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  1. The 3 story apartment complex on 50 in Oakland was denied zoning changes so it appears that project is dead.
  2. What’s a bit confusing is the drawings showing 440’ and then seeing references to 444’ and still calling it a new tallest.
  3. So I live right by the Oakland Nature Preserve and while walking on the West Orange Trail today I saw this sign for new luxury apartments right across from Nature Preserve and my neighborhood. Quite the project for our little area
  4. I think there continues to be some misunderstanding on the historical nature of these buildings being knocked down. I’m pretty sure that ballroom was a 1994 add on. The Orchid Room itself I’m a little more fuzzy on. This could be part of the original historic complex but if that’s so I would think some protections would be in place.
  5. So not for nothin.... but it’s now May
  6. I'm a bit hesitant at this point to answer....but Trailside Station backed up to the Nature Preserve.
  7. Has anybody heard if this did indeed go in front of city council and what happened? This project has been quiet lately and I am so rooting for it .
  8. I live in Oakland which is physically 34760 but Oakland doesn’t have a post office that delivers so my mailing address uses Winter Garden’s 34787. I wonder if the situation was similar for Gotha Unincorporated parts of Orange County and areas not fully supported by post offices make ZIP codes and what town people actually live in very confusing around here. On the west side, soooo many people think they live in Windermere when they really just live in unincorporated Orange County
  9. Well this appears to be unpopular opinion time, but if this can get built as promised...knock the building down and then knock the tree down. I like big old trees but it's not exactly a park there and that building even in Orlando doesn't make me want to save as a gem of an era.
  10. This is unbelievable. So somebody underbuilds on a prime downtown lot and then forces another developer to scale their plans to appease the suburban vibe they created??? i had imagined the appeal had no weight to it whatsoever so this is surprising.
  11. I actually hadn’t seen that article before and there a few new tidbits that I appreciated. I really thirst for any news at all on this project so share away!
  12. That Fox35 article is from Nov 20
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