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  1. Yesterday I arrived home from amazing trip in Russia. The most captivating place for me was Chukotka. The first and main thing there is that people live as they like to. And, surely, sceneries. They are so breath-taking...
  2. After a lot of variants to travel outside the USA I decided to visit Europe. What is your favorite town, country, place? Also will be thankful for the travel agents providing such service.
  3. Really? I didn't even think that such situation can come true. But to pay bitcoins is not enough as a function. If you want to get all the advantages from the bitcoin trading, it is necessary to learn how to get income. For instance, I did it with the help of https://3commas.io/ as the greatest helper I ever seen. It is not too complicated. But everything connected to trading can be done with it.
  4. First of all, I must say that a lot of people looking for the opportunities of trveling must clarify the fact of trip. Will you travel without any agent help? As for me, it is better to ask assistance from the professionals like Altezza, if it is about Africa. They are specialists in the mentioned area. They will assist you all the traveling and even after it.
  5. The first thing I wanted to go on visiting Russia is Kola Peninsula research. Unfortunately, I didn't find enough information about it and the places. But after the recentrly read article it is very impressive for me.
  6. Interesting review. But my question is about the content. Are there any offers to have enough information on the menu? The thing is that my favorite food is caviar from https://fishandcaviar.com/product-category/caviar/red-caviar/coho-salmon/ . And I will be thankful for any tips connected to the development of the following.
  7. I thought on the question connected to the different areas and countries for travelling. First of all, my consideration is about the way to go to different European and even Asian countries. I want to go to Caucasus and Karelia today. So what is the best variant to do it? To go on my own or to use any travel agent? May be anybody visited Russia recently?
  8. I see... Thanks for sharing! I started to work with cryptocurrency recently and have a lot of questions. For instance, I found this guide https://3commas.io/ for effective and fast income. Has anybody used it?
  9. Another my thought is connected to the safari attempt. I heard, it is really captivating. That is why I want to try it on my own. But a little scare.
  10. Yes, Kilimanjaro is great! The first time I visited it I used this original site and enjoyed the trip all the time. Now I am deciding the next date when I go there again.
  11. Thanks for the info! I will check it. And what is about the conditions? What is included into the program?
  12. There are a lot of interesting place in Europe. But I want to go to North Pole and to feel the severe traits of place there. Has anybody visited it?
  13. First of all, thanks a lot for such an interesting description of the place. I will be greatly convinced in the part here. And I am going to be sure in the company using of it.
  14. Surely, a student's life is not too simple. But thanks God you are not at the same situation as https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2017/mar/20/changsha-changing-mao-growth-housing-services described. A lot of people дуасе without dwelling at all, their own real estate...
  15. In flames is my favorite group. I like to listen to it all the time long!
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