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  1. Who do you think will get construction bid/should get the bid?
  2. I was talking about the new Consumers Energy building going in on the west side, not this project...
  3. Do you know who said it had resolved and would begin construction again? Credible source?
  4. Very cool aerial video of Bridge Street Market and the continually changing West Side, definitely worth the 2 minute watch trust me. https://youtu.be/xFtlzCMHJzk
  5. They are going to proceed as planned with building on West Side site. The slight delay was due only in part to some building redesign efforts but they should be moving forward rather quickly once finished with redesign.
  6. @JoeSchmo No I don't honestly I also have been noticing the lack of progress with that project and was just trying to get some confirmation as to if this claim leaned more towards speculation or fact. SHHH
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