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  1. The land was, but Savannah was established after Georgia was split off from Carolina. Just after, since the Georgia charter was granted to Oglethorpe before he sailed from England to create Savannah. Georgia was intended for sturdy folk (many were ex prisoners) to act as a defensive buffer against the Spanish in Florida. Slavery was prohibited, in fact, specifically so that it would be 100% loyal English in residence. Atlanta was founded about a hundred years after that.
  2. In that vein, here's a 1968 promotional film with narration by our local son Charles Kuralt, and music by Loonis McGlohon. There are some nice scenes of the city throughout, but it's definitely a sales pitch and not a documentary.
  3. It's not really an $800k house though. The assessed tax value of the land alone is $700k - the house was only assessed at ~$180k. At any rate it looks like there were some odd looking deed handoffs in this house's history (back and forth between two sets of parties), so it may have been planned for rebuild or for-profit sale for quite a while.
  4. They managed to earn 3 B health ratings in their short time being open. I could see that for a restaurant opened on a shoestring, with equipment challenges, or not able to attract the best staff. Absolutely no excuse with such a highly capitalized restaurant. Most of the failures that caught my eye were about not following food safety best practices. The kind of things that make people sick. Good riddance to the poor management of the original. Hopefully the 5Church team can help this space live up to its potential.
  5. In the future, as long as you're accessing the mailboxes via Outlook, just use the Ignore feature. It puts all the messages in the conversation straight in Deleted Items without popping new mail notifications.
  6. Musashi is pretty traditional. Not an izakaya, but solid Japanese food.
  7. I was always impressed that such a well-capitalized restaurant could manage to get 3 B health inspections in such a short time from mostly training and procedure failings.
  8. If they can maintain the high standard of customer service and quality as in the original in Belmont, they will dominate the burger game in town. Such good service. I'm glad to see them doing well.
  9. slipperypete


    Nice find. That seems like a pretty good plan for that area.
  10. slipperypete


    Looks like it was rezoned to R-8 CD way back in 2006, and changed hands more than once since. There is a building permit, but only for a retaining wall. If they are doing something, it looks like they could build up to 8 units per acre by right, so ~30 housing units without the need for zoning changes.
  11. This would be great. But the 1938 aerial view shows a cluster of small buildings in the footprint of the current one: http://timemachine.mcmap.org/#17.25/35.232468/-80.829624 If there is an old mill building in there it must be pretty small, and they would have had to go to a lot of extra effort to preserve it since it would have been fully encapsulated at the time the current building was built in '72.
  12. I love a Boj biscuit, but their ham and steak biscuits are wildly inconsistent. The country ham biscuits at BV are reliably great. The steak is pretty good too, but it's no Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen.
  13. Best use of the interrobang I've seen all year. And it has been an interrobang kind of year.
  14. She should team up with Danny Levine with a hop-on-hop-off bus tour of underutilized real estate in Charlotte. Parking lots, derelict buildings and holes in the ground. Like the funny bus but not funny.
  15. So the spokesperson for the agency alleged to be involved in this action should be taken at face value? We have an independent press so that investigations can be done, and multiple press organizations are reporting an ongoing mail backlog. You seem to prefer to deflect and insult rather than answering straightforward questions, such as: At what point do you think this would be a problem? If there is an ongoing mail backlog as has been reported, do you think it's totally normal and reasonable that mail sorting capacity is being taken offline in cities across the country?
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