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  1. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/05/20/charlotte-pipe-to-leave-site-near-uptown-charlotte.html
  2. Are you the key master? I am the gate keeper.
  3. You stay classy Charlotte.
  4. Welcome to 6 weeks ago! Not my choice for best first post... But glad you joined. Hehe.
  5. Who writes this stuff?! Ally Charlotte Center brings a new type of workplace to Uptown, designed to inspire world-class talent with a focus on connectivity, wellness, and creativity. I’d say wework is a new type of workplace, not I work on the 13th floor of the Ally building. ‘Our mixed-use walkable community...’ Isn’t all of uptown walkable? Don’t we want people to venture away from ‘their blocks’?
  6. If you don’t provide it they will look elsewhere. If not uptown then anytown. What makes a site so attractive it doesn’t matter how much parking there is? That’s the million dollar question.
  7. How exactly are they getting service trucks into the deck? Do they go underground? Does Hill Street drop that much? Scratching my head.
  8. I give them props for filling the void creative loafing left behind in a digital world. They market there pants off. if your sending out 45,000 emails I would expect more clicks per day. I personally like the guys on 1110 AM restaurant Tuesday in the evening. Or Dirty Restaurant Thursday! Hilarious and scary...
  9. Those high powered LED lights need a few weeks to burn in at 100% power. Cool to see it turned on during a festival weekend. Wonder if that was planned?
  10. Very exciting! Maybe this will start a Development trend of densifying the corporate park with true mixed use.
  11. Very sad. The trade mark building on the other block near here, a furman project, was also eifis system. I remember the snow walking by that site too. i can’t believe high rise buildings are allowed to use this stuff.
  12. Retailers 90% of the time want to see the finished product before signing up for a lease. That is why you hardly ever hear a developer project announce a retail tenant first.
  13. https://www.wfae.org/post/charlotte-talks-city-planners-consider-bold-idea-address-history-segregation-charlotte
  14. That right there is called a windscreen. Keeps the wind at bay and people from falling. Those bankers live under lots of stress I guess.
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