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  1. elefants


    Crazy to think the Cameo theater was open at the same time just a block away.
  2. elefants


    I can accept that those generic buildings pop up everywhere. My main gripe is putting such a boring building in such an interesting area, especially on such a prominent corner. Maybe it made more sense back in the 80s.
  3. elefants


    Absolutely nothing could be worse than the CVS at that intersection. Total embarrassment that was approved on that corner.
  4. elefants


    Business in the front, parking in the back? I like it.
  5. I had no idea a racetrack was once there. Is there a name I can look up?
  6. An elimination of parking minimums is effectively just reduction. While it could be possible for buildings to pop up without parking spaces, those would be very few and far between.
  7. If the team is dead last in attendance and among the worst in television ratings, I wouldn't consider them fine. Their most recent world series win barely moved them up in the rankings and their 8 year old stadium is putting up End-of-Days Montreal Expo attendance numbers lately. Derek Jeter and his 4% stake in the Marlins has his work cut out for him. The stadium was built specifically to go after a baseball team. Granted it's not the best design, but that's basically like saying the Magic play in a minor league hockey stadium because the Solar Bears use it. It's literally in downtown St Pete. I don't know what the busy area of St. Pete is if that isn't it. It's barely over a mile from the waterfront. That said, it would do better in Tampa. It is a crying shame the Ybor plan fell through. The fan base is there and the television ratings (while not the best, but still respectable) hint towards that.
  8. I'd love to see a developer not provide parking in a mid rise. I imagine people living in a building without a parking garage would be more receptive to the ideas of using public transportation and walking. Instead of the city focusing on the street parking, they could concentrate their efforts on better bus service and sidewalks.
  9. I definitely oversimplified that and I apologize; less parking in denser areas still seems to be the trend. I absolutely agree that developers should decide how much parking they need. It would almost certainly cut down on the giant parking pedestals under towers.
  10. Many car-centric cities are removing parking minimums. I'd imagine if Dyer doesn't do it (it's trendy, after all), the next mayor will. They won't be a major part of high-rise construction forever. https://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2015/11/18/a-map-of-cities-that-got-rid-of-parking-minimums
  11. Everything does when you compare it to the Orange and Robinson apartments. At least it's not going at the same pace as The Yard.
  12. Considering the recent heat, a shaded courtyard almost seems like a good idea.
  13. I'd argue it's also about the physical medium. People like collecting "things", and records can be interesting things to collect.
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