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  1. With the pandemic and the likelihood of sports returning without fans, I think it's safe to say we won't be seeing a new/renovated stadium for the Titans anytime soon.
  2. Perhaps the potential risk for more COVID cases given the tight proximity of people? (Personally it doesn't bother me, but I know a couple OCD people who have expressed that concern)
  3. I know it's not complete, and the lighting isn't doing any favors, but good Lord those townhomes look ugly.
  4. On a positive note, that's probably the cleanest Broadway has been in a while!
  5. "Any business" is a pretty broad term. I certainly hope many businesses make it through this ordeal, as well as seeing all their employees keep their jobs. So many are already struggling to keep up with costs, a tax hike like this will spell death for many small/medium businesses, driving many of those jobs away from the city.
  6. I think when a second wave does hit, I believe we will be much more prepared and capable of handling it. The general public has been well educated on the correct procedures to follow, hospitals should have a better stock of necessary medical equipment due to the current shifts in production, and hopefully more progress will have been made on developing a vaccination. Life will definitely be different, and there will certainly be people who are more paranoid to go out in public/attend public events. But I think a large majority of the population is anxious to get back out and do the things they used to do, I'm certainly looking forward to traveling again. I don't think it will be "a couple years" before people start attending events again, I think it it's far more likely the venues hosting these events make the decision to cancel. As proof, just look to the instances of people breaking protocol to party on Spring Break, Post Malone concerts, and all those churches still holding services. While I strongly disagree with each decision on the part of the participants, it just goes to show that there are plenty of people willing to do what they want regardless of risk and how foolish it is. Once restrictions are lifted, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we see a significant boom in the tourism industry.
  7. All I can say to @deletethisaccount is this: 1. Yes, our economy will take a hit on all levels, and many people young and old will indeed lose their jobs. I think every single person on this forum either knows someone who is affected or are experiencing the effects themselves. I guarantee there are people in far more stressful situations then yourself who aren't overreacting as you have just done previously.There will be some hard times ahead. 2. If you are simply willing to lie down and cower because of it, then I genuinely pity you. Many generations have faced their own significant challenges, many far more difficult, yet they made it through and we are all here because of their efforts. I'm not saying this whole situation hasn't stressed me out, I work in an essential industry and I am exposed to many people everyday, both sick and healthy. But that being said, I'm not going to let this virus stop me from providing for my family and living my life. The worst thing you can do is quit and give up. We will get through this, when is the uncertain part. In the meantime, do your part to help those around you, it will be a good distraction from all the negativity.
  8. Just my opinion, I have no problem with that.
  9. I think people are over hyping the mortality rate when the sample size is still relatively small. There are thousands of cases that are so mild in nature they don't get counted. I think it's already been reported that 80% of cases are classified as "mild", meaning the person can typically stay home and recover with no outside medical assistance. I'm not putting a whole lot of stock into the United State's mortality rate until more cases come up. Global rate is hovering around 3.6%, which again is high relative to the flu, but again, more people get he flu thus the death numbers are higher, despite the mortality rate being lower. We absolutely need to take this seriously, but we do not need to panic.
  10. What are these numbers based on? I'm not trying to downplay the threat, but if this study assumes the infection rate is going to double continuously, does it not take into account the measures people are already imposing on themselves? Large scale events are delaying or cancelling altogether, travel domestically or internationally will drop off significantly, and the population is largely aware of the measures that need to take place in order to prevent the spread. I'm no expert on this, so I won't pretend like I know what's all going on. But at a certain point, other factors are going to influence the rate of infection, that feels like a given. I don't think we should downplay the impact of the virus, but at the same time it shouldn't become an all out panic. It seems like people lean to the extremes.
  11. New to the Charlotte forum, does anyone know if Carolina Theater will have the capability of showcasing film or will it primarily be for stage performances?
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