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  1. There’s something satisfying about how easy it is to completely forget about these major projects because there are just SO many.
  2. Can’t wait to see this in the distant future when that roof is a lovely shade of turquoise!
  3. ^One of the best collections of photos I’ve ever seen...
  4. I like DM well enough. Their headlines are ridiculous, but their articles are usually pretty long and informative.
  5. Man, the actually cool designs we’ve been seeing lately... Tony’s got some good ones, that’s for sure.
  6. That’s gonna look gorgeous upon completion.
  7. Now we know what Nashville would look like if it were in Egypt!
  8. That picture is gorgeous! Reminds me of shots I’ve seen of Dubai.
  9. I was just reading back over this, and clicked on that link... if Wikipedia is correct (which, mind you, isn’t necessarily that likely), this would be the 6th tallest inclined building in the world?
  10. I would argue that Pinnacle is already more “premier” than this can possibly be...
  11. Regardless of political stance, race or any other factor, there is no way anyone with any sense of patriotism could take part in or look positively on what is happening. What happened is terrible, no doubt, but you don’t love your city, state, or country when you start looting, burning and attacking the way these “protestors” have. Stealing people’s belongings and setting fire to government buildings and people’s vehicles is not protesting at all. It’s foolishness, and I certainly hope it can be stopped before Nashville and our peer cities are hurt more than they already have been.
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