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  1. Isn't Monarch looking promising as well, at this point?
  2. Bad idea! Shaq and Tiger would be 2 global icons that are a must.
  3. Does anyone know how long it takes on average to obtain that type of permit? You would've figured that it would've been already in place if they were going to start the demo before the end of the year as suggested!
  4. We won't really know until it's built, but I'm tired of reading different reporting! We went from 32 stories to 35 and now 34! Like wtf?
  5. Ok thanks, the food hall part of things was the confusing part for some of us that don't know the attachment of the hall with the ballroom. But that clears it up!
  6. With that said, do we know if they will be imploding the building that they are scheduled to build on, or will they build on top of and around what is already there? We thought a while back that they were conducting pest control to ready themselves for demolition.
  7. I would say an improvement over the second rendering. The original version was actually pretty sweet and more slender!
  8. So is it confirmed which height they're building first? I'm under the impression that the 28 story tower is first. Is that the case?
  9. Naw he back to be closer to his beloved Hartford Whalers!
  10. Would buy 4 season tickets the first day they came available!
  11. Bring in the Rays, build a downtown stadium with about 40k and now we're cooking!!
  12. Yeah true, I'll give you that lol however it's not so much the structure as it is that stupid hat that tops the building off!
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