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  1. There is a lot to take in. There was a lot of unfairness in the process, and grand generalizations. But the white city leaders were already talking about how to get rid of the black neighborhoods in the wards as early as the 1910s. The city was growing and this would be valuable property that should be put to use for white people. That was their stated aim. So then when the US government made money available for urban renewal, there was now a more benign pretext - we're cleaning up the city! Now not all of Brooklyn was in bad shape. The streets were pretty bad since they weren't paved a
  2. AP hasn't changed as far as I've seen. Their datelines for stories here still use Charlotte N.C., and mentions in-line use Charlotte, North Carolina.
  3. The middle building was built in 1903 and has a Landmarks Commission page. The pub and office condo building surrounding it are each much newer (1989 and 2002, respectively).
  4. I don't know about that specific question, but I have gotten code enforcement involved for trash and high weeds on that property. I think everybody who passes by there should make a complaint via the CLT+ just as if they were a Karen homeowner in a bossy HOA. I've gotten to the point where I ascribe malice to Levine's inaction on this and their many other properties. Because it's either malice or incompetence, right? And surely nobody could be this incompetent.
  5. Great link! Just tried it and I did similarly - I stopped at 444 and ~69m. It's amazing how much one can blank on even pretty familiar cities and famous places when it's time to take a quiz. I named 90 in NC though! Pretty proud of that even if I did miss some dumb ones in other states. The smallest "city" I named was in NC, and has a population of 228 (half of that is probably potters).
  6. Ok, further off topic, but Iceland is around 98% English speaking proficiency. I just looked up the stat, but having been there I can confirm that every single person I encountered spoke very functional English. From food store checkouts in small villages to pensioners with a room to let. Everybody I crossed had great English. In fact, I recently watched Katla on Netflix and found it interesting that conversations between Icelandic and Swedish characters speak English to communicate with each other. This is despite the fact that their languages are much closer to each other in the Germanic l
  7. Good to know. Still wouldn't want to own one in such a small HOA.
  8. Man, I sure wouldn't want to own 1/8th of an elevator. That's a lot of ongoing maintenance cost (in the best case scenario if there is a contract - I'll bet as much as $300-400/unit/year in this case), plus repair for malfunction (at emergency rates if someone is trapped). Worst case scenario is that regular maintenance isn't kept up and there are major issues from that neglect down the road. Just one more thing for the HOA board members to think about. And having been on the board in a small HOA community recently I'll bet they will be lucky to have 2 homeowners willing to serve on the
  9. Here's the CLT O story from a few days ago that was probably the source of that other site: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/charlottefive/c5-food-drink/article252945878.html
  10. It's really Optimist Park, but that's not going to put butts in apartments yet. The NoDa brand is pretty strong. As far as oversupply, that's really doubtful. This is about 3 blocks from a light rail stop, 4 from a park and greenway, and about 5 from lots of shopping and dining. It's a great location for young professionals. Plus, the more apartments we get like this, the less pressure on older, cheaper rental housing.
  11. CNBC.com has a story today about the difficulty airports are having staffing up restaurants and cafes, like other service businesses these days. Offering bonuses and higher pay than before. The headline photo is from CLT. And one of the photos with the story is a shuttered Starbucks, which we also saw going through CLT around 4pm the other day.
  12. We went through that not long ago in a small townhome community. In our case I suspect it was low bid subcontractors, given insufficient guidance and little oversight. Fortunately a handful of owners were actively pursuing warranty work and kept the builder engaged to fix flashing/window/siding problems as long as 2 years after completion. We went as far as getting some repair quotes from qualified people to have in-hand and understand what we were facing. They pointed out plenty of problems. About a third of the units were rental at that point and we suspected that the same defects present o
  13. Maybe none, at least not from tax delinquency. Your question made me curious. I have previously had a nearby house with a series of highly questionable rental tenants and wondered about the owner. Looking through the records there had not been a tax bill paid in over 10 years. It looked like it was owned by a guy with multiple properties around town starting in the 70s and 80s. When he passed away they were deeded to his heirs, but the paperwork was fouled up on at least two of them - there was a typo in the address of the grantee. So the tax bills were undeliverable. The new owner probably d
  14. I'm with you on renaming Tryon stuff. He has an outsized influence on NC place names considering how little he contributed positively to our history. But first? I don't think renaming proposals are exclusively about erasing "sins" or who was the most positive person in history. At least some of the renaming discussions are about the intent of the naming and their ongoing impact. Why might the city have given the names Stonewall, Vance, and Hill in 1869* to streets through a part of town populated by recently freed slaves? I don't think it was to make them feel more welcome. It looks lik
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