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  1. Wow, interesting... I will try to check it and talk to them. I am happy, that not only I like the mountain!
  2. I want to go climbing anywhere. Now the best variant for me is Kilimanjaro. What do you think about it?
  3. I see several modern tendencies in the article and development of the part here.
  4. Sure, I was there and it was brilliant! The first thing I started from was the real dwelling of the north people. It is rather cozy. Further, we followed the https://www.russiadiscovery.com/regions/north-pole-and-arctic/ program and was very satisfied with it.
  5. HellyBrown

    Coal fires?

    I have no idea, in fact, how to do this. May be anybody else knows.
  6. Thanks for the useful information everywhere in the Web. I will use it for sure.
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