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  1. Disagree. As far as I'm concerned, the more office workers downtown the better and that building has gone without a tenant forever. If they added a sort of art installation on the ground level of the parking garage, say some display cases with rotating local art or even stuff from OMA to act as a sort of advertisement, I think it would be just fine.
  2. I can't imagine an update that gets VE'd further. This is about as plain as it gets, it's gotta be what we end up with. I'm disappointed they didn't stick with the previous plan.
  3. As soon as I upgrade my ancient Android phone or get a proper camera I'd love to work together with him.
  4. They have some sort of machine running at the station. If I were to speculate wildly, I'd say it might be cleaning the soil and readying the lot for sale.
  5. This building has no business being as good as. I forgot to get a shot of the church next to it, but they complement each other very well.
  6. I should have taken some pictures from the rear, but I didn't think it was worth the walk. Anyway, this building is flying along.
  7. The construction on the food hall portion seems to be full steam ahead. I really like this building because it's pleasant to look at no matter which direction you are coming from.
  8. Lots of new signage up looking for office tenants at the Sentinel building. Loopnet listing up as well. Wonder how long they plan to keep the Northern Block standing.
  9. I'm surprised it didn't go on the Bumby/Robinson intersection; it's far more utilized. Looks cool though.
  10. They have a Subway and Dunkin open in the UnionWest building if you want to count those.
  11. The only structure left standing on the southern block is a single wall. There are a number of really nice, mature trees that I really hope somehow get incorporated in the redevelopment.
  12. Pie in the sky. To say that is unlikely would be an understatement. Still... one can dream.
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