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  1. Too hot for a plaza to have palm trees instead of shade trees, but great pics.
  2. Should be interesting when that sail catches hurricane force winds and takes the building to Jacksonville. Or maybe it will only be extra wobbly.
  3. The Yard releases amended plans now that Hideaway Bar is moving across the street I'm really hoping this next step sets off some development on Brookhaven Drive, since one of my favorite buildings in the area isn't getting the love it deserves. As far as I can tell, it will be spared demolition and I'd be pleased as punch if someone renovated it.
  4. An Urban Target or grocery store would do really well in that spot with it being only a 10 minute walk from the North Quarter and the UCF campus.
  5. Love to see Livingston beefing up. I really hope this happens.
  6. I've said it before, but that parking garage is an absolute waste of potential. Not that the future residents of Radius would want another tall building blocking their view of the lake. Hopefully someone will eventually squeeze another mid-rise into the lots next to the Radius building and finally get rid of surface parking on the NE corner of Robinson and Rosalind.
  7. Do cities not benefit from the dense housing and its necessary infrastructure built 100 years ago?
  8. New builds should not be SFH. No reason to raze perfectly good homes. That would be great. As for the bungalows, no reason to raze perfectly good homes. Agreed. Without getting too political, that'll not go away until it's addressed on a federal level.
  9. I know it's unpopular, but yes I do. It may be suited for it now, but it will become increasingly less so as condos and apartments encroach on OBT. Parramore land is still the cheapest around downtown and is laid out well for density. Gentrification is coming and single family homes are the least efficient way to create the housing stock needed to slow it down.
  10. Single-family homes don't belong in an urban core. Full stop.
  11. Imagine seeing a lack of housing stock IN PARRAMORE and thinking more single-family homes is the solution.
  12. It's here. That place gets packed on adult night, and social media plus covid has definitely fueled a skating spike.
  13. Should be really interesting and I hope the folks of Mather's put the same flair into this bowling alley that they've done with their bars. This Orlando Weekly article mentions they will include a Robinson Cafe coffee bar, and a restaurant. I am absolutely stoked for this addition to the area.
  14. World's largest bouncy castle?
  15. I don't know how I feel about that. I wasn't a frequenter of The Venue, but I remember those folks being pretty distraught over losing their place. A new park is not nearly as satisfying knowing its cost was a small venue like that.
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