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  1. The Peabody in Memohisnis finding it extremely difficult to get staffed back up. Most found new employment elsewhere and like it better. On that note starting FedEx package handlers are now at $20 bucks an hr with a $2 premium on top of that for the overnight.
  2. Looking at photos on the MEM website, it appears the new seating has wireless charge pads built into the armrests
  3. I wouldn't read anything from that. The closures of county fairs and such has those outfits searching for venues. It's easy revenue for the property owner. Most parking lots are way overbuilt. They set up in the NWA mall lot in early spring and late fall at times in the mall's heyday.
  4. I still think they should have done all of B to lock in pricing. I look for Breeze Airways to service the airport soon after it's start up.
  5. I have learned at some point in 2019 Memphis and Spirit was very close to a deal that would have seen them at over 20 flights a day. I would assume that they would have stationed planes there and have some limited connections. Something delayed it and then Covid happened. Memphis should open their new B concourse and have all airlines consolidated to it by May.
  6. That sounds like a classic case of Southwest. Likely $200 or lower R/T fare for a direct with zero connecting with kids and no luggage fees for carry on or check in which is usually a lot on a Disney trip especially families of 4 or more. Could have been Spirit or Frontier as well. I guarantee the price was bottom dollar MCI has three aisles into MCO and Allegiant into Sanford. MCO is big.
  7. Breeze is the name of a new airline by David Neeleman, founder of Jet Blue and Azul( Brazil) and recently involves with TAP( Portugal). He has private backing and has claimed in no hurry to go public. He has 60 A220-300s( former Bombardier C-Series) on order. They are fantastic planes with a 2x3 configuration. Delta also flys them(just not to Arkansas yet). They blow 737s, A319 and A320s away from a passenger and performance perspective. He does get his first till Oct and 1 a month there after. But to get going, he is leasing former Azul and Air Canada E-190s and E-195s that seat 100 to 115 p
  8. It comes down to where they are truly flying to out of Tulsa to. Admittedly connecting via Southwest wasn't that cheap pre covid outside of the carry and check bags being free perks but directs to Vegas, Denver and Phoenix can be had on the cheap without baggage nickle and diming. Frontier connection timings are blanking horrible, that is basically a Den only flight for most. The leakage has shrunk but it is still there in spite of a two hr drive plus fuel cost, tolls and parking. For a single person, that doesn't warrant it but for a family of 4... well now. The fine print of
  9. XNA has submitted a grant proposal for 250K to help with low cost service via the Small Community Air Service Development Program. The one airline that submitted a letter in support was Breeze. That is the new start up by Jet Blue founder David Neeleman. The proposal is 33 pages long and lists many carriers and destinations that is a who's who of Allegiant stations. Again, it seems to be Breeze is the primary target. An example though is Sun Country and Minneapolis are both listed. That is easy to connect. I post this as it's got lots of data on fares of serveral reg
  10. Southwest just added Bellingham WA, Eugene OR and Myrtle Beach to their destination list. Still no Madison, Knoxville or XNA. Mind boggling.
  11. I just wanted to add these numbers as part of discussion in the two months before Covid slammed on the breaks on air travel in 2020 here are XNA's revenue enplanement numbers(non rev excluded) compared the previous year and it was eye-popping. They were continuing at the same rate of growth as before, if not more so, cause these are slower months. Jan 2019= 54,315 / Jan 2020= 65,193 20% growth year over year Feb 2019= 56,137 / Feb 2020=64,940 15.6% growth year over year. Little Rock was up 3.11% in Jan and 3.44% in Feb LIT only reports total enplanements.
  12. For what it is worth, I meant the populatuon will nearly double, which puts it near Central Arkansas size. But let's look at the results of the last full year pre covid while Central Ark holds a good sized population advantage still. LIT was 95th at 1,086,740 enplanements in 2019. 5.38% growth over 2018 XNA entered the top 100 at 99th with 891,237 enplanements. 17.40% growth over 2019 making it the second largest gain in the country. That puts the difference between the two at 195,503. So, XNA with it's lack of the Southwest effect punches well above it's weight. We kno
  13. I really wish NLR would actually change their name back to Argenta.
  14. These rankings are bases on 2019 Pre Covid numbers. XNA was 99th and had the second largest percentage of growth in the nation getting beat out by only Sarasota which saw big growth in new markets and airlines The first set is places added during 2020 to the best of my recollection. New markets: 85- Palm Springs 97- Sarasota 98-Fresno 105- Colorado Springs (with DEN just up the road) 107- Destin/Fort Walton 109- Bozeman 127- Jackson MS. (A return after ending service years ago) 132- Santa Barbara 133-Key West(same deal as Jack
  15. New markets for Southwest. As for Little Rock... Destin connections via DAL and Bozeman connections via DEN. You are seeing Allegiant eat into Southwest customer base. Allegiant is about to have their own 6 gate concourse at VPS. Has to be hurting Pensacola and Panama City numbers. Same reason they started Sarasota. More leasure travel and less business travel during and immediately post Covid. Shocked they haven't announced TYS/Knoxville yet. Airports all around XNA size are getting Southwest service. Fresno is another one Southwest has started. There's Palm Springs and Santa Barbara as w
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