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  1. You're in luck! MLB has canceled all their spring training games.
  2. Atlantic 10 Conference cancels its tournament in NYC while VCU and UMASS were getting ready to take the floor in today's game. Virtually all of the major conferences have done the same. The NCAA had announced that its tournament was going to be held without spectators, but several teams have said they are going to withdraw and not play. That tournament will likely be canceled as well. I feel bad for all the kids who worked hard to get their teams to this point, only to have their dreams come to an abrupt end. But the alternative could have been worse. https://www.richmond.com/sports/college/schools/virginia-commonwealth-university/vcu-peppas-fans-dance-through-their-sadness-after-a-/article_3c300ec4-647f-11ea-a05a-53f73e2b3e70.html
  3. Point is, we could have both Richmond's history and character AND Charlotte's vitality. But, sure, let's just wallow in our history and sink to the bottom.
  4. Not really a Richmond topic, but it's close enough and such a treasure that I thought I'd share. I was fortunate enough to take a bunch of Boy Scouts down to the Virginia Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach (Pungo) this past weekend. They offered a "camp-in" program which featured tours and activities leading up to the "Aviation Merit Badge". What an amazing treasure this place is! I hadn't really heard that much about it, but I would consider it a hidden gem. It has a fascinating story and was founded by a larger-than-life man with a passion for WWI and WWII aircraft. There are multiple hangars jammed full of priceless aircraft that you can walk right up to (no velvet ropes keeping you at a distance, like places like Smithsonian Air & Space.) Even more appealing is the staff. Many are volunteers who have flown some of these historic treasures. If you are looking at something on display, they will walk right up to you and tell you a personal story about it. And 90% of the aircraft on display are flyable, unlike the static displays at Smithsonian. They actually take them out and fly them for regularly scheduled air shows, right at their own grass field. So if you are looking for a day trip and are into such things, definitely consider investing in a couple hour drive and make a day of it. See some of my pictures below... https://militaryaviationmuseum.org/
  5. Money, money, money.... https://ggwash.org/view/76485/new-transportation-dollars-will-flow-into-central-virginia-but-what-will-it-be-used-for
  6. Hey, it can happen here. Wouldn't count on it this March, though, the way this winter has gone.
  7. I don't know the details. But a LOT can be extrapolated by the low-ball offer and the laughable idea that the undersized, hulking bucket of rust can somehow be "renovated" to modern standards and capacity. Lipstick on a dying pig.
  8. And this is the kind of garbage, K-Mart style proposals you're going to get, after rejecting the best offer you'll EVER get to make something of downtown Richmond. I sure as hell wouldn't call this progress. This is like rejecting a brand new Tesla and saying, "Oh, well, we'll get a nice fresh coat of paint on that '71 Pontiac, and thump our chests about it."
  9. Well, THAT came out of nowhere! https://richmondbizsense.com/2020/02/24/breaking-news-douglas-development-makes-unsolicited-offer-for-navy-hill-site/
  10. What you are seeing on the satellite image actually existed. They closed off that loop of the interchange a few years back when they built the flyover.
  11. Yep. And almost all of Ohio, West Virginia and most of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Indiana and Illinois have nothing to next-to-nothing on the ground. Truly exceptional for this time of year.
  12. The satellite image below illustrates very well how Richmond is quite often on the battle line for snow events. Usually we are on the southern boundary, but sometimes the scenario is reversed and we end up on the northern extent of the event, as was the case yesterday. If we are on the southern end, it's usually temperature related. If we are on the northern end, it's generally moisture related (as in lack of). Many times there is such a sharp gradient from no snow to a bunch of snow, you could literally cross from one to the other in the distance you could jog a half-marathon. The satellite image shows a clear delineation between snow and no snow in our area, with the line going diagonally from SW to NE. Varina/Enon had accumulating snow, but the amounts dropped sharply to nothing as you went just a few miles west into central Chesterfield and Henrico. So, just remember to be kind to your local weather forecaster when their snow forecast doesn't quite pan out. It's darned near impossible to predict exactly where that boundary will set up, and a variance of just a few miles can make all the difference in the world.
  13. Ha! I'm famous.... https://www.nbc12.com/2020/02/18/henrico-storm-spotter-compares-weather-this-february-prior-years-difference-is-stunning/
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