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  1. If you talk with anybody involved in SC development, they all agree there is no possible way this is solely on Rock Hill and everyone knows it.
  2. Yup, awful deal unless you're super into MLS. No local games, and this is an add-on to the Apple TV app, not Apple TV+. Don't expect additional locals to try the games out on their local channels for such a new team. Only positives are this tv package is included if you have season tickets and no blackouts (I have been caught in between regions for games where I'm out of local coverage but not far enough out for ESPN+).
  3. Paid for their time worked doesn't mean they aren't getting screwed. Contractors turn down plenty of other work when they take jobs this size and many probably hired additional people.
  4. Chill man. I'm pointing out the Wikipedia page is incorrectly using a quote from the team as their source on seating capacity when the team themselves gave the 32,000 number. Actual capacity is probably around 33k, meaning we are selling about 1-2k seats short a game with some no shows of MAX 3k short of sellouts each week. I'm also a season ticket holder who has been to every game and I'd say the 1-2k per game short is accurate.
  5. Yeah we really could use some BRT here, especially due to our current hub-spoke road configuration. Road diets and BRT on all of our spokes could be implemented in the next 10 y ears and a fraction of the cost of the silver line on Park, South, Tryon, West, Providence, etc.. Of course we would probably screw it up and go for the Indy model to keep lanes for cars, or build our first BRT station and let the busses share the road with regular traffic..
  6. The Wikipedia page references this article in the CBJ for its number: https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2022/02/11/charlottes-new-mls-team-close-to-first-sellout.html which does give the 38,000 number but if you look at the full quote it is: For most regular season matches, Charlotte FC plans to only open the lower level for fans. That encompasses 38,000 seats, including suites. Because of seating configurations, TV camera positions and other factors, the team has said capacity will be in the range of 32,000 people for matches played with only the lower level occupied. BOA is pretty damn full, not missing 8,000 people.
  7. There is no way they are short 8k fans, that's basically 1/4 of the lower bowl!
  8. If Rock Hill was upfront about not guaranteeing the debt, this reads to me that Tepper overestimated the tax revenues to be generated by the development, or is trying to adjust the amount of investment into the size of the facility due to the inflated construction costs. Rock Hill actually was ready to issue bonds in accordance with the original plans but because Tepper would be on the hook for the public infrastructure improvements if they did not generate enough tax revenue for the city to cover the bonds, pushed for a pause on the issuance of bonds and is trying to rework the public funding source so they wouldn't be liable or “try additional things to get the debt issued.” per the report.
  9. That's exactly what I said....
  10. Minneapolis has an amazing trail system. Chicago has a ton downtown and actually better greenways out in the suburbs. Baltimore is connected to DC and has some awesome harbor greenways. Indianapolis for a smaller city has a decent system throughout their downtown. Columbus for another small city has tons and is connected to OSU. Denver as mentioned above has tons.
  11. DC is an easy example without even thinking about it. Continuous greenway all the way to Baltimore and hundreds of miles of greenways all around the city connecting its parks. I'd agree the city should be spending $0 for a new stadium and fully support extra spending on our greenway system. It just is not a priority based on the history of funding projects and work that has been done so far. Because of the shape of Charlotte's roads, I think we should be looking at road diets along all of our spokes and adding in large protected sidewalks and protected bike lanes.
  12. Hard disagree on our connected greenways, especially when used for commuting. Our current greenway system is again a vanity project for South Charlotte with very little viability for commuters to Uptown. Stewart Creek barely runs a half mile outside of Uptown, with limited entry points from neighborhoods. We have no connection anywhere on the East side of Charlotte. North side is getting a little traction, but I dare anyone to try and bike across the Matheson bridge and tell me that is a legitimate commuter route. Inside of Uptown, there are hardly any options besides biking on the street which anyone who has ridden here can attest is dicey at best with our drivers and their attitudes towards bikes. The newly completed 6th Street Cycle Track which is the only protected lane through Uptown (Rail Trail is basically unusable for bicycle commuting due to station design) isn't even connected to the Little Sugar Creek. I guess they consider crossing 2 major streets using pedestrian signals and crosswalks (by design according to CoC) and then across 7th Street is somewhat connected... I love our Greenways, I'm on them almost everyday. But we are very much an extremely far stretch away from best in the country. If there was funding for some of the additional proposed routes on their map I could at least say they are working on it, but the lack of funding and resistance for even the XClt Trail which we are still years away from even UNCC connection to Little Sugar Creek makes me doubtful of any major changes in the next several years.
  13. The atmosphere at the home games so far has been electric, far more exciting than Panthers games in BOA. Sitting in the supporters section for the goal in the 6th minute felt like we had just won a major tournament; the crowd went absolutely bananas. Highly recommend going to a game for anyone on the fence about soccer and the support here in the QC.
  14. That is 100% an already designed tower for Cesar's Palace that was never built 30 years ago but Johnny loved the architecture so much from his "global" travels
  15. They are all valet anyways. Move them over to the N & S streets and build the little heated(cooled in NC) curbside tents like Chicago/NYC
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