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  1. Ohhhh.... so nothing new to see here... lol .. missed that
  2. Nope, these images are from Sept. 2018. Go ahead and look at page 5 of this thread.
  3. I'm a bit confused. Are all the images being shown with news articles and press releases of the previous design and not the one with increased scale? Is there one showing the taller 18 story office tower and the larger hotel?
  4. At some point maybe e we should start a tower 2 thread. Baker Barrios posted video flyover video of the project: I can see why there has been such confusion on the different elevations when posted individually. I think I like this. Facebook video link
  5. I kinda like it! Will be nice density right along 4.
  6. Very Maitland like for sure
  7. Also possibly a boost for X Orlando and Zoi house?
  8. Well I think both things are true. The crowds at SWGE at DL were most definitely disappointing, but the 10 hour waits at Hagrids were not really a sign of success and demand. That ride has terrible load times and to this day continues to have mechanical issues. This is also a failure of crowd management.
  9. The 3 story apartment complex on 50 in Oakland was denied zoning changes so it appears that project is dead.
  10. What’s a bit confusing is the drawings showing 440’ and then seeing references to 444’ and still calling it a new tallest.
  11. So I live right by the Oakland Nature Preserve and while walking on the West Orange Trail today I saw this sign for new luxury apartments right across from Nature Preserve and my neighborhood. Quite the project for our little area
  12. I think there continues to be some misunderstanding on the historical nature of these buildings being knocked down. I’m pretty sure that ballroom was a 1994 add on. The Orchid Room itself I’m a little more fuzzy on. This could be part of the original historic complex but if that’s so I would think some protections would be in place.
  13. So not for nothin.... but it’s now May
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