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  1. Hopefully it’s a brewery. I kid, I kid
  2. McCarthy Tire in uptown suddenly close a couple of days ago. Rumor is some developer scooped up the property. Any ideas there?
  3. I think it’s more of just wanting to make sure it gets done. I wonder what kind of timeline IHG expected or what promises were made on the theater side of it. I will be very happy when the hotel starts to finally rise.
  4. How does the intercontinental let this happen though? I mean don’t they want to get the friggin hotel open? That part was announced like 3 years ago and not much has been done.
  5. It is going quickly. They are working weekends and there are a ton of people onsite every day. This project, Honeywell and FNB seem to be the fastest development projects in uptown.
  6. Cool thanks, I’m looking forward to enjoying the renovated theater in 2035.
  7. I love museum tower and I really like this project. Skinny towers add a nice variety to the skyline. Is it engineering problems causing the snails pace or money?
  8. Seems like they did a decent job matching the color to the old building. I wish the would have incorporated some Circular columns in the tower but I guess it’s ok.
  9. I hope they run all six during busy times. If one goes down for maintenance so be it. Would be a shame to not maximize what we have to decrease wait times.
  10. I saw supercross there as well. Wouldn't be surprised if they did monster trucks too.
  11. Form over function I always say! Any of these freestanding garages have the for-thought to be built for a future tower on top?
  12. I’m a fan of the integrated parking garage. Where it isn’t great is when they don’t spend the money to hide it well. But at least you don’t get a freestanding and ugly garage. 121 W Trade does this really well. I didn’t even know there was a garage in there for the longest time.
  13. Could Charlotte implement that all new freestanding parking structure have first floor retail? There’s stretches of road that are all first floor parking deck in uptown and it looks like garbage. Seems like a waste of valuable street frontage.
  14. Speaking of crown lighting, anybody ever notice the one LED panel on the west side of the Vue’s crown that’s not in correct order. Drives me nuts whe they have the color going around.
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