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  1. Agree. The last time I visited this great part of Russia with https://www.russiadiscovery.com/regions/chukotka/ it was really unforgettable. Because the main aspect was connected to my wishes and approached towards the leisure time. And I got everything promised!
  2. I discovered Russia as one of rather interesting parts at the continent. Their landscapes are so breathtaking, that many people visit it to enjoy them. The most interesting place for me is Chukotka. As for the opportunities, you can find here anything you like. From hunting and fishing up to extreme kayak tours and a lot of other variants. So all you need is just to order the ticket there.
  3. I want to visit this continent within the next couple of months. But I still have doubts according to the part of it or country. Where to go? To OAE or to Egypt? To Tanzania or into the desert? Your experience?
  4. Have you asked the professionals like this website to find out the necessary for a trip information? I am not sure about the others. But after visit with them I saw so many new places... That t was really great.
  5. I understand your concerns. But the question is about you and interests. If you go to this site, you will find as many answers to your questions as you need. That is the reason, why a lot of people prefer professional approach towards the work like this.
  6. Why? What is your fears about? The question is connected to the correct traveling agent choice. For instance, if you try https://en.altezza.travel/tanzania-safari for the trip of such type, you will see as many advantages, as can be found for this type of traveling at all. Their conditions are really great for every customer and for every country of visit.
  7. Wow, interesting... I will try to check it and talk to them. I am happy, that not only I like the mountain!
  8. I want to go climbing anywhere. Now the best variant for me is Kilimanjaro. What do you think about it?
  9. I see several modern tendencies in the article and development of the part here.
  10. Sure, I was there and it was brilliant! The first thing I started from was the real dwelling of the north people. It is rather cozy. Further, we followed the https://www.russiadiscovery.com/regions/north-pole-and-arctic/ program and was very satisfied with it.
  11. HellyBrown

    Coal fires?

    I have no idea, in fact, how to do this. May be anybody else knows.
  12. Thanks for the useful information everywhere in the Web. I will use it for sure.
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