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  1. I was just doing a Google Street View stroll down Printer's Alley to better visualize how this would look and I stumbled upon this. Pour one out for Sam's Sushi.
  2. But look at all of the downtown Nashville hotels they have built and feature on their website. Oh wait... IT IS ALL THE SAME HOTEL! I get that it is a tri-branded property but something about putting the building on your portfolio site three times from three different angles screams shady/trying too hard.
  3. After recreating this angle with Google Earth, it appears that is the top of the Cumberland on Church Apartments. From my very scientific virtual flyover of the city via Google Earth, Suntrust Plaza appears to be too short to be seen from pretty much any angle when looking at the skyline from the north or the east. The 5th + Broad office tower should pretty much fill that entire gap from this angle. If this were looking directly south down 5th/6th, the 5th + Broad office tower would be largely blocked by 505 and First Tennessee Tower.
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