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  1. No light on Weber if the original concept is still in play. Orange crossing is a diagonal at Marks. Magnolia crossing is without a signal.
  2. No, the deli family still owns in. I asked a while back and they said they've been approached about selling.
  3. I diverted from Publix to check out the new Aldi. Made the rookie mistake of forgetting a quarter for the trolley. Was also pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive some items are. 4lbs of chicken for less that $8 felt like a steal! Oat milk for $3 felt like a good deal as well.
  4. More sincere but wishful thinking! This site is screaming for some kind of pedestrian/green space. (Dare we turn the whole thing into a park?)
  5. Great file name. Are you taking requests? I'm wondering if your drive up podium could actually be a pedestrianized promenade that extends over colonial. Lined with cafes and restaurants, string lights, bright green astroturf and all the modern trends.
  6. That’s what it looks like. Remember that the Tennis Center is due to move up to The Packing District soon.
  7. I hate these with a passion. They look like railroad crossings but operate very differently. Quite frankly it’s dangerous that double flashing red lights can mean two very different things.
  8. Please no more traffic signals. I always hit the Pineloch and Drennan lights going into work, even with little traffic. I don’t need another light to yell at!
  9. Welcome to UP, Urbo! Haven't seen those renders before, thanks for sharing. Lake Nona definitely has a lot of potential. It's biggest problem is that the urban component is still in it's infancy, so people don't have a reason to explore it. As it matures I hope they're able to create some unique attractors that make it a destination rather that a dense suburb. If Lake Nona was it's own city rather than a neighborhood of Orlando it may have a better chance. Lake Nona also needs a dedicated connection to Downtown Orlando that doesn't rely on driving a car. Without any forms of transit it's
  10. Trucks navigate roundabouts all the time. Theirs a brick apron for the trailer to hover over (and occasionally) mount as the truck navigates the roundabout
  11. Guess we’ll just have to add a roundabout at Virginia as well
  12. First time in the coffee house just to comment on this. It’s different enough that it’s really throwing my brain off. Things that are slightly darker or slightly lighter. And the reply button was so faded I thought I lost permissions!
  13. Is it dairy free?
  14. Modera is U and H is supposed to be office so the best bet would be X/X-1
  15. The visor has landed
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