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  1. Thanks for the invite to speak CarpeDiem! First let me state for the record, I’m friends with many on UP and am a bit of an “OG” on the site going back more than a decade. It’s in that light that I want to publicly state that I don’t have a malicious bone in my body and the ones who’ve known me over the years know this. I also would like to state for the record that my response to NYtoCLT was not intended to go against ANYTHING he stated in his post. As to his post, he is quite right in many regards with what he stated, with some minor exceptions (ie Being invested during the Great Depres
  2. And I totally understand if your upset or frustrated with my post or even my calls. But for the next several years this country and the economy are on life support. That’s the long and short of it. As for the stock market even the most brilliant Hedge Fund managers concluded what I just mentioned, that it’s a total sham. These are very smart people from all political viewpoints that see the writing on the wall. they know two things: 1) the Fed IS THE MARKET 2) if the Fed stops printing, its game over simple as that. Since I’m not in control of that I will not guess a
  3. Not that I’m returning to UP, But I saw this notification and wanted to reply in my defense. I was 100% correct in regards to the economy, but Not The Fed induced manipulation by the Fed and the market. The market is a TOTAL farce being deliberately printed over by a Fed who is now responsible for a crash in the US$. I could print charts the world over of Zimbabwe and Venezuela and tell you that they were in a Bull market (and they would be based on price), but again that would be in price only. When you deduct the MASSIVE devaluation of your currency your market is still down. If you exc
  4. Damn son. Your a smart cookie. I like that. Let’s roll with it. and I’m impressed by your response. Seriously
  5. Yes sir. The rally we experienced over the last three weeks was expected, now we go lower. The question is, do the March lows hold? My thoughts are that they don’t and we head towards 14700 on the DOW. Then we figure out what the Fed does, which will be print money like crazy, and then everything inflates. Essentially meaning the end of the $USD heres the chart drawn from a few days ago, but the levels are true. The clouds are nigh. And the rumble of thunder is rolling in. Brace for impact.
  6. I will say something that many here will turn their nose up to. But get right with God, prepare for the worst, and always HOPE for the Best! I always have enjoyed UP, and while not ideologically aligned with many, I Love you all. I pray I’m wrong, but this is about to get ugly, and I pray that you guys stay safe. love, a2
  7. Today is a baby step. The days ahead will make you really understand what I’m speaking of. Prepare
  8. Brace for impact! Market about to crash again ! Good day fellow UPers so to be specific! You ALL must get ready. I’m not here to Promote Fear, but to WAKE YOU ALL UP!!!! Get out!
  9. Merry Christmas early. Still on UP vacation for a while, but you guys need this to navigate the pump, then dump. The lines represent where the pump dies based on some Fibonacci retrace levels. We were rejected the other day at the 50% level, BUT it could go all the way up to .618, which is roughly 2930-2950 area on the SP500. If it does get there consider it a gift to lighten up on risk, if not, well.....So plan accordingly. Ps—not Financial advice
  10. Good day, good night, good life! (It’s been a great ride fellow UPers!) PS—-going anonymous from this point. And will refrain from posting. A2
  11. Enjoy the coming Depression! I’m out for a while. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and might even come to visit just to check out the awesome pics of the QC. That said, can’t do the UP thing for a bit. Please know I appreciate you all, just remember to be safe, for what is coming will be truly Biblical in Nature! signing off and wishing you all well! A2
  12. Your response is truly insulting and shows you didn’t listen to the entire video. It takes a lot longer to view than your response to me. He’s actually a doctor with multiple degrees in Biological matters from MIT and his knowledge is way above mine or your pay grade. When you are presented with truth and care not to listen to someone who is explaining CLEARLY what the real agenda is, and then use the age old conspiracy theorist bit to call me out, it proves that political ideology is superseding your ability to hear another valid view. I’m politically agnostic, and think t
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