and Vivian A. Wong Honor Tower ($1 million donation), according to the article below, only $3mil of the $5.5mil in private donations has been secured so far https://greenvillejournal.com/community/1m-donation-from-thomas-and-vivian-wong-for-unity-park-honor-tower-greenville-sc/
  4. https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/greenville/downtown/2022/11/21/unity-park-tower-greenville-sc-almost-fully-funded-mayor-says/69660123007/ (psst.. https://archive.ph/6B1hQ) Found this portion the most interesting and looking forward to see what comes from it.
  5. When was that deal made? It's interesting that they have a bypass, as it feels against the foundational reasons why Greenville has been so successful... but it still requires them to conform with all guidelines of the DRB which I feel like I've seen no major project achieve without some guidance. Also, those 3 "dog parks" I assumed were part of the multi-family projects which are basically a standard amenity nowadays. Different than a public or private stand alone park.
  6. Always cool to see a project come together. Nothing new obviously, but this is probably the most interesting line demonstrating interest from grocers and entertainment. It's interesting that they felt the need to detail dog park as well, which downtown is in great need of. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of brands sign on to this project.. this one feels like potential for an avalanche of news and DRB activity at the beginning of the year
  7. Has this changed in the last couple years? Prior to Covid (early 2020) I was planning a Greenville event and one of the big issues was the lack of downtown hotels with airport shuttles. I think at that time only the Westin and Hyatt Regency had airport shuttles, which leads to a massive gap for the majority of leisure travelers. Other than those two, the only hotels with airport shuttles were all in the Haywood Rd or Woodruff Rd areas. Basically everyone that was planning on coming had to plan on renting a car or taking an uber, which is pretty bad compared to other cities with much better connectivity.
  8. It was put on hold about a year ago. They only received one bid (albeit a decent developer) for the hotel and after a good amount of discussion, it became apparent that the developer wanted GSP to at least partially own/operate the hotel. GSP is of the opinion that they do not want to be in the business of operating a hotel and thus put the entire thing on hold. The next step if they reactivate it is honestly probably to rebid the project. Ideally, GSP wants to own and lease the land, but then essentially let the hotel operate independently. Honestly, while a nice airport hotel would be cool, I really don't see a market for it. What GSP needs is MUCH better connectivity (aka. FREE/CHEAP AND CONVIENENT) to downtown and other Greenville hotels.
  9. I know when bringing visitors to town I would explain this area as the "new Downtown" similar to how in European and some American cities (particularly in the Northeast... Boston, DC, etc) you see a more historic downtown (main street in our case) as well as a more modern downtown. I've thought from the beginning that this is what they were trying to do with this area. Still looks weird to include that naming on official documents, but I can understand trying to sell outsiders on helping build an area that will in the future also be considered downtown, because at the moment it isn't and I could see that turning some developers and corporations away. I think long-term once this is fully developed, you'll continue to see the use of district naming for the various parts of downtown (West End, North Main/Main Street, etc). Looking at the latest renderings.. this feels like a condensed and "square" version of Charlotte's South End, which IMO is weakest in lacking parking and spread along a line so its basically impossible to walk anywhere.
  10. Hopefully the presentation gets released publically soon, would love to see their vision. I've long thought moving the LEC and connecting 385 more seamlessly to Academy then transitioning this area into a more walkable "Arena" district would be transformative for the area and traffic patterns through/around downtown. (Even perhaps building a minor league soccer / multi use outdoor stadium too!)
  11. So basically a three in one. New Envision 30GWh battery cell manufacturing facility in SC... hopefully in the upstate (similar sized plants can have anywhere from 1000-2000 employees). This should hopefully be similar to the plant they're building in Kentucky which was a $2 billion investment with 2000 anticipated jobs. $700 million on a new BMW electric battery plant in Woodruff, SC $1 billion investment in the main factory to enable greater EV production This is really good for the future of manufacturing in the upstate. If only we could get some semiconductor manufacturing as well!
  12. https://www.foxcarolina.com/2022/10/19/final-vision-plan-greenville-gateway-project-revealed/?outputType=amp
  13. + I'm sure Cooks Station would absolutely love to have a lot of wealthier old people right across the street. LOL
  14. https://www.greenvillesc.gov/DocumentCenter/View/22118/Augusta-Street-Road-Diet-Implementation-Report-PDF
  15. I honestly never realized there was a road back there. I highly agree with this quote from the developer, there is tons of potential along the "reverse" side of the new SRT through this area. This is an immediate win for the much talked about SRT bridges and Cleveland Park extension that would not have happened without that public investment in infrastructure. They're hoping to have plans to bring to the city by the beginning of next year.
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