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  1. ^I totally get that. I figured you guys were trying to get the purest shots. And I do agree that Uptown is a buzzing bee hive when it’s during working hours. I know in my tenure Uptown at 3 WF all of N&S Tryon was a pretty happening street. Even now, it’s got its pockets of 18 hour activity. I just didn’t know if you guys were intentionally avoiding the crowds. Either way, amazing work fellow UPers! Ps—-love it or hate it, the Overstreet mall has a big time impact on sucking up large amounts of human activity. Like a human gerbil, I spent many of my lunch and breaks roaming it’s corridors. A2
  2. You know all these pics are AMAZING! But there is one thing that I find missing in most of them: People..... I don’t know if you guys have some type of photoshop that erases people from the streetscape, but it’s uncanny how many shots look to have been taken after an alien abduction or something.
  3. I think that’s a great idea. When you have as many projects as Charlotte does, sometimes it’s nice to have a rendering reference the project, page 1, without going through page after page to get the goodies. Great idea Mgelbach! (Maybe someone with authority could make it happen.) A2
  4. Totally agree! Anyone know who owns that lot? And if you wouldn’t mind answering that, one more question: Who owns the lot behind Trademark? Those two parcels scream infill towers. A2
  5. A2.

    The Good News Report

    I wonder if this will be the CEO. I hear he’s from PA, lol
  6. Praise God! I hated the purple! Drove by on my way through last week, and literally had to squint to even see the purple. Let the tower shine the way it was intended. Put your signage at Street level and be happy. A2
  7. 1000% agree! I also wish the Honeywell tower was also contoured along the curved street in front. I know that might be more expensive design wise, but not to take advantage of the opportunity, is an opportunity lost we will never get back.
  8. I fly out of Charlotte nearly every other week, and I concur that this is a total racket with AA. While I can appreciate the whole demand side, I think the city would fare better with some competitors. Flying has become almost a quarter of my business expenses. Those dollars would be better served going back into other areas of my business, and ultimately the other areas of the economy as a whole. So yeah, I have a major beef with Charlotte. One thing I don’t understand is that while we are a hub, there are countless other hub cities that charge no where near what Charlotte does. Atlanta is the business airport in the world and the hub for Delta, and yet flights from ATL to cities CLT flies direct are more than half what I pay out of Charlotte. It ain’t right I tell ya’! Ok Rant over. On the positive, CLT’s airport has been a huge driver of the regional economy the last few decades and for that I’m grateful, just wish AA would throw us a bone and get reasonable with their prices. Just my $.02, A2
  9. A2.


    I can validate that about the Perimeter Mall area. I used to live off Ashford-Dunwoody road, and even after the reconfiguration of the overpass, leaving after 4pm to hit 285 is a total nightmare. They still have officers out to assist the traffic flows. Ballantyne is no where near that level of congestion, and hopefully it won’t ever get there. That level of traffic isn’t a badge of urban honor, but rather a sign of urban sprawl that is what I, and many on UP, have a true disdain for. Density and transit oriented development is far more appealing than trying to cross town and taking an hour and a half to do. No offense to my ATL peeps, but Atlanta is essentially a web of sprawl that encompasses the entire of North GA. They are doing their best to remedy that, but it’s hard to put the Horse back in the barn given what’s developed there now. A2
  10. Nice shot. Can’t wait to see the impact that The Ellis will have on filling some of the Northern end gap. Not to mention the future Spirit Square development and the Intercontinental.
  11. Is it wrong for me to say that I preferred the old lighting scheme? A2
  12. Indeed. Chamber of Commerce worthy! Between all the great photos on UP, by all you guys, the Chamber could literally have a “picture of the day” rotation on their website. Seriously nice shot Seabrooke! A2
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