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  1. I’m sure my downtown apartment complex is still doing this. The unit across from me always seems to have different people and often cleaners are waiting outside. I’ve had a friend claim to see apartments on AirBnB as well.
  2. It’s possible you might not see the divide you’re looking for. If there’s enough egress and the life safety systems are in place for the South End the time could be good to go
  3. Funny how none of the airports in "Greater" Orlando are actually under GOAA control. Maybe one day they'll get ahold of Sanford and just annex the land to the City of Orlando.
  4. They’re currently starting projects where they add an EB lane from EE Williamson to Lake Mary Blvd as well as rebuild the EE Williamson bridge. One extra lane means more impervious road surface and the need for a pond. So not only will they have noise from BTU but from the interim projects as well.
  5. Looks like the awnings over Qdoba/Vera have been removed.
  6. Well I must not be a local OR a tourist...I had no idea DPAC was used for the play house, much less that it stood for Downtown Performing Arts Center!
  7. MCO was closed for the Tuesday and part of Wednesday during Dorian’s “landfall” - more than enough to impact passenger figures.
  8. Jerry95

    Orlando Transit

    Disappointed it's an either or. I'm sure it won't take long for Scooters to become the norm but it does seem wasteful to already be ditching the e-bikes.
  9. I know the ARB report isn't much to go off, but the Final Review renderings showed both a Starbucks and BurgerFi on the Northeast Corner. Having these mid-block will do a bit to add some life between Livingston and Robinson. This area is also used decently at night for North Quarter residents heading to and from downtown or for anyone going to whatever Dovecote does as night. Even the gym on the corner will give a better perception of safety than a poorly lit parking lot. It's more than Camden Orange Court or Steelhouse or the dormant retail at Camden North Quarter (formerly the Sevens). I'd also disagree that Robinson between Orange and I-4 is an area that's friendly to pedestrians and deserves attention. Looking around we've got a parking lot about to become apartments, a church, an abandoned gas station and a grass lot. Heading west on Robinson we hit that curve in the tracks that makes Robinson one of the least inviting places to cross I-4. I guess I don't understand why this project became the one everyone hates. Maybe it's because it didn't give us false hope of good architecture to only get VE'd out, it skipped directly to step 2.
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