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  1. From what I’ve heard, Austin has had the same issues, leaders opposing many developments, etc., and I’m sure this is the case in many cities. My guess is that this will all turn out to be less problematic than it initially seemed; or at least, I hope so.
  2. It’s making quite the impact! On an unrelated note, this is a prime example of how negatively traffic lights impact the views... I hope we can eventually replace most of these with less gaudy, streamlined pillars. Actually, I would rather see them replaced by Singapore style traffic light posts. They’re simpler, cleaner looking, and they’re surely at least some cheaper to install... regardless, the Grand Hyatt is looking good!
  3. Does anyone know when we can expect to see renderings, or, at least, a rough timeframe? It’s been a while, so I thought someone might have caught a snippet from somewhere...
  4. Oh, wonder of wonders... I don’t exactly relish the thought of more unfinished parking pedestals. Makes you wonder what people passing through Nashville think of our buildings! Maybe this one will look nice!
  5. ^^ Looks pretty nice inside; perhaps more so than I expected. I like it.
  6. Wow, that’s actually beautiful! Most old photos like that aren’t too pleasant to look at, aside from being interesting records of the past, but that one certainly is the exception.
  7. Perhaps it’s stupid of me to not remember this myself, but what is the name of this building? rhaps
  8. Wooow! This is incredibly exciting! Mark, I almost wish you hadn’t said the rendering was coming today; now I’m going to be on UP every 10 seconds.
  9. As much as I wish I could quickly give you an answer, I’m really not certain... although some of the notes are a bit hard to tell which bar they’re on, and they’re quite close together... I wonder if they’ll change it on the actual building.
  10. This one’s looking very nice. I just wish it wasn’t in the location it is, what with its lack of height and activation. This would be more appropriate for the outskirts or somewhere like Germantown, IMAO. Oh well, it could’ve been ugly too, so that’s a HUGE plus. As far as buildings this size go, this one is more pleasant to look at than many of its peers, for sure.
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