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  1. I have lived in Nashville on and off for the past 15 years, so I am fully aware that this building is iconic and has its charms. Due to that icon status, I am also aware that any architectural criticisms of it are typically not well received BUT... These renderings highlight some of the REALLY weird / quirky / unique (pick your least offensive term) aspects of this building. I don’t know which part intrigues/bothers me more: (1) its 45 degree diagonal orientation pushed into a corner of its huge, square lot; (2) the gigantic atrium lobby that serves no real function and feels like an old
  2. Love this use for this site. We need more build out of Hermitage Ave to really connect the trolley barns and all the residential units on the old hospital site to the rest of downtown. On another note, "RMH House" is already a widely used acronym for Ronald McDonald House Charities so they may end up rethinking this branding...
  3. Looks great! I would take this design over any of the hotels that have been built on KVB.
  4. LEED has started to somewhat fall out of favor. LEED is a private certification and it can cost tens of thousands of dollars for large projects to get the certification. If there is no requirement to get certified these projects are essentially paying for a plaque on the wall and slapping the USGBC logo on their marketing materials. This is why many states have moved away from legislation and rules requiring "LEED certification" and instead require buildings to be "built to LEED standards" or give other alternatives to LEED certification. Also, LEED only covers the construction of the bu
  5. Just a giant shipment of tanks passing through Nashville via the Asurion construction cam. Coronavirus prep?
  6. Nope. That side is going to stay orange to match the roofs of the food hall and the siding on the NMAAM.
  7. Same. Looks like foam insulation boards that have some sort of silver coating.
  8. Zero parking is going to be interesting. Not sure there are enough walkable basic amenities downtown or public transportation infrastructure for a zero parking building at this point.
  9. The awning looks like it may be to shield views of the restaurant patio from pedestrians at street level. Apple doesn't control the rooftop space, so they have no control of the plantings, decor, etc. This is likely their way of keeping the Apple store looking streamlined from the street.
  10. Only with the magic of golden hour lighting can you take a photo that manages to make so many dated and architecturally questionable buildings* look this good! [*Looking at you, Parkway Towers, Capitol Towers, & Public Square Garage.]
  11. The edges won't be cut off. The roads leading to drop off areas/parking garages will curve through the square portion of the platform, creating wide sidewalks/plazas in the corners. Here is a map showing what that square portion of the platform will look like when it is finished.
  12. This one is going to be pretty! Also, the glass looks much bluer in these photos than it does in real life. In actuality, it's almost more of a gray color. Definitely different than all of the variations of blue glass already all over town.
  13. Most people know that. The difference is Aunt Jemima was started as a brand in 1889 which we can all agree was a much different era than when Hattie B's was founded in 2012 . Also, here are some articles on why Aunt Jemima and other similar brands are racist: https://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2015/06/24/besides-the-confederate-flag-what-other-symbols-should-go/can-we-please-finally-get-rid-of-aunt-jemima https://fortune.com/2014/08/12/aunt-jemima-racism/ https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/04/new-racism-museum-reveals-the-ugly-truth-behind-aunt-jemima/2
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