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  1. The towers are coming along beautifully! I can’t wait to see the finished product...
  2. As much as I hate to admit it, I hadn’t even thought about that. You have a great theory there, my friend. Apple Music is set for quite the revamping as well, so this is the perfect coincidental flagship opening. Unlike several posters I’ve seen, I’m quite the Apple lover myself, and it’s great to see us getting a flagship! I also must say; this Downtown location, although not a place I myself will likely end up at anytime soon, could very well be crucial to bringing more upscale companies into the urban core, as opposed to the outskirts or Williamson County. Apple is certainly influential like that...
  3. What’s the deal with that 600’ tower in the latest renderings, anyway? All I’ve found on the surface is a set of completely uninformative articles. Does anyone know if permits have been sought? Dealt? What’s the status and likelihood of the thing actually materializing? It looks like it would be a nice tower, if a bit bland (although that is only a vague rendering). I wouldn’t mind it myself, but... I’m skeptical. It seems a bit dubious, what with the lack of official information.
  4. I unfortunately don’t know about that... I would assume so. I personally hope he does. Thank you kindly!
  5. Thanks; I hadn’t heard about whether it was still supposed to be up for bid. I’d say if that’s the case, Tony ought to be in good shape. Perhaps this sets me as an oddity, but I actually rather like Steve Maher’s (MJM Architects) idea of a raised tower above a park, if it’s feasible. However, it may not be, with the tower being so large. Perhaps if those arguing for the sake of green space are so irritated, they should try to compromise with some solution like this, not claim they can make a park “that works”. It’s going to be the same regardless of what they do... something really ought to change, and I personally think Mr. Giarratana has the right idea... But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the aggravation of lost nature in the city center. That’s why perhaps a raised green space would be a solution. Or at least, that’s how I see it. Is it just me, or is all of this incessant hubbub about the whole ordeal not severely overstated anyway? You’d think it was life or death... Oh well. I can’t make a difference myself; I can only have an opinion, I suppose. That’s exactly right; it’s nothing short of ridiculous. It will NOT change if it stays a park, I personally believe.
  6. Perhaps I’m too dense to not be able to figure this out alone... but what are the chances that Paramount actually ends up materializing now, thanks to the abandonment of the land swap? Clearly nothing’s being done yet, so maybe he’s still got a fighting chance ? I have to wonder whether he’d be able to grab the park from Metro ahead of his opponents at this point... the way the articles have worded things imply the tower is done for, but since when was the news ever trustworthy...?
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