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  1. I've already contacted the city, and relayed everyone's concerns about the rendering scale problem. They intend to form a committee to study the problem. Heads will likely roll.
  2. This Dominion project is completely different , and has nothing to do with the city's recent RFI on the city-owned parcels. Dominion is buying their land from the NCAE, which is across the street from the city property. I agree that something taller by Dominion would be nice, they have a great track record in DT Raleigh. (PNC Tower, FNB Tower, Charter Square etc.).
  3. Whatever is built at this site will likely look nothing like what's in the rendering. That's why I am surprised folks are harping on this. If the office tower is built like it's shown (unlikely) it will be significantly taller than anything else in the adjacent area, and possibly wider as well. Most people would agree that a 40 story office tower would be much taller than the adjacent 30 story office towers, amiright ? Will be interesting to see what the final products turn out to be.
  4. Yup. Plus the proposed buildings are significantly physically taller than anything nearby, including BB&T building etc ( 40 stories vs 30 stories for the BB&T building) The renderings are correct.
  5. I didn't realize that you were an architect. I have about 40 years of experience in this field, and whatever architectural firm produced these renderings did them correctly.
  6. They've already started the site work for the Walter Tower. Rode by there twice this week and there is a lot of activity inside the perimeter fencing surrounding the Walter site. I actually stopped and peeked inside to look.
  7. I don't understand your comment … the rendering is completely accurate in this perspective, based upon the two new buildings being in the foreground, and based upon a full height of 40 stories (which is not necessarily a given).
  8. Kessler is responding to a RFI transmittal what was sent out about 3 weeks ago; this is not a formal proposal. Since the RFI period lasts until the end of March, the city will wait to receive any other RFI responses that may come in (and there will be others). In the meantime, Kessler has the right to respond as they see fit, although it is unlikely that they will be invited to submit a formal proposal if this is all that they can offer. Having said that, requesting 500 rooms is a stiff requirement, unless it is a part of a mixed use tower. If the city isn't interested in any of the RFI responses, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if it kicked in millions of the "tourism tax funds" to get the right developer to build what it wants. Because of the location of this site, and its close proximity to the convention center, this is a very logical location to request 500 hotel rooms.
  9. I agree with you regarding the one being built in Charlotte: it looks like a cheap Days Inn, especially compared to the one in Asheville. I disagree with your comment about Charlotte being "dramatically superior" to Raleigh. What does that even mean ?
  10. This is a concept floated by a potential RFP bidder. This doesn't come even close to meeting the requirements specified in the city's RFI docs, so I wouldn't put much thought into this ever becoming a reality, at least as these initial sketches indicate. Raleigh wants a high profile project on this site, and also wants a 500 room hotel on this site. Other companies will also put forth their own proposals (likely Kane will as well). It's much too early in the process to render any judgements.
  11. Raleigh will be happy to take all of the 4-5 towers (even more). The new city council is much more friendly to center city development, and getting rid of the CAC's was a long overdue first step.
  12. The Raleigh Union Station Bus project has to begin construction this year, as a condition to receiving the $ 20 million federal grant money. They lose the grant if they don't start in 2020. Kane will likely start his this Smokey Hollow this year as well.
  13. EIFS (artificial stucco) was a big "thing" years ago, when the original NH sections were built. I've never seen it used as much in a single development as NH used it. This new section doesn't appear to have any, thank goodness.
  14. Raleigh-Wake County already has $ 30 million dollars saved and allocated towards this project. I truly believe that they want a major high profile project here, per their public statements. There's no doubt the hotel is sorely needed, and the tower will likely be used to lure another high profile corporate tenant (or tenants). Extremely prime location. On another note, the influx of out-of-state developers will increase the level of quality architecture in Raleigh (think Fallon and Hoffman as two examples).
  15. These are simply conceptual renderings. However, the intent is to convey that the City Council is expecting something dramatic in this prime location, not "boxes of schlock". This will be reflected in the selection process for selecting a developer. The city owns the property, and can dictate what it wants to see here. They have already demonstrated this with picking an internationally known architect to design the City Hall campus. I really dig the new mayor and City Council for being more pro development.
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