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  1. Yeah, walk around my neighborhood downtown on broadway with only crackhead zombies walking around. Been doing that for 2 weeks straight and TRUST ME IT AIN'T HELPING. Hell, walking around Percy Warner with my dog over and over and over has not helped an once. Please ban this account and all of it's postings. Thanks. Someone point me to a mod who can perform my request of full account and post deletion. Thanks.
  2. Whatever mod is reading this please delete my account, and my entire post history including all construction photos. Thanks you for your assistance. I wish you all the best.
  3. Glad you accept your fate. I'm less inclined to do so laying down. Sincerely, another Millennial.
  4. "Seriously, what is wrong?" See above posts about the forced economic destruction of billions of people's lives. And the total rejection I have gotten from this community in questioning the legitimacy of these actions.
  5. Whatever mod is watching should probably just ban me, since none of you can see the light anyway. I'll stop providing HQ images of all the downtown projects. Because who cares. You people turned our once thriving city into a crack-head zombie ghost town.
  6. It means "I also don't understand that this event is somehow disproportionately affecting younger generations (you've brought this up multiple times). How? It's throwing everyone's schedule off. " Back in your day, you got a job in manufacturing, etc. Rather generations of older voters both Democrats and Republicans have voted for policies that have totally destroyed the future for younger generations to EVER aspire to live the types of lifestyles they did. All kids have left today are crap, terrible service jobs and gig jobs. No pensions, no contracts. Just 1099's ready to be cut a
  7. Point proven, you are not reachable. Sorry for your mental fog.
  8. My credibility is the fact that 10's of millions are losing their jobs. And entire generations are being robbed of their future. 10's of millions of small businesses decimated and bankrupted. Yet you poke fun at my ability to have "rational thought" However you support and back the total destruction. Applaud it really. Disgusting. You can use vague attacks against me, but it won't change the reality that is now all around us. Loss for so, so many.
  9. Damage has already been done. Weeks more and 10's of millions more unemployed. Business that want to rehire can't because they just bankrupt'd. You all are entirely underestimating the upcoming years horrible conditions for younger workers, and those just starting their careers. By supporting all of this nonsense without any logical or rational thought if that 'official' messages had an ounce of truth-you older voters, democrat and republican alike. Are all responsible for the shell of a country that is being left for the younger generations. Shame and sin.
  10. Laugh it up all you want. But the destruction of the global economy, let alone downtown Nashville will be absolutely devastating. 5-10 years best case for us to return to pre-covid levels.
  11. Your supporting the destruction of a generation's life opportunities. You will also suffer from your sins.
  12. As a lower broadway downtown resident who works remotely anyway. It's like living in a multi-billion dollar theme park/luxury hotel/restaurant twilight zone episode. Where you are the only one left save for a few zonked out zombie homeless wandering the streets. I've watched & spoken to multiple restaurant managers where I went regularly weekly to do work at various bars from my laptop. One-by-one I've watched their entire staffs being laid off. The destruction of the Millennial & Gen Z's future economic opportunities by the older generations that made these insane lockdo
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