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  1. Tim3167

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Are we sure there is only a 25’ difference? This was from World of Beer in Dr Phillips.
  2. Tim3167

    Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    I’m pretty sure the one in Ocoee is using the old Borders bookstore in front of West Osks mall
  3. Tim3167

    Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    The building next to Plant Street Market is done with 2 of the three announced restaurants open. Something happened with Burger Craft I believe and the agreement falling through.
  4. Tim3167

    Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    Pretty sure I recall that being cut from initial plans due to neighbor concerns. The Cineopolis in the Hamlin development that is under construction will be nice.
  5. Where the heck is this fence that was mentioned...Boo!
  6. Sooooo.... is the fence up around the site yet?
  7. Tim3167

    Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    It's funny, I live in Oakland right on the West Orange Trail and walking hasn't been an issue. I can walk right into downtown Winter Garden on the trail without issue. My biggest issue is the interesection of Oakland Ave with old 50. It's a disaster not helped by the test drive routes of all the new car dealerships up 50 in Lake County.
  8. Tim3167

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I recall seeing the model of this in the lobby. That larger tower and that small lower on top of that parking pedestal were both planned along Orange. The pic showing current building and the rendering are not from the same side of the property. The current tower is actually diagonally positioned behind that new tower in the rendering. I used to drive by that lot watching for activity of this.
  9. This is looking so good from the north side of the lake.
  10. I believe the article stated they could possibly extend the parking deck into ballroom space and build on top of that.
  11. I finally budged and subscribed. The article states a second tower possibility as a second phase after initial 28 story tower.
  12. The post above mine. I really do have to figure out the quote functionality on here.
  13. That's just kind of an odd thing to throw out there.