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  1. So the light rail is nearly 80 feet away, with the closest room being storage. Surrounded by 2 barriers of walls with sound treatment between both barriers, before then isolation rooms (with additional barriers of doubled treated walls.) This would isolate midrange and higher frequencies as the size of them are smaller than the thickness of the wall - and for voiceover work, that is truly all the matters. Aside from the low 80hz rumble for 2-3 seconds as the lightrail passes - you hear nothing in recordings. Additionally that 80hz> can be EQ’d out as the human voice is nowhere near that range and would not effect the end product to then be sent off. The construction is a pain in the ass, but again - is further away, and they can have clients come through later at night if tracking must be done in person - this is what I do at my studio in uptown now that there is construction noise across the street. This is what a studio I work at does adjacent to I-85. The sidewalk is directly in front of the entrance which is the lobby. The lobby does not have this sound treatment (more than likely to save costs initially during the buildout.) The construction sound that close will absolutely get through into the recordings. The sidewalk’s construction will also be a pain in the ass for clients to deal with driving in and out. Having celebrities be annoyed with anything (including a terrible parking situation) can ruin a tracking day. This is the one variable in this entire situation they can absolutely control. So they are controlling it. This is a VERY weird industry man we just sorta make it happen as best as we can it’s a mess 99% of the time haha but we try. The studios in NYC have it way worse unless you have a 10mil+ buildout. Isolation and treatment construction is really really expensive, especially in more expensive cities. But I understand why groundcrew isn’t down for the sidewalk rn.
  2. Everyone is outraged by ground crew not moving etc. I know all the guys that work there as I’ve done work there as well. I’m in the music industry. This is a legendary studio for voiceover and sound design. To name a few they did all the voiceover work for Cars, music for Homeland, and is the home of over 10 emmys and Tele awards. Charlotte has lost well over half of the studios and venues to apartments or storage centers. Including where James Brown recorded Papas Got A Brand New Bag (yes that was done in charlotte - right were The Gibson in Plaza stands), where Whitney Houston did a few records (off of Monroe road), where REM recorded their first record. The reason why charlotte is not known for all of these records and artists? Everything they made music in has now been torn down. its forgotten. And everything is beige. Tremont, Double Door, Chop Shop, among many more venues have all been lost to apartments, when the majority of them could have been developed adjacent and around these venues. Similar to the Polk building - it was possible, but the developers didn’t care. Truly how wonderful would it have been to keep the Polk building? Now we get 14 stories of “whatever.” Same could absolutely be said about our cultural identity regarding these studios and venues. Everyone on this forum constantly talks about how Nashville, Austin and other cities in our respective size gets more attention. Nashville and Austin developers understand / or are forced into understanding (more likely) that these cultural sites / businesses are actually an asset for the neighborhood, drive local pride, and makes the neighborhood sexy. I am in Nashville right now on a business trip. Although they too have their own issues, the culture is important as hell here. They just kicked out a developer who was trying to buy up all the studios in Music Row. Ground crew most likely doesn’t want a sidewalk because having construction noise directly in front of their building, while recording audio for a picky music supervisor in LA with a 3 hour deadline is a total pain in the ass to deal with. I understand everyone is annoyed, but this directly contradicts what everyone complains about in the other forum topics regarding Charlotte (culture, reputation to outsiders, etc.)
  3. Hey sorta off topic to Levine not doing anything in life. But it still has to do with N Tryon. Any news on the main library? Architect was picked back in ‘17.
  4. So I saw that was a design before 5.29 on 6.3 there was coverage on Jenkins Peer doing the design work and including an updated budget... I did some snooping.... I’m confused. Lol. Im assuming this was a design that was shot down? Or did I discover something very exciting.
  5. Hey. It was supposed to open in June. They were a week away from soft opening, all staff was hired / trained - and then the developer (at random) decided he wanted to wait a month to open mid July so they could wait for a few more shops to be built out. I heard this directly from the owner of Undercurrent Coffee who will have a shop there. It SHOULD be open later this month.
  6. Hey everyone - been following this thread for a while checking in, but haven’t signed up to UP. Just thought I’d chime in since this project seems to be “the girl that got away” on this forum, and I have the reconnaissance. Haha. I heard directly from Levine a few months back (while sipping coffee at Subsecreto (RIP)) that after the redesign in April, they discovered there was a foundational issue. It isn’t level. The building must be torn down. He’s seeing if there is any possible thing they can do. But it is very unlikely. They’ve been in negotiation with the insurance company and the construction company. Not gonna tear it down unless they know their asses are covered. Understandably - It’s at minimum a 9 million dollar loss. That’s why this is taking forever. (Also want to add, I heard this at the start of the year. Not sure if anything has changed since then.)
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