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  1. Since I've gotten off Facebook I never thought I would miss comment sections, but there are a few moments of gold: "People spend their entire education and career in traffic design but move aside wiz kids here comes Randy with the answers."
  2. Just walk across the street to Peoples..
  3. This spot is great and if they added a lane on McDowell it would be fully connected to the rest of the greenway via 7th street bridge. Its only like 2.5 blocks that need to be turned into a bike lane
  4. NIMBYs gonna NIMBY. You let ski chalets go up in Elizabeth and what's next?? Affordable housing?? Minorities!?!
  5. Definitely agree. If anyone is looking for an entertaining article, this was written describing the disclosings before WeWork's IPO. https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/15/20806366/we-company-wework-ipo-adam-neumann
  6. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article235054112.html This is another one that happened on Parkwood here in Charlotte within a week. The video posted to the story is CMPD going through pedestrian safety tips just as you talked about. This is a section of road that is supposed to be getting a road diet, but not yet. You have roads like Parkwood and Matheson that are 4 lanes with only 1 traffic light between Plaza and N Davidson for Parkwood, and 1 between N Tryon and Plaza for Matheson which has drivers routinely going 60 mph. There is an element of pedestrian safety, but if there is 1 crossing over half a mile or more, people have to cross the street on high speed lanes and you will continue to have traffic deaths
  7. https://redd.it/d33k3m Let's close it! Something drastic to set Charlotte apart from other US cities
  8. Even if you do this they are still new construction apartments that have a higher rental value than older units. People aren't paying an extra $200-300 a month for the pet spa, they're paying it because it is new apartment in a location they want to live in. Agreed here. But it isn't just that people are making money on the lending side for affordable housing, it is the the way we value land. To be honest there isn't a great solution to affordable housing and it will continue to get worse in every major city across the US and other developed countries as the population continues to grow and cities continue to urbanize. The land close to the urban core in growing cities is very valuable and if you want low income folks to occupy spaces there, you need to subsidize the rent or else they will be forced out of these areas. Developers are only going to price control certain units if there are other economic benefits to doing so. As long as land is a valuable asset here and not treated like it is in Japan, it is only going to get worse.
  9. True socialism isn't something that has been explored yet on a country wide scale. It goes against the "evil socialism" propaganda that has been pushed for the last 50 years in the US but there is a political definition of socialism that is perfectly compatible with capitalism as it functions in the world today. The only true tenant of socialism is that the workers own the means of production, it doesn't mean give everyone equal pay or benefits like people have taken it to mean. There has been a huge negative propaganda push to label every progressive policy as socialism and most people conflate socialism with communism and the failed USSR. Picture the same companies you work for today except instead of having the majority ownership by investment companies with no interest in the production of valuable goods or services, but having the ownership be entirely by employees. There are still wealth inequalities and you can still have the CEO own 40% compared to a line production worker owning a few shares, but there isn't outside influence of how the companies operate. The only responsibility of publically traded companies today is to make money for their shareholders. Things like moral and ethical responsibilities are secondary and sometimes neglected in order to make a higher profit. Employee ownership allows companies to internally decide what is important to them, instead of having a responsibility to earn money for Berkshire Hathaway, Blackrock, etc. You already can support the companies that currently do this and are successful! Go buy a New Belgium beer instead of something owned by InBev as one example. If you go to one of their taprooms, employees don't take tips because they are paid a livable wage with benefits and own shares of the company.
  10. If you zoom in over half of the people surveyed were asked via landline... Also this was a survey of 450 people, it had nothing to do with actual recorded complaints submitted about the system
  11. JHart


    AC Ballentyne has been undergoing a few more rounds of VE.. Hopefully they get it started again sooner rather than later
  12. They also sell All Knight Long at their brewery, not just exclusively at the ballpark. I think this opens it up for them to only sell a beer at the retailer location only.
  13. Responsible fiscal policies and acceptance of immigrants is viewed negatively by roughly 1 in 4 Americans
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