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  1. Yes I was there yesterday as well, it was definitely a cool day buy very nice! The project is getting up there.
  2. Where? I'm wandering what could go right behind the camperdown site? ! A High rise mixed development project would be great there similar to the camperdown project.
  3. I agree, Greenville in my opinion could use a good many more highrises something like 30 stories or a few being. But I don't understand why greenville won't approve anything over 12 or 20 stories!? Charlotte has it where you can't build taller than the bank of America tower and that's understandable, but the landmark/Windstream building I don't understand.
  4. How many floors does it have to go? It looks pretty tall.
  5. Agree! I think Greenville could use something like that.!
  6. Greenville really do need some new and nicer corridors. A Lot of blank and empty lots in the downtown area for sale, really needs something there.
  7. I really do believe that Greenville needs a new tallest, the mid rise and the low rise is getting old and needs something new, something taller than the landmark building, and much more better looking!. I think if you find the right location and at the right time I think a 22-30 building would look great in greenville, like the one development. With mixed development I think Greenville city council could open up more with the height limit!.
  8. looking great ! the project is really coming along. Wonderful photos thanks! cant wait until the project finishes, hopefully more projects will come along like this one!.
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