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  1. Yet another life sciences jobs announcement for RTP. KBI Bipharma to build $150m facility and create more than 200 jobs. Durham/RTP really poppin' with the biotech/life science lately. I love to see it. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2020/12/02/durham-bio-manufacturer-to-add-150-million-facili.html
  2. Completely agree with both aspects - it's my favorite project currently planned as well but I think that's because it's walking distance to my neighborhood haha. I think it will be somewhat visible from the beltline especially at night, but not in your face like NH is. I do wish more high rises could be right there alongside 440 and on both sides of the highway. This is the view currently when you're passing right over WF Rd on 440WB. You can see up til about WF @ St Alban's, so there should be at least some visibility. If someone could buy/demolish/replace that old Days Inn next to Denny's with a newer ~10 floor hotel, that would be a great start...
  3. Fresh details on the massive Midtown Exchange project including renderings: "Construction is set to begin in mid-2021. The building will be able to deliver without its sister tower, and Dewitt expects to complete MTX One in late 2022." "The architect for MTX One is Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio LLC of Atlanta. The general contractor is Brasfield & Gorrie of Raleigh. Leasing will be managed by CBRE of Raleigh. The company is currently in talks with several potential tenants, though none that can be announced yet, Saieed said." https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2020/11/20/dewitt-carolinas-raleigh-midtown-exchange.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_45&cx_artPos=2#cxrecs_s I've noticed a lot of site prep and activity already. This is like 2 minutes from my house...should be interesting to watch it go up.
  4. That's our head honcho alright, great guy. Makes a point to know everyone's name in the building and give a quick chat at the coffee machines haha. Before covid we would have "first Thursdays" where the beer fridge gets unlocked and everyone chills/eats/drinks beer in the break room for awhile, including Jim Datin and all the other execs and directors. Fantastic company with grade-A leadership and incredibly interesting science. So happy to see such a company expand so "bigly" here. I thought the Massachusetts' official's comments were amusingly accurate and not a great sell haha. Of course, now many former coworkers from previous labs are messaging me on LinkedIn about openings....
  5. Don't quote me on this at all, pure speculation - but I imagine we'll expand where we're at. We've already done so a few times.
  6. Man, I actually work for BioAgilytix - it's pretty cool to see us on the front page of TBJ, WRAL, etc AND mentioned on one of my favorite urban forums in the economic growth thread! I'm one proud employee now! And super excited to see how we expand this shrinking facility...
  7. What a strange thing to say. Tons of downtowns are smaller than Charlotte's but still have more character and soul
  8. Hub RTP construction site as of 16Sep2020. Demolition is complete!
  9. I like seeing development in both. Having a secondary skyline pop up is really cool. After Walter Tower is complete and Midtown Exchange gets going, the Midtown Raleigh skyline will rival downtown Durham's.
  10. So NC54 now has orange and white barricades and fencing up from Davis @ 54 stretching to Park Offices Dr. There also appears to be some light demolition at the Wells Fargo. Is this Hub actually finally happening!? fix my json
  11. Am I reading this correctly? China manufactures 90% of the drugs in the US? That is insanity if that's the case. Whoever allowed that to happen needs to be publicly disgraced.
  12. Agreed it's very small and the red color choice makes it hard to read against the blue glass. Bigger + white was what I was expecting. There's a white sign on the other side of the building for some insurance group. AIT Insurance or something
  13. The approach from 440 on 23Mar2020. Advance Auto Parts sign has been up for about a week. Looks good. Walter Tower, at 35 floors, seems like it will really tower over the rest if the buildings.
  14. There is construction fencing up on Martin St. @ Dawson St. , blocking the sidewalk entrance of Capitol Smoke et. al. It goes around the corner down Dawson a bit too. Anyone know what's going to happen there? There is more construction fencing and looks like demolition at McDowell @ Davie. I think that was an abandoned auto shop? What's going on at this one? Finally, construction fencing on McDowell near Lane or Jones St (can't remember which) and I'm pretty sure it said Barnhill Construction or something. What's this one?
  15. Dang, they are going to form a committee to study the problem of an off-scale render of 2 hypothetical buildings...interesting. Maybe they were pretty serious about those general designs they released.
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