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  1. This really could be its own thread. I think it was sometime ago. As far as multi tower proposals went I was so hoping for Olympia Place. I would drive by that lot so many times looking for signs of anything. There was a model just inside the back door from the parking garage into the tower. I think the 2nd towers was going to be like 28 stories .
  2. I did find this Sentinel article from 85. No rendering though https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-xpm-1985-04-13-0290120159-story,amp.html
  3. I’m not a structural engineer or have not even stayed at a holiday inn express recently but I have to think that if water is a known part of the equation then it’s perfectly reasonable to design with that in mind and have it be perfectly safe.
  4. My take is that the original rendering was pretty interesting and I was excited about it but the V2 of that was terrible and the current version is a welcome improvement from that half ass attempt at the stacked blocks.
  5. This is very exciting. The possibility that we have a close to a 400’ tower that actually might happen is great news. The design is nicer indeed.
  6. The real bummer is that means the old railroad bridge over the turnpike that is now used by the West Orange Trail has to be replaced. I hope they replace with something distinctive and fitting for the area.
  7. Worth noting here is that one of these proposals is from OneEleven residential, the developers for Lake House.
  8. Well WDW has a pretty long history of florida office spaces not on property. The biggest example is currently the Celebration area full of offices but I even remember in the early 90s Republic Plaza off of Sand Lake for creative offices. In a recent example some broadcast offices moved from studios backlot to an offsite location due to the studios big redesign. I think what we have seen and it makes sense is that the property proper is much more valuable for guest spaces.
  9. I couldn’t read the entire article behind OBJ paywall but they are reporting that negotiations are underway with Baker Hostetler for 40,000 sq ft lease at CSP2 possibly jump starting project start.
  10. I wonder if the tree usa folks would help me with the oak leaf and pollen clean up of the yard?! It was terrible this year!
  11. The standalone practice facilities often with a local healthcare provider partner are all the rage in the nba and actually all pro sports right now. it’s a bit of an arms race to keep up with amenities. I suspect much less financial risk for the Magic with this than the entertainment and office project.
  12. Also, in a tweet from Josh Robbins of the Athletic Alex Martin’s was asked about the Sports and Entertainment District status and received this not so promising response. "Clearly, the pandemic has slowed things down. ... We believe by the end of this year, we'll start to see dirt turning on that SED site."
  13. AKA - My old preferred parking lot for Magic games . I had been parking at 55w garage for years but since I head west on 408 that lot that’s now a construction site proved to be a big improvement. Getting out of 55 w and turning right onto Pine then Orange at 9:30 pm isn’t ideal. I’m auditioning new city lots or garages .
  14. I think that’s the new Orlando Magic training and practice facility.
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