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  1. Oh my! Would you believe it?? The trained construction professionals actually made the crane tall enough to build the whole building
  2. Looking forward to this one - https://greenvillejournal.com/eat-drink/2020s-most-highly-anticipated-restaurants/
  3. Do we have any idea what the required public funding is to make this a real go? What are we looking for from the state / county and city?
  4. NewlyUpstate

    The West End

    Gather GVL acquired their occupancy certificates today and will be opening (soft?) on Tuesday
  5. This screams of being uninformed about national-level politics
  6. Tesla showrooms indeed are typically in urban areas and are pretty similar aesthetic to an apple store. Unlikely, but I could see it, would be cool too!
  7. Is this a new name for Moxy? GSP is definitely very aware of this and has been angling to be competitive in the pursuit of drawing them here.
  8. I thought Unity Park is zoned to have a pretty good amount of affordable housing
  9. There's not a ton of space, but I would absolutely love an arthouse theater with full bar/light bites.
  10. The Home Depot Just in time to renovate your million dollar falls tower condo!
  11. I've seen some urban Targets done very tastefully, that is the key here. There is no question we need more "general retail" downtown with all the new apartment buildings and population growth.. Publix is really the only grocery store and if you can't find what you need between there and CVS, you have to drive out of downtown to get it. Being able to walk from where you live to the store and back is a key to urban living (now we just need more white collar corporate jobs downtown). Urban/campus locations seem to be the biggest growth market for Target - here's a video from them about it. https://37f6b544658ea11e630d-8a2dde25712c39c0d59f891617253917.ssl.cf5.rackcdn.com/videos/news/2017/07/July campus stores/QDAF0015938H_Flex_Format_0227_23-98_1080_Cutdown_ABV-card.mp4
  12. I've always been of the opinion that the 12 story limit is just a temporary transition for now. Many people in the city and in the community can't envision what this would look like. I'm sure if you went back 40 years ago and said you wanted to build a 17 story tower where the newspaper building was you'd have plenty of people shaking their heads at the idea. Zoning laws can change - what the city is doing here is merely setting the foundation and sale value of the land. When this site is more filled in 5-10 years from now, there will be plenty of density and height in the area and building a 18 story HQ for a corporate fortune 500 looking to "get out of the big city" will make city council change the zoning for the area so quickly you won't believe it. The area needs to be normalized as a part of downtown, then there needs to be a good vision and reason for having a tall building in the area. Once these are in place, the zoning will change.
  13. Completely with you there. Zoning is just the broad foundation. An active local government can greatly influence the work as it goes if they are vigilant. No reason IMO to hold up the zoning conversation on details.
  14. The new councilwoman Dorothy Dowe. She asked a ton of questions during the meeting and seems like her main hesitations were affordable housing and adequate connectivity (bussing etc)
  15. Stream of council meeting btw https://www.facebook.com/foxcarolinanews/videos/474933540064478/?app=fbl
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