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  1. Now, this is a great idea. I never imagined that property as this type of mixed use.
  2. I do believe there is a TDZ, downtown, but I'm not sure how far it extends. I know the Pyramid, Pinch, and Convention center are in it. I remember they were going to use it to help pay for the proposed aquarium.
  3. It's definitely going to be built. And he's aware of every group, looking to host an event of some type in Memphis.
  4. I'm sure Opera Memphis will build a new structure, and right off hand, I can't think of any property, near Sun Studio, they would use. I hate Gannett sold the building to someone with no personal ties to Memphis, because the CA property has so much potential.
  5. JTM1

    Memphis Sports

    Personally, I prefer the other color scheme., because the red gave it a pop. This is going to lead to some great things for Memphis. Fred Smith made a phone call, because he liked the USFL product, and brought the Showboats back to Memphis. This was a business move, and I believe, he has his sight set on something else too. When I look at the images coming from the press conference, Fred Smith had every political heavy weight from the state, city and county in attendance.
  6. He's definitely committed to Memphis and that 18% going to minority contractors, in the city, will definitely raise all boats with the tide. I noticed he said, Loews is still committed to Memphis and he appeared confident that the Marriott deal will get done. It's almost like his interview was to reassure everyone the deal isn't dead. I find it odd that the city would own the convention space in the hotel.
  7. I thought the suggestion for the black theater museum was that of the poster, I didn't know it was the Hattiloo Theater that proposed it. I thought it was a good idea and I would love to see it happen. I wonder if Opera Memphis has selected the location of their new home. I know they were looking at Midtown, near Crosstown, but I also think they were looking in the Edge too.
  8. I'm aware of the Clipper, because Billy Orgel, was a partner/advisor to that group. They even changed the height restrictions for that project. Having said that, attaching a skybridge or building over MLK and attaching to FF would be good for business.
  9. JTM1

    Memphis Sports

    Don't forget Penny, Elliot Perry, and ZBo. I'm sure they would join in with an ownership group.
  10. JTM1

    Memphis Sports

    I personally think it would be well supported, because Ja is very supportive of the WNBA. In addition, one of the WNBA's executives live in Memphis, and the coach of the Chicago Sky is from Frayser. The head coach of the Lady Tigers is rebuilding the program and she has restored interest in the Lady Tigers. There are loads of parents that are faithful to their daughter's high school games and I could see those same people supporting a professional team.
  11. A museum dedicated to African American theater and a mural art park that's designed in the form of a maze that is spelled out in the letters of Memphis or the international dog and cat museum. I wish that I could take credit for these ideas, but I saw them posted on another site discussing Memphis.
  12. Carlisle gave an interview on ABC24 this Week, and it aired this morning. I haven't watched it, because I've was traveling today, but I will look at it when I return home. I was at FF on Friday night and Saturday, I think they should consider attaching a hotel to it.
  13. JTM1

    Memphis Sports

    Bezos has the money, but he also has a lot of baggage that will prevent the sell of the team to him. The recent lawsuit filed against him, is telling, and I don't see him acquiring the team. It would be a Snyder 2.0 situation all over again.
  14. JTM1

    Memphis Sports

    Even with those faithful to other teams, I believe an NFL franchise would be well supported in this region. Especially by the corporations that are in this area. No need to worry about the Grizzlies, because they are doing their thing and their popularity is growing exponentially. I'm can't wait to see their proposed renovations of FedEx Forum. The Showboats name has been taken by the USFL, and the Tampa team will now play in Memphis. Not sure about color schemes, but my money would be on a mixture of red, blue, gray, black, and white.
  15. JTM1

    Memphis Sports

    The recent lawsuit against Bezos will prevent him from acquiring the team. I still believe, Fred Smith and the other minority owners, bought out by Snyder, will end up buying the team. I read an article that said, when all of the controversial mess started leaking about Snyder, Fred Smith was trying to buy him out. Snyder didn't want to sell, and that's why Smith sold his minority ownership. I don't think his desire to own a team has changed, but he has more free time, now, after stepping away from his company.
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