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  1. BRT is definitely the quickest/cheapest way to expand our transit plans. Would be huge for a few major thoroughfares like Freedom, Plaza, Central, or Park
  2. The Chrysler building sold for $150M in 2019?!? That's my crazy takeaway from that
  3. Traffic study tubes up on Parkwood just after the split from Plaza. Somebody must be reading here
  4. A lot of projects that initiated design will finish that portion since most of the money has already been allocated/paid, it wouldn't surprise me if the preliminary sitework was already scheduled. Cheaper to finish the design and have a budget ready for when capital becomes available than restart the design phase again.
  5. Can we get all of the road diets done now during covid so that people can't complain about how much worse their commutes are and will just return to the office without any impact?
  6. I have no idea what @Tyree Ricardo is talking about difficulty grading.. They even show the 36th street rendering sloping downwards like it currently is. Sounds like another cheap stick apartment building to me Yes BLE is 10 years behind the original blue line which sparked the growth in SouthEnd, but I would think this side would happen quicker with the growth in Charlotte over the last 10 years. I'm hopeful we skip the first wave of cheap apartments everywhere like the original SouthEnd and go right to the better development projects that are happening currently.
  7. Seriously, what ever happened to the rumors of something going in the old Amelie's building? A grocery store would be perfect for the Buck's Oil site with all of the new apartments going in at the corner of N Davidson and Jordan and all of the new homes in Villa Heights & NoDa
  8. Brick is a lot more expensive than paneling for finishes. The apartments in SouthEnd were some of the first new developments going along the lightrail and it took time before the more expensive developments came through. Can't believe how much money they are pulling in with stick apartments bringing $2k a unit for 2 br
  9. The diamonds would make great alternate jerseys too with some mint green thrown in there. The minted phrase is cool, but put the dots on the side or else take them off the 2022, it being lopsided is killing me
  10. We are getting away from the LoSo discussion entirely, but I would say I am ok with the absorption of the park-n-ride lots into the new decks, but total parking in general is excessive in Charlotte. The fact that everyone cannot fathom people living without a car in Charlotte really shows you the demographics of the users of this site. There are tens of thousands of people that live in Charlotte and don't own cars. They take the bus to their jobs, they take 2 or 3 buses to the grocery store, they take buses, or catch a ride with a friend or family to go anywhere because it is too expensive to own a car for a huge population of people. I'm with @kermit, start breaking the cost of parking out of all developments to help people see the actual cost. Have your apartments require annual passes to park instead of defaulting to 2 parking spaces per apartment and see if you get the same number of people parking on a regular basis. The high cost of parking in Uptown plus the cost of the commute does incentivize people to take the express buses from dense suburbs. I've heard somewhat promising things from the future city plan about promoting rezoning Charlotte neighborhoods as mini urban hubs so that each neighborhood has access to essentials within 10 minutes , but we will see how that turns out.
  11. Pretty sure it was a Hard Rock Casino with 750 room hotel attached. Not sure if that route was scrapped for the plans they currently are breaking ground on, but that is what I heard this venture was going to be
  12. A Hard Rock hotel was potentially slated for this area if everything is still progressing on the casino as planned.
  13. https://claycorp.com/project/epicentre/ They built the Epicentre.
  14. Anyone care to just name the provinces/territories of Canada?
  15. I was mostly talking about using both trains, since people were saying if the Blue/Silver lines aren't connected at a common platform than it makes it useless for commuting. My point is that people will really never take both lines, so it wouldn't matter as much if there was a walk between. The 40 minutes might be a slight bit exaggerated, but unless you live in Novel at the 36th stop and are going to Suffolk Punch basically on the platform, you're going to have to walk. Add in a 5 minute wait on the platform and it definitely has taken that long before. I'm still a big proponent of the system, it just can be disappointing at times what we get when BLE is basically a year old
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