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  1. Whoa. Wonder how much of that "future construction planned at CMC campus" is actually planned or just a dream. The big building on the left is probably just a gigantic parking garage...
  2. What's wrong with East Blvd? Bakersfield is all it needs
  3. As a famous singer once said ''Cause two out of three ain't bad.."
  4. Good news! May I ask why this wasn't part of the original bridge when the rail was built?
  5. Gosh I hope they don't get rid of any of those power lines. Maybe if we are lucky they'll even add a few!
  6. My wife's medical school was expanding to a new campus while she was in school. It didn't effect her experience much. There were a few teachers that worked at both locations, but most professors also have other medical jobs so just going away a few days a week isn't very practical. Also, the article makes me wonder if Atrium did any research about the Wake system at all. They never went to see the facilities? I'm hoping the 'this place is amazing' lines are just standard and not that they had no idea what they were actually getting in to. Medical school here in Charlotte will be good. Charlotte residencies are already a hidden gem in my opinion and placing a medical school here should in theory help increase the quality of the residents here as well, assuming the school can generate a good name for itself.
  7. My problem is that green-ish color, not the grey. It just looks like it isn't finished. Or they tried to pick a paint color that would match the concrete grey but made a mistake. O well. Maybe its not the paint color but the fact that it doesn't stick out like the other part. I dunno, just looks unfinished to me!
  8. Do you think they will change the color of that green space between the windows? It really clashes with the grey concrete color and has been bugging me since the day it started going up!
  9. If you ask China there were never any tanks. And probably no one will die.
  10. This and those tweets are like another language to me!
  11. Ahh I see. Thanks for the explanation. Now can you help me understand why you would say that? Looks like a nice building to me?
  12. What is the international page of this document saying? Investment into Charlotte from those countries? It is not very clear at all.
  13. Anyone know anything about 620 Queens? Loved seeing the previous building go away, but when I walk by not much is happening other than some nice weeds growing now. http://www.620queens.com/
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