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  1. The Dollar General always confused me as well. The parking garage takes up a lot of that lot. Hardly even seems like there is room for any more building left on the 'corner'
  2. Glad to see still powerlines in every photo. I wouldn't expect less from this area.
  3. ^ at least that signage makes some sense on the building. I don't mind something like that. I'm also impressed by the number of tall buildings seen in downtown Charlotte in the background of that picture from 1966!
  4. Interesting that Novant is relocating beds away from city center while Atrium is looking to add alot more.
  5. perhaps we can just run the blue line along 485 to the new 'silver line' and then forever have more and more BLEs until its all one giant loop like a pretzel?
  6. I can imagine that when some owners think of multi-family housing near them they imagine southend style apartment buildings, giant townhomes that fill up an entire lot. Most the multi-family in Dilworth and Myers Park are nice looking, set back from the street. Not over powering 'modern' looking buildings. Some of them I can tell if they are multifamily or not until you see multiple front doors, or realize they are just too big to be single. I haven't seen many that look like the ones in the pictures above.
  7. t_money


    that parking lot should get its own zipcode Why even bother with 4 townhouses?
  8. These aren't quite where the photo from above is though. Most of these properties are large, expensive looking office buildings. Also - Dear Atrium, quit encroaching on my dentist's office! Please don't make them move
  9. ^ o ya... the future home of that condominium tower
  10. Me too! Can't imagine much could change physically though? Do we know what the 'nearby piece of land' they bought is?
  11. Metropolitan complex sold for $92 million as Ballantyne owner expands in Charlotte https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/development/article246752016.html
  12. Imagine both corners of Scott and East having big office buildings. Those buildings do give East some character and I think some of that will be lost with them gone though.
  13. Shouldn't there be a hill on that road on the left? Kenilworth is big hill! How many buildings does this go down East?
  14. The title of this thread is a bit funny to me, because not having seen it from the beginning, I see Charlotte as not having any condos to buy! Its all apartments. So the thought of 'who will buy all the condos' seems odd to me as I think "What condos??".
  15. ^ this was on my heart but didn't know the area well enough to say it
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