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  1. That would be a silver lining for sure. The Market has continued to do well, and they are more well equipped to add space than a lot of dining options.
  2. Here's the rezoning: https://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2018Petitions/Pages/2018-097.aspx Neighborhood Services mixed use project. Doesn't seem to have changed hands since this rezoning.
  3. In that vein - so is Higher Ground! Birdsong is selling it for a steal - $12 / 4-pack.
  4. The vacant land. If you look at the lot in Polaris and add the zoning layer, you can see that this end of the land does not have any zoning assigned. Might just be sorting out the zoning before closing on the sale of this land to Crosland.
  5. Nope. You missed it again. Tax money can be allocated before it is collected. We collect targeted hotel, car rental, restaurant and bar taxes, and allocate those funds for tourism-related investments. The revenue is allocated. For tourism improvements. And there's nothing in my rewording that asserts the stadium work is certain to make an improvement. The city and county make these decisions all the time. Some projects result in a lot of improvement, and some in much less (some even do no good at all I would imagine). Whether some specific project should receive these funds is the actually interesting question here, and nobody knows with certainty that any funded project will be a success or not. The point I was making is that it seems likely to me that the vast majority of the people saying "no" to that original question have no idea that any of these revenue streams are already set up. That there is money sitting in a fund waiting to be paid out for projects, and new revenue coming in all the time from these taxes that already exist. It's a suspicion, but if true it makes the responses to that question less interesting. Two other questions I would have added are: Do you support using revenue from the targeted sales tax on restaurants & bars for tourism improvements in Charlotte, and if not where would you like to see that money go instead? (support, remove the tax, fund affordable housing, fund education, fund transit, fund...). Do you support using revenues from the targeted sales tax on hotel and car rental for tourism improvements in Charlotte, and if not... It's very difficult at this point for CharMeck to get any additional sales taxes approved by the NC legislature. So I do think it's wise for us to keep the ones we have in place given the many needs in our community. But I do think it's worth a frank discussion within the community to decide how we should allocate future funds from those special taxes. And for the record, I'd much rather see that money from those two categories go to housing/education and transit, respectively, rather than an improved stadium.
  6. It's right there -> foot the bill Pay the number at the foot. Of the bill. Which is the total. Even without understanding the origin of the phrase, it gives a strong impression of paying for the entirety of the enchillada. A question worded more neutrally/clearly might be something like "Should taxpayer money already allocated for tourism improvements in Charlotte-Mecklenburg be used to pay for part of stadium renovations?" Or even make clear that it's largely visitors to our fair city who are the taxpayers referred to in the question. But wcnc wouldn't get as many angry clicks.
  7. Most likely fiber optic cable for fast internet.
  8. That notch is visible in G Maps satellite view, so it has been there for a little while at least.
  9. That's good news, thanks. Would be nice to see some elevations of this. But at least they're going to reuse the structure.
  10. Residential project - more info here. The site includes the church property as well as the 2 vacant lots to the west along Parkwood. In addition to apartments in the church building, there will be 3 duplexes according to the most recent site plan. Is there some activity at the site?
  11. I agree. But only with American cheese. It melts at a lower temperature than something like cheddar. If the egg isn't way overcooked then a cheddar slice would probably not melt at all on top of it. For cheddar I could see the argument for putting it between the protein and the egg. Pimento cheese though? The thermal mass of pimento cheese (particularly what looks like a very mayo-heavy version in the photo up thread) is much higher than a slice of cheese or some cheese shreds due to the high moisture content. So no matter where you put it, the heat is going to get sapped right out of the egg and protein. So what I would do is split the biscuit, pimento cheese inside the top, throw that under a broiler for 20 seconds. Meanwhile, protein and egg on the bottom half. It would be a messy thing of beauty. Now on a fried chicken biscuit I would put that pimento cheese right on. It should already be very hot, so the pimento cheese will just take it down a bit. Probably make it edible more quickly. Ok, so back to that dinner-roll-looking-biscuit. Are they just like that at Callie's? Is that the style in Charleston?
  12. And who thinks it's a good idea to put what was obviously cold pimento cheese in the middle of a sausage and egg biscuit? Their cooler is required to keep it below 41 degrees, so that's going to suck the heat right out of the sausage. They should put the cheese on then put it under a broiler for a minute or something. There are some older places that are really dragging it down. Some that used to be good and keep filling seats out of nostalgia and lack of competition. I would imagine it's tough to make the numbers work on a more creative place with the variability of the local population and staffing challenges. One thing they do have is Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. Somebody should franchise that and put it next to a South End Waffle House to create a breakfast megablock.
  13. These are good examples. I'm definitely not saying that I'm on the right side of every line. And I agree there is such a thing as "more wrong". Fare evasion is definitely not on the same level as breaking some other civil regulations like speeding in a school zone, or able-bodied parking in a disabled spot. My point is that it's still wrong. And yes, some people may struggle with that and do that small wrong in order to survive. I wouldn't criticize them for doing so. But that's not really what we're talking about, right? We're talking about people who could pay but choose not to, and rationalize it by saying that other people are doing it, so what's the big deal. My point is that I'd rather live in a society where we understand that all these things are still wrong and we should feel the weight of each of them so that it doesn't become our nature to just always pull one over on the other guy. Hopefully we can sidestep this particular problem and make transit a public service at no cost to the rider. I'd happily sign up for an increase in property taxes to fund it.
  14. I think the point is that there's nothing gray about it. It's wrong. You wouldn't use the same reasoning for a physical good, right? Like, if a store didn't do a good job of securing their packs of gum, would you rationalize that it's ok to occasionally lift one for yourself because other people do it, would you? This is the same. It's taking something of value without paying. Just because the technology doesn't make it impossible doesn't make it morally ambiguous.
  15. White Duck Taco is open as of this weekend. We tried it out and were impressed. Haven't been to Velvet Taco yet, so not sure who will win in the newly competitive OP/Belmont taco landscape. Looked like they're waiting on permits - soft drinks only for now. And it's not their fault, but the pedestrian access from 10th and Seigle is dumb - go further down the Seigle dead end to the ramp-ish access around the corner from them, or down hill on 10th to walk up a bunch of stairs. Doesn't seem like it would have been difficult to offer 2 steps right at that corner given the layout of the front walkway.
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