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  1. NASHVILLE — Pins Mechanical Company (pinsbar.com) Game Terminal
  2. https://9to5mac.com/2021/03/29/apple-store-downtown-nashville-fifth-broadway-opening-photos/ This was taken by Michael Steeber (9to5mac), he has a ton of additional photos on his Twitter feed. Some interesting comments about his Nashville visit too.
  3. The white lights are absolutely blinding in the North - South direction. I've heard from friends at 11North that they have been complaining about them as well. Excited for a wider sidewalk.
  4. There was a water main break and the street has been temporarily closed for repairs.
  5. The greenway is great however there's quite a few homeless people living between the greenway and the traintracks and it's full of trash, I can't tell you how many times it's been accidently set on fire. The constant road & intersection closures of 11th & Charlotte has been super fun too.
  6. The 'leafy' panels are lights. I guess they could have added some clerestory windows but the nearly solid walls are desirable in this case.
  7. There are some nice residential / mixed use buildings in the DC area on their website.
  8. Considering they just now decided to freeze our monthly payments for a hockey season that's still in question, they should have a good chunk of money to fund this project. If they could fast track these improvements while the building was not being utilized that would be really smart - maybe they are.
  9. But we're good with the asphalt on concrete patch job or the trashcan obstructing the sidewalk?
  10. I'm frustrated for the healthcare workers who are currently feeling forgotten, overworked and unappreciated. My sibling, who works in the ICU, said it's a real slap in the face to see all of these people out and about living normally, hanging out with friends or vacationing as if there isn't a global pandemic going on while she has worked 24 hour shifts every other day for months. The death rate is up 23% in the last week alone, they have converted non-ICU units into Covid units and numerous Nashville hospitals are on diversion. Half of the doctors in one unit are out sick with Covid. Not only will the hospitals soon be overwhelmed with the rising case numbers but they will also be facing a staffing crisis. I know everyone is tired and wants this to be over, I get it. Please take this seriously no matter what the media or politicians are saying, we have cancelled all travel and holiday plans for our own family, you can too.
  11. There is that big tower for sale next to HCA Capitol View...
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