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  1. Appreciate this. I remember those tall towers and they would've made some unique art pieces. along the riverfront. It's a prime location and located on Bass Pro Drive makes it ideal for something unique.
  2. https://prsevens.com/usa-rugby-announces-official-sanctioning-agreement-with-premier-rugby-sevens-as-highest-level-of-domestic-seven-a-side-rugby/
  3. Dr. Rudd has raised the specter of building a new stadium, with state help, and that appears to throw water on the Liberty Bowl renovations. I have my suspicion that he threw this out to get the ball rolling before he steps down. I recently learned that the area where the Liberty Bowl sits qualifies for federal and private foundation funds that could be used for community reinvestment with building a new stadium. I don't see this happening without the city being involved either. Look what the City and University are doing with the new Leftwich Tennis center. It's intended to draw national tennis tournaments as well as NCAA tournaments and conference championships to Memphis. Building a new stadium would bring an economic boost to that area and Memphis. Especially if it's domed.
  4. Look like the downtown development is progressing along quite nicely. It's odd that there's been no interest in developing the land where the 911 memorial was placed, because there's several acres there. Unless the city is keeping it for their own use. The cobblestone is going to really change the river front.
  5. There is no way, this count is accurate. Shelby County only grew by 2000 people over 10 years?
  6. I wouldn't go as far to say, Memphis will never be a hub or focus city for any other carrier. MEM is prime for it and the Memphis economy is growing significantly.
  7. JTM1

    Memphis Sports

    I am a bit more optimistic and despite Nashville having an NFL team that doesn't mean Memphis shouldn't work to land or lure a franchise. The only time Nashville should be mentioned, when there is talk of an NFL franchise, should be how great the games would be with an instate rivalry. Memphians love more than basketball and lets not limit Memphis to just a basketball city. Memphis is a sports town.
  8. JTM1

    Memphis Sports

    I don't agree. Your claim that there is no appetite for an NFL team or a desire to build a new stadium is the same mentality some had in the 90s. As I understand it, the reason for the lack of support, showed to the Oilers, was due to the ownership's attempt to take advantage of Memphis..
  9. JTM1

    Memphis Sports

    I believe it's time that a consortium is formed to lure an NFL team to Memphis. I believe we would be successful in getting the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  10. https://dailymemphian.com/section/neighborhoodsdowntown/article/18402/350-room-grand-hyatt-tower-one-beale
  11. This has changed the look of the skyline driving across the M bridge, into downtown, and it's an eye catcher. I watched an interview Kevin Kane gave to a local reporter, and he mentioned this is game changer, for hosting conventions in Memphis, and he's already talking about expanding the CC. I wish the Sheraton had made their upgrades while the CC was going through with its renovations.
  12. If you go downtown, you will see that they're still working on the plaza, and this development is still moving forward.
  13. This is an ideal development for this building, because it will preserve the structure while creating density. I was reading on another platform where someone recommended developing the building into something like the Terminal Market in Philadelphia.
  14. This rendering looks good, but I can't think of any corporation that will attach their name to the Liberty Bowl. When will the Memphis leaders recognize they need a new multipurpose stadium downtown?
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