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  1. Richmond has actually had a self esteem and self loathing problem for more like 155 years. The mindset is self defeating and self perpetuating. Defeatism on this magnitude is a cycle that is nearly impossible to break. It generally takes some sort of significant external catalyst to come in and break that cycle. Navy Hill could have been that catalyst.
  2. Much like the long-ballyhooed Currituck bridge and the I-81 widening, I don't think I'll see this, or any of them, in my lifetime.
  3. 2PM update on the post above: But once the cold air finally begins to move, it MOVES! Warmer air is pushing up in ernest, bringing heavy rain, thunderstorms and flash flooding. Temps in Short Pump have jumped up to near 50 and should continue to climb the rest of the afternoon. Just plain nasty, nasty weather. See 2PM radar capture below.
  4. Today is another great example of what I had described in a post up above about CAD (cold air damming) aka "The Wedge" (as in wedge of cold air), which is peculiar to our area. To refresh, this is a setup where cold air filters down from the northeast (known as a "backdoor cold front") on the east side of the Appalachians, and becomes entrenched, even as warmer air tries to push into the area from the south and southwest. The cold air dams up against the Appalachians and doesn't want to budge. This is a tough setup for forecasters, since it's difficult to know just where this cold air stands firm or gets eroded by the warmer air. It's evident in situations where we could get several inches of snow or ice here in Richmond, but just a short distance away, it could be in the 50s and 60s in Williamsburg and Va. Beach. Unfortunately, today's CAD setup doesn't contain air cold enough for snow, but does keep us cold and wet. "The Wedge" can clearly be seen on the map below. Don't pay attention to the numbers shown in the circles, because there's some kind of glitch in the app, but just focus on the colors. You can see where the blue has settled in, and the oranges and yellows that are trying to push in, but can't make much progress. Here are some actual temps for reference: Short Pump 42, Williamsburg 56, Virginia Beach 63, Elkins WV 56, Parsons WV 62.
  5. I worked for the state a couple of years ago and got to see the RFP. Although I moved on from the state, I am still bound by confidentiality on the specifics. I assume the RFP is probably still posted on eVA for public scrutiny, so I'd probably not be sharing anything that's not already public. However, to err on the side of discretion, I will only speak in general terms. Yes, it is a BIG dollar renovation. They will be repairing the building envelope including the stone exterior and windows. There had been water infiltration and there is a lot of work that needs to be done on that. The interior will also be re-done, with attention being made to historical architectural detail. The finished product will be well worth the money spent to bring this amazing piece of architecture back to its glory. Much of the work will be done in parallel with the new GAB. (Edit: I found the Invitation for Bid in the public section of eVA - https://m.vendor.epro.cgipdc.com/Vendor/public/download.jsp?app_name=ADV&attachment_id=612334&attachment_name=Invitation+to+Bid+Notice___Renovation+of+Old+City+Hall.pdf&connect=jdbc/VSSINFO_PROD ) Looks like the estimated value was $40 - $50 million. I'm sure the final award is posted on there somewhere, but I just didn't have time to track it down. One of you other sleuths with time on your hands could probably find it. 8-}
  6. Yeah, that sounds good in theory, right? Yes, exactly. I have a Facebook friend who spent her whole day, every day, posting anti-Navy Hill stuff and raging about Dominion and Tom Farrell. And, I'm always wondering, "Why the f**k are you so wound up about this that you spend your whole life obsessing about it?" And I don't think she even lives in the city!
  7. Think winters have been pretty lame here in the Richmond area the last few years? Well, it's not just us. Globally, 3 out of the last 5 Januarys have set new records for warmth across the planet. This past January was the 2nd warmest since records have been kept. The chart below only goes back to 1980, but the records go back to the 1800s. Looking forward to February, projections are for another unseasonably warm month. Prospects for cold weather and snow are very low. We are on course to have one of the lowest seasonal snow totals on record for our area.
  8. Geeze! I've gotta figure out how to size my attachments. I'm old, but I'm not so old I need oversized text!
  9. Not necessarily a scientific poll, but it tends to reinforce our supposition that this project succumbed to a noisy minority of detractors and councilmembers' personal biases toward the business backers.
  10. The view of the tank farm, low-rise industrial park and truck lots will be exquisite!
  11. Map showing how central Virginia, including the Richmond area, was one of the more active parts of the state for tornado warnings over the last 10 years.
  12. If you think this has been a lame winter in the Richmond area so far, you'd be factually correct. But we're in good company. The entire east and Ohio Valley are right there with us. Only central New England has seen a bumper crop of snowfall. In fact the 1 inch recorded at RIC to date, is ahead of Dulles, National, Baltimore, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Wilmington. January still isn't looking good for snow lovers, but the pattern may change later in the month.
  13. Interesting look at the total snowfall over the last ten years (measured in feet). The Richmond area falls within the zone that saw 10 to 15 feet of snow for the decade. This is comparable to areas like central Kentucky, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, central Missouri and southern Kansas.
  14. Sometimes Richmond weather can throw some pleasant surprises. My wife and I took advantage of the freakishly warm late December weather today to walk across the James River pedestrian bridge, as temperatures flirted with the 60 degree mark.
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