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  1. I like to get profit earning on cryptocurrency. But I want to withdraw it in a special way. To pay for the excursions or hotel in the other country. Do you know such variants with crypto payments in Europe?
  2. The thing is that clean is necessary for every building and place. So if you want to have a clean one anf make sure it is so for a long time, it is better to ask professional assistance for this. And it is great to work further, when you know such company to provide reliable service.
  3. I am happy to visit mountains anywhere in the world. Recently I saw several reviews about Putorana Plateau and interested in the trip there. To see and to make photos of the wonderful sceneries. How canI do this? May be anybody knows the necessary agent or firm? Isn't it dangerous to go there on your own?
  4. I use magnets for my papers and notes on the fridge. But their role is much more. The main variant is connected to the use for the construction. A lot of companies use electromagnet lifting to get the cargo. Or to move them. I am sure, you saw anything similar. But there are so many differenct firms not reliable in this question...
  5. Thanks a lot for the recommendation! Will try this.
  6. Great variants! But what is about caviar? Do they have it? The thing is that my favorite meal is red kosher caviar that is not in every restaurant. And I'll be happy to know, if it is anywhere here. And enjoy it, if I can.
  7. I want to visit this continent within the next couple of months. But I still have doubts according to the part of it or country. Where to go? To OAE or to Egypt? To Tanzania or into the desert? Your experience?
  8. Wow, interesting... I will try to check it and talk to them. I am happy, that not only I like the mountain!
  9. I want to go climbing anywhere. Now the best variant for me is Kilimanjaro. What do you think about it?
  10. I see several modern tendencies in the article and development of the part here.
  11. HellyBrown

    Coal fires?

    I have no idea, in fact, how to do this. May be anybody else knows.
  12. Thanks for the useful information everywhere in the Web. I will use it for sure.
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