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  1. If I had to guess the direction, it seems like there's less of a 20 story restriction, and more of 20 story buildings aren't explicitly being zoned in to the plan yet. The nice county building, the parking garages, the apartment buildings and a bit of a hustle of pedestrian traffic with ~10 story office buildings will all get planned and built, then once this area is normalized as a true multi-use hub of the city, the developer will come back and propose a flagship 20 story building with great architecture and they will go ahead and change the zoning. That's what I see in my magic eight ball at least. You gotta remember that the development of this area will take a long, long time. Probably deep into the 2030s before it's all filled in.
  2. Sweet! Big fan of fast casual BYOP pizza joints, always thought Greenville needed more of them. Toss Pizza utterly failed at doing this right before closing for good. Blaze is the OG/top-dog chain in this industry too and usually does a good job with their interior design. I'm looking forward to the build out.
  3. They decided to put a drive thru Burger King in this space instead.
  4. As the buildings are coming up, I think the hotel is shorter for good reason. If it were taller it would isolate the new camperdown courtyard area from main street/the peace center plaza. Since it's a little shorter and surrounded by the taller office building and apt building, it will make both areas more cohesive.
  5. I've seen them quite often in "masterplanned" commercial "downtown" areas... similar to what Bridgeway Station will be in Mauldin. Pretty much the same thing as an outdoor mall... but honestly whats the difference?
  6. Looks like 1.5 sections of glass windows/doors is being removed at ground level. I gotta believe there is an intent behind this, likely for some sort of mural or other functional purpose. I'll hold off judgement for now... The greenhouse on the roof looks pretty sweet and I'm a big fan of them varying the colors of the materials (especially on the corner facing the peace center)
  7. Has there been any discussion on this? https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/new-multifamily-development-proposed-along-the-swamp-rabbit-trail/ Sounds like a great project coming from the same developers of The Greene with construction poised to start by year end
  8. Greenville online is claiming they are temporarily closed while transitioning to new ownership... plus the great sign on their door, LOL! How many ownership changes do they need before they realize that a pizza place might not be the best option for this space? This is a fantastic location with easy parking, both sidewall and biscuithead are extremely popular, just need an idea to match. Overpriced, crappy pizza is not gonna do the trick in a market saturated with great pizza options already. https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/life/2019/07/01/greenville-sc-toss-pizza-pub-closed-temporarily/1605111001/
  9. I, for one, probably use ATL more than CLT. Delta just trumps AA in basically every single way, plus they tend to have good deals fairly frequently. The drive is longer, but the airport as a whole works much better IMO.
  10. ATL is also in the middle of a $6 billion "forever" project - http://next.atl.com/ 6th runway, more gates, modernized terminals, new/expanded parking lots and plane train expansion. These massive airports are just in perpetual expansion due to insane growth.
  11. Why would having county offices on the property be appealing to the developers? I would think they would want to maximize the land available to develop. I always thought having some government offices remain on site was a requirement by the county for selling the land, but it's hard to know without being a part of those discussions.
  12. Raj Patel's group purchased this land right? So he will be developing I assume? I think the earlier story said they envisioned 200,000 sqft of space. By my rough calculation using https://www.mapdevelopers.com/area_finder.php, each floor of the building would be in the range of 40,000 sqft... so 5 or 6 stories? I sure hope it's over 10.
  13. If it passes and county council gives up on the project without attempting to keep their emotions in check and figure out a solution, they should just go ahead and hand in their security access badges as well. That would be totally embarrassing for the region and a black eye for any future private development.
  14. I'm pretty sure this is manufacturing related. You can definitely earn a solid income in a manufacturing career with good experience, but no formal degree. I'm not sure in the difference in amount of manufacturing jobs between here and Richland, but I know we are completely saturated with opportunity up here. Greenville is one of the strongest manufacturing regions in the country.
  15. It sounds like they are getting overly emotional and are getting caught up in Kernell's shadiness. I'm glad they are doing a 3rd party appraisal of the Fluor offices, that was always my issue. Pay a fair price for those offices and move forward with the damn project and stop the bickering. It sounds like the only additional roadblock is confidence in Kernell. Might be time to look at replacing him if he is the only thing preventing a $1 Billion project from going forward.
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