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  1. Anybody else see on IG they will have a temporary casino opening July 1st!!
  2. Make it free for uptown residents from the special district tax please. Pretty please.
  3. Was the garage built to handle a tower on top at some point? Allowing new standalone parking garages that can’t be built on seems very short-sighted now.
  4. So this is pretty much the start of our version of midtown?
  5. I would have settled for the glass “crown” to all the way around and not just on one side.
  6. I just don’t see a huge commuter crowd using the streetcar until silver line is up in 2045. Seems like it will be mostly college students and people going to plaza. If you’re already in uptown it’s not worth it to pay. My guess it will operate at a big loss so might as well make it free and let people use it.
  7. What’s the story with 512 N Tryon? I love this little building. Would make an epic townhouse. I know it had a diner once in the bottom floor, but it looks like it had some reno done on the bottom floor.
  8. How much would it cost annually to make this hop on, hop off free? Seems like the running costs could be offset by economic dev along the line??
  9. Low quality photo from my IG vid, but streetcar testing finally ventured over to west trade and ran the whole line!
  10. I know half of it is stick built crap, but at least it looks decent.
  11. They are cutting up and working on track through Gateway. Might be a little bit until we see it on W Trade.
  12. I’m pretty sure all they did was run it a little on the first phase. Didn’t see or hear anything come down the other side of Tryon.
  13. The left is just missing the glass cover. These new light are bright AF. Which is good, but the covers throw a ton of light sideways and up. They light up my whole condo now two floors above them.
  14. Hopefully they have a free period to get people using them. Will they be free and rideable during the testing phase?
  15. How high is DEC where the angle starts at the top? I’m picturing DEC2 being about that high.
  16. Sucks, will probably be the last 600+ tower for awhile.
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