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  1. On 1/7/2021 at 7:57 PM, JeanClt said:

    Property is owned by BP NODA LLC

    "a Notice of Intent to Redevelop a Brownfields Property (“Property”) in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. The Brownfields Property comprises two parcels totaling 8.33 acres and located at 2710 Chick Godley Road."

    "2710 Chick Godley Road" is probably the road the development is going to be on though I'm not too sure.

    "The Brownfields Property is currently vacant, undeveloped land bisected by Little Sugar Creek which has created low lying flood plains between the two parcels. The flood plain associated with Little Sugar Creek is not included in the Brownfields Property" <-- this pretty much describes that location. 

    What they're planning to do:

    "BP NODA, LLC has committed itself to redevelop the Brownfields Property for: high density multi-family residential, retail, office, and with prior written DEQ approval, other commercial uses on the Brownfields Property."

    Link to the Notice of Intent: https://files.nc.gov/ncdeq/Waste Management/DWM/BF/Website/PC Docs/BF-Matheson_Ave-SNI.pdf

    Last I heard Oxford Properties is building 251 multifamily units across four buildings at this site, with Kimley-Horn as architect. Chick Godley Rd is going to  cut through and connect 31st to Matheson.

    Edit: Permit filings also give the individual buildings addresses on Cullman Ave, which would create a much needed connection to 36th St

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  2. There's more lot coverage for parking than actual buildings. :wacko: While 650 units and the mill will continue to activate this neighborhood, I was hoping Portman would be a bit bolder given there's a car-free development right across the street. Would've been a great opportunity for a cohesive neighborhood

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  3. This conversation is irrelevant and ridiculous. Have y'all ever been to NYC?

    Of course, Charlotte has its status as a major banking center. That doesn't mean prestigious financial firms will flock here. These entirely crazed perceptions of crime in the city could never detract from its institutional advantages.

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