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  1. I think that second rendering is just Zoi.
  2. So there’s a new OBJ article with supposedly some updates from Lincoln on this project. It’s behind the paywall. Can anyone summarize here? https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2022/05/04/lincoln-property-co-shares-updated-construction-ti.html?utm_source=st&utm_medium=en&utm_campaign=EX&utm_content=or&ana=e_or_EX&j=27593150&senddate=2022-05-04
  3. Interesting update from Florida YIMBY on new FAA permits being filed for this site for up to a 454’ tower. https://floridayimby.com/2022/04/faa-permits-filed-for-454-foot-tall-skyscraper-at-1000-n-orange-avenue-in-orlando.html
  4. Went to find this old thread to throw this in but I have to say so much time is spent on here focusing on how Orlando comes up short. Watching all the energy surrounding the USA vs Panama game is just so amazing. This stadium and the building history in it is such an asset for this city and isn’t replicated anywhere in the state or even the southeast. Whether by dumb luck or design some things have gone right here. I think it’s just nice to celebrate where something went right.
  5. I’ve experienced a different scenario where out of out of towners think Lake Buena Vista or I Drive areas ARE Downtown Orlando and are surprised there is an actual downtown business core in the area.
  6. From a parking lot on Central across from new Magic practice facility.
  7. I drove the length of it on Sunday. It’s really nice but really didn’t think about how much I’m going to need to learn where to get on and off. My personal biggest use cases seem to be left out of the picture. Heading onto I4 east from eastbound 408 and also heading north on turnpike from westbound I4.
  8. This project seems to be nearing completion but I still notice on top of all the pillars what appears to be wires or some other type of unused connection for what I had always assumed were the decorative lights. Wonder when they are going to start those type of touches.
  9. So this missed it’s stated 4th quarter start. It’s been awfully quiet. Any insight or word on the street? Is this still alive and kicking or on life support?
  10. Well to be fair, it’s still a taller project than the original proposal.
  11. Yimby is now reporting the developer has updated information to them that current tower is 26 floors and 330’. https://floridayimby.com/2022/01/society-orlandos-concrete-superstructure-continues-vertical-ascent-in-downtown-orlando.html
  12. I spotted a roseate spoonbill a couple of times in the muddy construction pond of water by the ramp from the eastbound I4 to turnpike. Found it funny to spot such a beautiful bird in such a crappy spot.
  13. I believe these are the most correct set of current renderings.
  14. Yeah those renderings appear off. On a related note I did see Emporis has the height for phase 1 listed at 349.98’
  15. It maybe kinda sorta looks like they are going past the pedestal where the second tower is slated for, no?
  16. I don’t think I’ve seen this shared here before but pretty cool Also this nice site with some more info with a link to a nifty brochure https://www.lpcsoutheast.com/properties/theedge/
  17. On the subject of the proposed turnpike interchange on Avalon/545. One of the bummers is that it would heavily impact Tucker Ranch which is a newer park that Winter Garden and the community have devoted resources to recently. I have not visited but does seem a tough pill to swallow for a road which seems to really support mostly local trips.
  18. I had no idea a 26 story tower was a possibility and it seems like phase 1. I have to pay more attention to this thread.
  19. Not sure how real this is but this seems significant. https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2021/10/07/ustler-development-lines-up-land-buy-for-creative.html
  20. Just to be clear if you said you had a problem with the vps policies it wouldn’t even have phased me.
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