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  1. What makes you all think new brand? Based on the way MLS has been bringing teams up from USL, I'd be really surprised if they didn't follow the pattern of keeping the USL brand. Started really back in 2009 with Sounders and been going ever since. I realize some brands have been more ingrained than others but like, Nashville SC was very new for example too.
  2. If Charlotte gets an MLS team, which I'd put as an 80% chance, it will be Tepper buying Independence. That's been the MO now for a few seasons, bring up successful brands from USL. I would be shocked if they went with a totally new brand for MLS. I think ideal would be bring up Independence, and move Charlotte Eagles back to USL Championship as the development squad for the MLS side, put them in Memorial.
  3. I think the pattern on the facade makes it look nice. Yes it's a box but it's not a plain, featureless box. I'm also personally just not a huge hater on box style skyscrapers as along as they aren't the only thing being built.
  4. You'd be surprised how Don Garber operates. When he gets something in his mind in terms of expansion, he sticks to it. That's how we got NYCFC & Inter Miami which are total cluster fudges and didn't have to play by any of the same rules as any other city. Garber has a real bee in his bonnet for St. Louis & Detroit. Sacramento has just been ready to go for like 10 years now and keep getting skipped over. Maybe they do again, would be fudgeed up but we'll see.
  5. I follow MLS closely and what I can tell you from what I read & know of the league and it's King Don Garber is this. I'm 90% certain Charlotte will get a team. I am 99.9% certain it will not be announced this summer. They're going to announce Sacramento Republic FC to join the league with Austin FC in 2021. They'll announce Saint Louis FC to join the league with team 30 in 2022. Now, team 30 could be Charlotte. I have a feeling that ultimately the league will expand to 32 before stopping. After SAC & STL join, Phoenix & Detroit are furthest along in discussions. Charlotte & Las Vegas are also to be in contention. I have a feeling of the 4 finalists I mentioned for 30-32, LV will be the odd one out. Every league is looking to Las Vegas right now and I get the impression MLS won't want to compete with that many new kids on the block. I think ultimately Detroit will be team 30 b/c Garber has a hard on for Detroit, with Phoenix Rising FC & Charlotte Independence rounding out the league by 2026 at the latest.
  6. MLS will announce at the All Star Game which is July 30 . It’s not going to be Charlotte this time. It’s going to be Sacramento Republic FC to join with Austin FC, & Saint Louis FC to join later as team 29. Charlotte is certainly in there for 30 but that’s not coming yet. I also personally believe they’ll cap at 32 by 2026 & the final 3 will be some combo of Charlotte, Phoenix, Vegas & Detroit. One of those 4 won’t make it. If Tepper insists on an NFL/MLS combo stadium CLT is at a slight disadvantage but not really b/c DET is proposing that route & Vegas likely too. Only PHX is building a soccer stadium
  7. I’ve driven by the NJ campus many times. The town is beautiful but the campus itself basically looks like it’s out of the film Office Space. They’ll attract much younger talent in CLT, in NJ the area is very suburban & more family oriented, just about too far from NYC/Jersey City/Hoboken to attract Millennial reverse commuters. Of course they’ll also save a boatload in taxes.
  8. Totally agree. This is the best use for that site & I don’t think it’s close. Even better if he can buy up some of the land just to the west of BofA Stadium for an MLS stadium, then Old DE site for this. Perhaps even combine an entertainment complex with the city’s desired 1,000 room hotel. That’s close enough to the CC
  9. I get he's saying that to appease rail purists but my attitude is, who cares if it *feels* like a train as long as it *functions* like a train i.e. with the same schedule reliability? You can't get that with an ordinary city bus but you definitely can with BRT. Plus as I alluded to, BRT acts like a try & buy for LR/Streetcars. If you really like it but feel a train would enhance, just fill in the BRT lanes with rail infrastructure later on.
  10. Imagine when DEC2 fills that lot. Certain corners uptown could have the look of Midtown Manhattan or Chicago. So dense.
  11. Yeah I personally think BRT that has the scheduling functionality of LR is superior. Cheaper & quicker to build, serves the same purpose. Added benefit of relatively easy conversion to LR if you really find you want it. Also much easier/cheaper to maintain & replace rolling stock & general infrastructure. LR over BRT often comes down to vanity. Rail seems more cosmopolitan so city leaders favor it. They want the pics with a train.
  12. This stunned me about Nashville. They had a very ambitious, perhaps too ambitious LR/BRT plan & it was overwhelmingly rejected. Idk if there’s a city in the US that seems to hate mass transit more than Nashville. At least CLT has a vision. Personally I suspect it will mostly come to fruition as BRT rather than LR but better than nothing
  13. Once I’m down there I’m probably gonna get a partial season ticket plan. Like a weekend package or something, need to check what they offer. Wanna hit up 2 games a month regardless. First team I ever chose on my own when I was like 6 yo. I’m not huge on the NFL, in terms of a specific team, mostly watch RedZone so I can see myself adopting the Panthers. I love Cam, prob my fav QB. Hornets are my childhood though, love that NBA came out with the Team Pass now
  14. Okay cool. I think maybe I misjudged what people consider to be the "wealthy" part of the city. I really don't need to be up in the SouthPark or Myers Park area at all. I'm fine being on the southern fringes of the city or in some of the actual suburbs like Matthews. Maybe I'll regret it if I get a job locally but at least for the beginning I'll be working from home. Can't imagine I'll go downtown/uptown except to go to Hornets & probably some Knights games on weekends. Checking them out next month when I'm there actually, first Knights game.
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