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  1. If Laurel Market closes I will riot.
  2. I could see why that guy would be mad. Charlotte has 520 people per hospital bed (compared to 400 people/bed median). Not where a fast growing city would want to be long term. https://www.healthcaredive.com/news/how-hospital-capacity-varies-dramatically-across-the-country/574892/
  3. CPCC would make some universities jealous.
  4. Too bad it can't be I-x74 (insert whatever number would be an extension of I74) from where it turns north at Rockingham. Could have just made an interstate with frontage roads rather than those weird turn lanes on the edges.
  5. Will there eventually be no lights from uptown to 485? Is that the general goal?
  6. O! Looks pretty cool. Yes a lot of work to do then Does Legion have some ultimate plan to take over Charlotte? They have locations popping up everywhere.
  7. But did you get the COVID??? Love the front of this building. Just wish it was facing the other way!
  8. What's the plan here? Looks like that building needs a lot of work!
  9. This is the second time I've seen this stat about the Target. I know that target is busy, but to imagine it as one of the busiest in the state is really crazy to me. When all the other Target stores have a parking lot bigger than the area of the store and this one feels bound by its little garage. Can you see individual store number somehow?
  10. Left side of that side elevation looks like a boat or RV storage garage!
  11. Don't worry. The power line views are alive and going strong in this part of town too!
  12. No problem. I realized after I posted, that the connection with Epicurean probably wasn't made. Sorry for my passive aggressive post :X That entrance/exit on East will be terrible! At least there is actually a site plan. Seems like something might actually happen. Is there a rendering ?
  13. Wrong plane type? I have flown that Lufthansa flight several times. I guess its the only one to Charlotte. Super nice plane and flight when I've done it!
  14. Awesome picture! Agreed that the moon being hidden adds interest. Do you often camp on the deck for photos? CLT-MUC I guess is an A332
  15. Plot twist: The store never actually reopens. Owner moves to another state. Building sits empty for 3 years.
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