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  1. ^If that was a go, I’d be quite happy. Maybe one day!
  2. I would also think that reputation issues trump tower development as well. WF is in desperate need of a public opinion overhaul and building a new Tower doesn’t scream sensibility at a time when they need that perception the most. Give it a few years and memories might fade, and a new tower might rise. Especially if they were to bring back the Global HQ back to the QC. (Which I would put at 50/50 odds).
  3. This project would be awesome, but I’m confused by the flyer. 1) the height detailed is in reverse of the height detailed just a page up. As the taller building in the rendering appears to be the one with the lower height indicated. 2) why are there no restrictions on the site furthest back from 277, wouldn’t that be be reversed? Unless there is a reason 277 on that side has a height restriction. If so, why??? none the less, it would be a great infill project with both density and some height. So bring it!
  4. I totally agree with you RDF. And not to be a braggart, but I think Charlotte’s skyline is prettier . (Please no hating from any Minneapolis residents/natives for me suggesting a matter of opinion) A2
  5. ^Im loving it! As for the picture above, I am now beginning to believe that Charlotte is developing a lot like Minneapolis. I flew in this morning to the Twin cities for work and the two cities have an interesting resemblance to each other from the sky (minus St. Paul and the River). But I could totally see Charlotte becoming similar in density to that of Minneapolis. Southend will probably even look a lot like Downtown Minneapolis, where the city “jumps the Interstate “ (think of that ribbon as being 277). I personally think the QC has more beautiful buildings than the Twin Cities. (Granted still smaller in scale from total build out, but that will change in time )
  6. You just made me smile SgtCampsalot. sorry about my rant. I rarely drink, but when I do, I post on UP. Ha!
  7. And yeah, I like the Cure. But we need some culture around here. Static photos of buildings are just that. Static. City lights with music are the best ... dinosaur Jr is awesome. And with a picture of the BofA is even better. I ain't hatin Eddie V. either Sorry to hijack this thread. My bad. Back to........whatever
  8. Yeah I like Dinosaur Jr... Ban me Someone better throw a Charlotte picture up that ROCKS
  9. Your welcome Sorry moderator
  10. Should I take this as a dis to LU or a shout out to Ally. Lol. Either way, it’s UP, so your creative abilities are appreciated. I say we petition for 20 more floors based on this view.
  11. Lastly if we were fortunate to have these two red circles developed with Levine and BV, I would be a truly happy camper. Those two parcels would drastically change the landscape inside of 277 and create an Urban core that would be the envy of many. A2
  12. So here’s the rub: No timetable: Levine Properties declined to offer a new timetable for completion of the project***. In April 2018, developer Daniel Levine told the Observer that the building should be complete by “early 2020,” which now seems impossible. (Emphasis mine) ***Anyone want to start placing bets that this thing gets done before 2022? Still glad to see that we at least have a somewhat reasonable response on the delays. My only question, is that why would you wait this long to make this known?!?!? thanks for sharing Vitamin_N! A2
  13. Interesting ...... For some reason when I read this, my mind went back to Toto, and the song Africa. “I bless the rains down in Africa Gonna take some time to do the things we never had (ooh, ooh)”
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