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  1. Appears from the renderings that there is a material change below this panel for the retail at grade level that wraps the parking garage. I walked by it earlier today, the metal panel has a nice metallic finish.
  2. Capitol View Master Plan shows future retail in that space. For those asking, parking is free on the grade level in all three garages Street parking is limited to two hours although I've never seen any enforcement.
  3. This project also has two live construction cameras. The second in particular has a lovely view of Downtown Nashville. http://webcampub.multivista.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=aPublicWebcam.page&WebcamPublicPageUID=38889E6F-69F3-4919-BA29-FC260B7A447D http://webcampub.multivista.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=aPublicWebcam.page&WebcamPublicPageUID=2C1B3697-A20C-4D1D-8817-9F1F897A209C
  4. https://www.udr.com/nashville-apartments/the-gulch/1200-broadway/brochure/
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