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  1. K...I spent the last 2 years there...and HAD to be there last week for an old friend. I know Charlotte intimately and can say from experience that its wayyyy overrated and as one who's lived in multiple major-league cities, with the exception if OKC, Charlotte is the least "urban". If you like it, cool ....urban-pie-rat was so condescending about citiboi's post that i needed to address it. Nevertheless, you're right...it is a good project
  2. Being a military brat, thus having lived in or near major cities all my life....the Raleigh people are laughable at best....and Charlotte folks are downright delusional. Proof? I noticed that every time cityboi says anything positive about Greensboro, "Urban" --pirate had some obnoxious response. Hopefully you're a lady because it's very "catty" and feminine. It's ironic too becuase I spent a couple of years in Charlotte at UNC C .....I, along with many others, always laughed at those who consider Charlotte "urban". It is...with all due respect, a big town ...but it misses the mark that its fans ---THINK--it has ascended too. Just for starters: 1. Its predictable and "manufactured" ...a non-vintage, pseudo-city....that w/o the inclusion of the Triad and its vast populations...would not qualify for major league sports. UrbanPirates come from towns that need no other city to meet high demographic requirements. 2. The locals are ignorant and the colleges have no heritage. 3. The transplants are delusional....yessss you've got NFL and NBA...but it's not as "city" as you think!! It's a really big SUBurb. 4. Need proof? Nobody really rides the lightrail, it's just there. 5. Downtown? ...or Uptown as you all call it? DEAD after 5....and those who disagree, you are as well-traveled as you think. 6. It takes 6-10 minutes by highway to pass through the "city" 7. 10 minutes outside of the city and you're in the STICKS...the country.... 8. Nothing Is Authentic After growing up in Toronto and NY....I was actually surprised when I transferred to NCATSU in Greensboro. It's authentic, and surprisingly urban and metropolitan w/o trying to be. People forget that to its west, it's adjacent High Point which is adjacent to Thomasville and Winston-Salem...to the South there's Asheboro and vicinity with the states's largest zoo. To the East, Burlington is 7 miles from Downtown Greensboro. Chapel is then 20 minutes from Burlington---then Durham minutes from Chapel Hill---then Raleigh. Not to mention, the Virginia line is a stone's throw to the North with it's metro areas. Greensboro is surrounded by cities big and small in every direction. There's a genuine, authentic, aggressive, grittiness that exists here....it's quite beautiful actually!! Boring? sometimes......but so is Charlotte and Raleigh. BTW.....DURHAM and WINSTON-SALEM are also more "urban" and metropolitan that Charlotte and Raleigh.
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