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  1. Only with the magic of golden hour lighting can you take a photo that manages to make so many dated and architecturally questionable buildings* look this good! [*Looking at you, Parkway Towers, Capitol Towers, & Public Square Garage.]
  2. The edges won't be cut off. The roads leading to drop off areas/parking garages will curve through the square portion of the platform, creating wide sidewalks/plazas in the corners. Here is a map showing what that square portion of the platform will look like when it is finished.
  3. Most people know that. The difference is Aunt Jemima was started as a brand in 1889 which we can all agree was a much different era than when Hattie B's was founded in 2012 . Also, here are some articles on why Aunt Jemima and other similar brands are racist: https://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2015/06/24/besides-the-confederate-flag-what-other-symbols-should-go/can-we-please-finally-get-rid-of-aunt-jemima https://fortune.com/2014/08/12/aunt-jemima-racism/ https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/04/new-racism-museum-reveals-the-ugly-truth-behind-aunt-jemima/256185/
  4. It's not Prince's. Literally other than Prince's and a few other small spots, Nashville hot chicken was NOT a thing even 10 years ago. To the extent it did exist it was predominantly an African-American cuisine. Also, "Hattie B's" has always bothered me because it reeks of fake. It was founded and owned by two good ole boy white guys and then named "Hattie B's" to give an illusion of some older African-American woman back in the kitchen whipping up hot chicken. Not usually one to side with those who cry "cultural appropriation" at everything, but there is definitely an argument to be made here. At the very least, it is definitely inauthentic.
  5. These criticisms are nothing new. I heard them from people when I was an undergrad on campus. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Vandy has become dramatically more competitive over the past decade. Its student body is increasingly diverse, impressive, and competitive. Around 10% of Vandy undergrads are from Tennessee. Which if you look at the overall state of secondary education and college-preparedness of many other states vs. Tennessee, the university is likely holding open spots for Tennessee kids to a certain extent. One criticism I do have is that the "Why Vanderbilt" essay is no longer mandatory for applicants. They did it to get more Common App applications which had the positive effects of increased number and quality of applications and a lower acceptance rate. However, it also had the negative effect of making applying to Vandy just another checkbox for applicants to click so more kids are going to Vandy just because it is the highest ranked school they got into instead of students with a true connection and dream to go to Vandy.
  6. My original post was literally just to let @BnaBreaker know that his suggestion re: relocating the VA is an idea Vandy has floated in the past. Nothing more. Debates about hypothetical tax dollars that were never asked for nor offered to Vandy are irrelevant. I certainly don't know how this then devolved into bashing Jim Cooper. Let's keep the political talk to the coffee house.
  7. ZERO ask for taxpayer money. It was a political will/priority thing. Here's a (completely made up) transcript to try to break it down for you: Vandy: "Hey, if we were willing to build a brand new VA hospital somewhere NOT in the middle of our campus just to get it out of our way for our long-term planning, would that be something the VA would be interested in or willing to do?" Fed Gov't: "No. We have other priorities right now, the VA is happy with its current Nashville location and our facilities do not need to be replaced right now." Vandy: "Ok. Cool."
  8. From my understanding, the idea of Vandy paying for a brand new VA located elsewhere was floated and still it was a no go. Vandy never asked the taxpayers for anything.
  9. Vandy wants the VA out of the middle of campus and has tried to lobby for this for YEARS. Even when Bill Frist was Senate Majority Leader, they couldn't get it done.
  10. This also means E. Gordon Gee is still the only Vanderbilt chancellor to have NOTHING named for him on campus. Ironically, Gee is the one who kicked off the seemingly never-ending construction on campus that has been ongoing for the past 15+ years. When the Vandy board hired Gee away from Princeton he assured them that Vandy would be his last job. Vandy had only had 6 chancellors over its 125 years before him. When Gee left for Ohio State after only 7 years the board was not happy. Especially after all of the controversies caused by his wife and the $6 million renovation of the chancellor's mansion (which Zeppos never moved into).
  11. I'm thinking this is why it looks like they stopped installing the siding on the base of the Grand Hyatt. They need to know where to put anchors, electrical conduit, etc. for the signs but with that in limbo they have paused that exterior finishing work.
  12. You're correct. Looks like that is just the stairwell that goes up another floor for roof access.
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