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  1. I couldn't imagine a Sunrail line to I-Drive finished by '26
  2. I scooped up a hybrid Nishiki from Dicks a few years back for $350 and have had no problems with it. I like it a lot, actually. I know a bunch of guys who are really into bikes that upturn their noses at it, so maybe they know something I don't?
  3. With a strong zoom it's possible. The camera on my phone is terrible, but seeing it in person looks right. Maybe they took it higher from the parking garage.
  4. I really like this shot of Livingston facing west. It'll look especially impressive when X Orlando/Golden Sparrow or whatever is finished. The only thing I'm concerned about is the lack of street-facing retail for such a potentially important corridor. Even if Zoi gets built, Orange is going to get the retail love.
  5. It seems weird to me to use metro population to compare high rises going up. What's weirder is apparently there are more residents in downtown Orlando than downtown Austin. Edit: Or maybe that's not weird and actually where the demand for high rises is coming from?
  6. They've also posted on the Austin board so you're probably right. Don't know how they figure Austin is smaller, though.
  7. Aldi's to buy some stores. It doesn't specify which are being purchased, but maybe Aldi's Corner is coming.
  8. I don't hate the juxtaposition of it. Those are definitely some new bricks, though, and they look bad.
  9. The site says the city requires .7 parking spaces per unit.
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