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  1. I couldn’t read the entire article behind OBJ paywall but they are reporting that negotiations are underway with Baker Hostetler for 40,000 sq ft lease at CSP2 possibly jump starting project start.
  2. I wonder if the tree usa folks would help me with the oak leaf and pollen clean up of the yard?! It was terrible this year!
  3. The standalone practice facilities often with a local healthcare provider partner are all the rage in the nba and actually all pro sports right now. it’s a bit of an arms race to keep up with amenities. I suspect much less financial risk for the Magic with this than the entertainment and office project.
  4. Also, in a tweet from Josh Robbins of the Athletic Alex Martin’s was asked about the Sports and Entertainment District status and received this not so promising response. "Clearly, the pandemic has slowed things down. ... We believe by the end of this year, we'll start to see dirt turning on that SED site."
  5. AKA - My old preferred parking lot for Magic games . I had been parking at 55w garage for years but since I head west on 408 that lot that’s now a construction site proved to be a big improvement. Getting out of 55 w and turning right onto Pine then Orange at 9:30 pm isn’t ideal. I’m auditioning new city lots or garages .
  6. I think that’s the new Orlando Magic training and practice facility.
  7. Ok, now that this may be actually happening, do we know the height of tower 1? In rendering looks maybe 365’ but that’s a wild guess.
  8. I gotta admit I’m confused. Where did the quoted text on the Monarch come from and what does it have to do with this project?
  9. It’s west of Dillard. I think 2 blocks west.
  10. So I was headed home last night west bound down east west and I’m pretty sure I spotted some white lights at the top of the tower. From that direction the view of building is brief and partial. for those out and about downtown at night, has some lighting been added to top of the tower?
  11. This is great but is that article saying that they will be building a spur of the West Orange Trail across 50 down Avalon and even extend South towards Horizon West? If that's the case, they kind of buried the lead there, no?
  12. I wonder if that 375’ height might be a mistake. If you look on the map, that is above the max height for the site and it also doesn’t appear that tall in renderings. Possibly the 375’ is the above sea level number making it about 281’ from sidewalk.
  13. I just saw on an OBJ tweet that Brightline and Virgin have ended their partnership. Any thoughts on the impact of this?
  14. Is it possible they paused work on this? Not sure if there is any activity on site for awhile.
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