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  1. Is the slowness really engineering challenges or are they just dragging feet because of funding? If it was fully funded you’d think there would be a large crew working on both at the same time.
  2. They worked late raising the crane up again today
  3. And ones that don’t close after the lunch crowd.
  4. Now we have to go all the way up to Sugar Creek.
  5. Come on Jenis in Unit 136 and shake shack in 133!
  6. I really want to use it, but the wait might kill it for me to go uptown to plaza. I can hop on a scooter and be there in 15. And it will probably shutdown before I usually head home.
  7. What did the rooftop bar look like? I love the one in Charleston
  8. As this gets higher and higher I’m wondering how they will light the top. Hopefully it’s as cool as the building itself. The old rendering videos show no lighting
  9. Whoa! So much better than the old lights. This building deserved better and now has it
  10. I think there’s at least something on that back corner. There’s a decent two story retail space looking area there.
  11. The best thing would be for this thing to fill up quickly to show that a bigger tower is warranted in this area. Gateway right now is a snoozefest in terms of being a place where young professionals with money want to be. We need better dining options, so like someone else said, the retail could be the best thing to come out of this project. The condo prices show Gateways lower housing interest at $100+ a sqft cheaper than plaza or SE and probably 50 a sqft ft cheaper than the heart of uptown. With what Tepper wants to do along Cedar and Gateway station, it could become one of the hot areas imo.
  12. Now Jeni’s in the hut and Shake shack on the highway side please
  13. So I guess Jinya Ramen Bar is one of the restaurants. Announced on CA’s ig.
  14. I’m just being skyline greedy. I saw a billion dollars being thrown out for the project cost and my mind goes to something special like DEC1.
  15. Can’t you build something like the Truist tower for a bil? Isn’t that well over a million sq ft?
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