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  1. The area is still very ripe for a large scale outdoor waterpark which this isn't. The trick is it being in the right place without it becoming a daily baby sitter for AP holders. A smaller, dry ride amusment/ theme park could do well. Along with the Zoo it would make Memphis a much more marketable extended weekend getaway. I still think the best plan for Mud Island would be Tivoli in Copenhagen Denmark style park Small selection of quality rides, aquarium, park like setting to mix with the existing teeming. Like the Museum, River Walk and Amp. Friday or Sat night fireworks during
  2. The pusback from the surrounding residences is going to make an on campus site near impossible. The yells and screams of slapping it down in Audubon Park will be heard all the way to Philly like bells ringing in 1811/12 from the earthquakes. Putting it at the Park campus will cost them something else like a practice field or more. The inadequacies of the LB was known after Memphis lost out to Jacksonville and Charlotte for an NFL team because they would not commit to a new stadium. They have since spent over 25 years about what it would have taken to build a stadium then just to
  3. And now the City has hired an Architect to study whether to renovate or if a new stadium is needed as the LB has become an albatross around the neck of the U of M's neck to gain admittance in a better conference. The Commercial Appeal parcel would have been an excellent location for a new stadium in the range of 350 to 500 million at 52 to 55k permanent seating with temp seating in emdzone to boost to 62 to 65 thousand for the Liberty Bowl Look at Birmingham's new 200 million stadium at 45k. Tigers home games Southern Heritage Classic Venue for l
  4. Again, I think the drive for more gates is to give whichever airline a gate at whatever time they want it. XNA is not hamperer by flight timing restrictions. So, when an airline sez when can add this, at this time, they'll be a gate open. This is a snapshot of the final FAA enplanement figures for 2019. As I have posted before, XNA was again averaging 15 to 17% growth for the first 2 months of 2020 before Covid. XNA was running down LIT fast.
  5. If it grew by 70% over the next 25 years, that's well over 800K speaking in general terms. As a local speaking, it seems to be picking up steam again. But... the study the airport seems to be using that i was referring to was this: https://www.nwaonline.com/news/2019/dec/15/xna-could-hit-2-8-million-enplanements-/ Calculations by Mead & Hunt, an airport development consulting firm, say passengers could surpass 1 million by 2021 and reach 2.88 million by 2040. Projections also say passengers could reach 936,139 by the end of this year. Federal Aviation Administration
  6. XNA's advisors had predicted a doubling of passengers along with the population to around 2040-45 right before Covid hit. As posted within this thread, it as within overtaking LIT in a couple of years before Covid. I think XNA's main thinking is that the new concourse will accommodate larger aircraft and the gates having the space to do it. Frontier is up to 3 destinations and they are flying in 180 seaters. Allegiant, same deal. Breeze has 100 to 115 seats and are getting 130 to 140 seaters starting this month. More traffic may mean more mainline from the Legacies. These would be the planes
  7. LIT seems to run out of steam for it's Saturday only MIA flight in AA. They have thrown some incentives at it to bring it back for NOV to 2022 but it has to sell some tickets. LIT is also concerned that they may lose their DCA flight via AA it's load factor was in the mid 70% range in 2019 and hasn't sufficiently rebounded post 2020 yet. I think it is a bit premature to call it doomed but it isn't doing well even andbin trouble with Covid taken in to account. https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2021/sep/29/dc-lr-air-route-at-risk-of-being-cut/?news-arkansas Compare to Memphis with
  8. It will help the Airport as well, look for Delta's DTW flights go Mainline some of the time vs. The CRJs. Lot's of folks will be flying in and out to call upon the site.
  9. Memphis is doubtful as a future hub but low cost carriers can make Memphis a focus. I still think Breeze can do well here and with some flights to the PNW and Bay Area with their A220s and adding MYS and TPA especially if Southwest doesn't add TPA back. American has mentioned Memphis several times as a city it sees potential in. That doesn't mean a hub but it may mean more non hub lras than daily directs like the MCO flight we saw this summer. Before Covid, they had all hubs except JFK(covered by LGA) and LAX connecting to Memphis. I still feel that LAX is still possible. Allegia
  10. Frontier now adding MEM/MIA F9 will now serve Denver, Las Vegas, Orlando Intl and Miami Intl. I can see Southwest adding Las Vegas in 2022. With the addition of ATL, they seem content on one MCO nonstop daily with some added service here and there. If Southwest doesn't add TPA back to daily, it is sitting there for Breeze along with New Orleans for them to start Memphis service. I could see them also trying out ORF(Norfolk).
  11. LIT-MCO is a consistent top 40 unserved route, XNA-MCO is not. Yet today Frontier announced XNA-MCO on Fridays and Mondays starting Nov 1
  12. Not really a pier, again like Tivoli. You just look at piers to show you how to maximize space. I guess it would be a hybrid of sorts. Here is an example of the theming of the rides I would be going for. This is a newer Zamperla flat ride would fit nicely witha little more thrilling Zamperla Air Race. An example from the one at Tivoli(notice the eatery under it)
  13. The Star Flyer would be my first 'show stopper' It can 'draw' on it's own like a giant observation wheel does. I would also include an indoor hall complete with a half dozen kiddie rides. This structure would be at least two levels and have 'birthday' rooms for rent along with a cafe. The rides would have a basic but unified design theme that envies like late 1800s ornamental ironwork of the the Steamboat era with a whimsical steampunk touch. They would be a unified color scheme with Gold as the trim color. As the pak expansion it's offering. You maximize your space and I have seen this don
  14. Didn't look up Tivoli Copenhagen did ya. With Mud Island , space is a premium so vertical is a necessity. Growthbinto the park would be slow. My first ride would be a Star Flyer. The sweeping views of the River, Bridges, Pyramid and Sky line would be stunning day and night, and you can get them at 600ft. I've been on this one at Tivoli. I would like to have a wheel as well but space. They do make hubless ones and maybe a coast could pass through. I'd go for enclosed gondolas to extend the season to year round. How about incorporating one in a third Bridge, lol.
  15. I have said it elsewhere and maybe here... Mud Island needs to be Memphis' version of Tivoli in Copenhagen. It has several of the elements in place already with the River Museum and River Walk. Add a Mississippi River inspired Disney'esque Soarin' flying theater to an updated Museum, add an Aquarium on the southern end, land bridge to Beale Street Landing, update the AMP and add an architecturally significant cover that doesn't interfere with the skyline sight lines, add more botanical features along the River Walk to "garden" it up and rides on the north end, create a longer season with a Eu
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