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  1. Just because Southwest comes to GSP (if they do) does not mean you have to fly them. A huge part of their presence is that other carriers will have to lower rates from the competition. By lowering the rates, GSP's numbers should go up which means equipment upgrades (i.e., larger aircraft). With lower rates, more traffic and hopefully more destinations since GSP can recapture a significant portion of the 50-60% that go to Charlotte or Atlanta, the ability to attract corporate & divisional headquarters becomes much easier. More headquarters simply mean more higher paying jobs, economic development and tax revenues. Whether you like Southwest or not as a service provider is not the point. The mere presence in our market extrapolates to better opportunities for many.
  2. I will venture a guess that this scale project is referring to the redevelopment of the Woolworth/Young Fashions/Bank of America site in conjunction with Bergamo Plaza.
  3. Update - BB&T on Friday closed their branch in the lobby of the Landmark Building and the crane today removed the BB&T sign from the top of the building.
  4. I was just down at the Greek Festival and I suspect the crane you are talking about is the one in front of the Landmark Building. This crane looks like it is doing work on the roof of the Landmark Building (yes it was reaching above the building!). Sorry....looks like its maintenance related.
  5. Apparently on February 23, The Grape received a special exemption to operate in Riverplace with certain stipulations (wine sale only, 10 tables maximum outside, close at midnight, no smoking, no dancing and few other terms). Sounds like we will see some activity soon at the street level finally. You can see the terms in the 3-6-06 city council agenda on www.greatergreenville.com.
  6. For those who occasionally like to break the bank on dinner, I would highly recommend 33 Liberty. The location is curious, but the food is always excellent and atmosphere is comfortable (the small, locally owned variety). North Hampton Wine would run second, in my opinion, for the pricey yet fabulous category.
  7. A shot down Beattie about 2 years ago when they still had trees in front of the parking facility.
  8. Greenville Journal for Friday has a rendering of the Tower at Falls & Broad project (see page 13). It looks like a terrific structure although there seems to ultimately be a flat top. There is also a website for this project listed, however, as of tonight the website clearly looks like it just getting setup. The website listed is www.thetoweratfallsandbroad.com.
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