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  1. Things off to an inauspicious start for the Ellis. An adjacent corner riddled with bullets during the early stages of leasing? Not good. The uptown residential market is still thin enough (in my opinion as a core urban dweller since 2004) that the news of such incidents are profoundly impactful. The city must own the narrative when this stuff comes up, and find ways to put it out there that such incidents are an extreme exception while also not letting it dominate a news cycle. I wish I could get a sense for leasing activity at this project. 1 hurt after gunfire erupts in uptown Char
  2. There's a bit of "place-making" underway in the parking lot of the property that once housed an A&P Grocery Store on West Trade. I took the pictures earlier today while driving past. According to the QC Metro article that reported on Duke Endowment's property transfer, there was already a separate near-term plan for the property scheduled to start at the end of this month. That separate plan will include outdoor events, picnic tables, and food trucks which are set to activate the parking lot starting at the end of this month and lasting until October. Personally, I'd
  3. Gist: Duke Endowment gifting the land to JCSU Gift intentions are that the land be used for community-oriented purposes JCSU long-term plans are unclear In the short-term, property will be used for an outdoor events space, turning the lot into a space for food trucks, pop-up markets, and musical events
  4. I'm sorry, but I'm so skeptical of this list that my hunch is to call BS on this each and every time. And I'm not saying that because NC is ranked high, because I love NC, and not because CEOs may or may not like to do business here. I've simply had it with everyone bashing NY and CA and IL... And yes, it's great news that Apple is geographically dispersing to create centers of production closer to their range of users, but let's not forget the home-grown ingenuity that began in a high-tax state like Cali. I'm so sick of cheapskate "southern states" who've skimped on so much, now tryin
  5. Maybe that's it then. I'm expecting too much, and perhaps focused on the wrong side of the street. Westin could do much more to engage the sidewalk. I walked the length of Stonewall in that area this week, and I'm sorry to disappoint, but don't really see it livening up much. Still feels like a pedestrian dead-zone. Will withhold judgment until the project is finished, however. Even if we're stuck with a WALL along sidewalk, one can focus on other trappings like sidewalk sculptures and colonnades, as well as the texture of the wall pedestrians are walking alongside. Hydroponics a
  6. I'd agree. I interpreted his response as: "who cares which office is titled HQ." We've got major strategy initiatives underway, and this name-game is a trifle." I think I agree with him. BofA is headquartered here, so a financial institution doesn't have to have its sights set on a NYC HQ. Having said that, the BofA CEO lives in Mass, and commutes to NYC and Charlotte at his discretion. I'm much more excited about homegrown AvidExchange IPO-ing than I am about the prospects of Wells Fargo naming its Charlotte presence an HQ.
  7. Can you explain? I drove by this project a few days ago and I'm still having a hard time seeing how this renovation creates street-level engagement. I now just see brand new glass boxes on top of a ground-level wall. All the street trees once lining Stonewall were massacred, similar to what's happening to the Library lot.
  8. Amen, Amen, Amen. I believe we should focus on systems of localized walkability and functional multi-modality. Once those systems are in place locally, then by all means link them with people movers.
  9. Just to clarify the headline, after 3 years, these jobs are forecast to pay an average of 187,000, with the minimum salary at 168k. Definitely mega high-paying jobs. The TechWire article references the Centene project and brings up the variance between the Apple job salaries and those of Centene. Centene is still a blockbuster win for Charlotte because they actually threw out possible job figures of 6000+. The 3k were just the numbers that were a basis for the incentives package.
  10. Anyone know the situation behind this property on West Trade? So many changes happening in this neighborhood and so many people moving in, and yet the front porch to the district looks so despairing along West Trade right near I-77.
  11. ah, thanks for the update. Disappointed though.
  12. Anyone know what's about to be built on the Employee Parking Lot for Presbyterian Medical between Hawthorne and Travis Avenue? It's all fenced off and they're starting to dig up pavement.
  13. Ah ok. Got it. These figures are still a bit puzzling, however, because the last updated figures I'd seen had us at around 2.6 or 2.7 million, and that number was fairly consistent across data providers. I know we're growing, but something else must be getting included for us to make that big a leap.
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