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  1. Always wondered how that place lasted so long. Was also so incredibly mediocre. Here's to hoping they find a better tenant.
  2. That's a bummer. BBQ is a tough market to succeed in with how many options there are; especially with having an exclusively indoors dining area.
  3. https://greenvillejournal.com/community/greenville-city-council-notes-att-gives-500k-to-unity-park-swamp-rabbit-trail-gets-pedestrian-bridges/
  4. This is one of the initial pictures. As you can see, the "boundaries" of the "park" are much more broad than they are now and include a lot of residential, commercial, and current green space. The current scope is just 60 acres and is much more well defined. Kind of odd that they presented this as a 160-acre park from the onset though.
  5. I was very underwhelmed by that place when I went. Their breakfast food seemed microwaved and their coffee was just okay. Bex Cafe is already right down the street and much much superior.
  6. A-ha, so I was correct https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/2021/09/07/bridge-city-coffee-growing-company-furthering-mission-helping-community/5700985001/ Thank God it's not a Starbucks. I think Bridgec City would fit perfect right here
  7. GVLToday seems to think this is a Starbucks. I'd be greatly disappointed and if so I hope the zoning is rejected due to the lack of truthfulness by the development
  8. I've seen drive-thru configurations like this in mixed use buildings in other areas of the country and I feel like it's worked well with the right tenant. That being said... any guesses? I believe Bridge City Coffee has a drive through. Who else?
  9. As we discuss size. I'm honestly having a hard time seeing how a big conference center would exist in this spot. I also want a larger conference center downtown, but I don't think this specific project should be the one to absorb that scope. At the moment, I think this project is about right for what it is, now it just needs some good architecture. As I look at where one would make sense to exist, I'm wondering if the influential powers that be are thinking of either the "innovation district" east of Camperdown or in the county square development perhaps 5 to 10 years down the road. I th
  10. That's wild, I never realized SAN was a single runway airport. London Gatwick is too. San Diego serves 25 million passengers, Gatwick serves 47 million passengers. Both 10-20x more than GSP. GSP's runway is actually 2000-ft longer than San Diego's.
  11. A 2nd runway is in the "Phase 4" plans, meaning somewhere after the current 20 year planning horizon. Honestly I sometimes wonder why other smaller airports have multiple runways. Seems unnecessary if you space out departures. What do I know though... https://gspairport.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/07_Implementation_Final.pdf
  12. https://gspairport.com/contour-airlines-announces-new-nonstop-service-from-gsp-to-nashville/ At a quick glance, looks like each way is $99. Not bad.
  13. http://greenvillesc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/8671?fileID=44551 Flock Shop imminent? Fantastic food, but the market is starting to get a little saturated between Rocky's and YeeHaw. I love hot chicken though... Edit: NM, this looks like a new Dim Sum restaurant called Sum Bar. I wonder if it's still a Cribb's concept.
  14. I'm guessing either Boston or Nashville? Or maybe just a return to Vegas?
  15. http://greenvillesc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/8666?fileID=44548 Johnston Design filed an application for local landmark designation for this building. Anyone know the purpose of doing so? Or more details about this planned development?
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