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  1. My slight concern here arising from taking a “portfolio” approach to curating retail in uptown is whether these all-inclusive big box retail venues restrict the pipeline for uptown getting a wide variety of other, eclectic retail. Perhaps that’s just a high class problem given there’s currently barely any retail in the district, but might be more narrowly-focused anchor options to draw traffic. I also want to throw “creative workspaces” into the mix as well, for the QC Quarter lineup!
  2. thursday and friday evenings there are throngs. weekends there is bustle during the day and there are throngs in the evenings. all other times it's fairly calm, plenty of joggers and people walking.
  3. Can I be your volunteer assistant and assist you in taking these shots?
  4. Totally agree. TJMaxx, World Market, couple of showrooms, a chocolate factory, move the weekend farmers market into the quarter and approach world of beer on a Biergarten concept?
  5. Much easier to say: “place transit here to spur new growth that will rely on the investment we make” much much harder to perform the analysis and build the constraints model that says: based on the complex multitude of mobility flows/routines & mobility objectives of the existing 800k + visitors who are already here, how do we place and enhance transit assets to make them highly relevant and competitive to those flows and objectives, through an end-to-end lens. Whenever I hear John Lewis speak, I have a strong feeling that the 2nd analysis isn’t being done with any real rigor.
  6. I’ve decided to withhold judgment and hold back on any excitement on this place until I hear the dollar amount of the renovations or actually see the completed product. Haven’t heard about any changes to the center’s street interactions, and I don’t know if landscaping and fixed pavers is the sort of reform that makes this a boon to uptown. How do we know this isn’t mere rebranding with minimal substance? Lipstick on a pig? I need to google CBRE receivership-led revitalizations.
  7. Yes, I want to apologize if my posts on here were ever construed as an expression of confidence in John Lewis. Transit systems are indeed under strain, but hearing him speak, his broken line of reasoning, his fairly myopic views of the system’s terrain and context and interdependencies and specific, measurable goals gives me no confidence that he can right the ship. He’d be well served reading a guide to preparing and presenting business cases to an executive committee, because what I’m seeing to date looks very lightweight.
  8. Now the Queen City Quarter. Sensible enhancements to the courtyard, getting rid of escalator and upgrading staircase with night lighting similar to 620 S Tryon. Will incorporate pop-up retail and visual arts until renovations are done and as they lock down tenants. Unclear to me what’s being done with the interaction with the street and whether that may be “opened up” somehow. Also hired 12-20 security guards who are authorized to “detain, arrest and process.”
  9. I’m inclined to agree with you. Need many nodes to contemplate the fact that uptown isn’t the center of everyone’s mobility and if the real goal is getting way more people to make transit significant to their mobility, then a dispersed hub network makes sense. SouthPark residents, albeit affluent, might see their community station as their civic asset, take pride in it, and ride it simply because it’s their own, or at least consider it more so than now.
  10. Councilmembers Tarik and Lawana questioned whether a hub should even be in uptown. I think they’re asking the right question. Before we make a massive capital investment, shouldn’t we diagnose what’s been reported as an extraordinary and catastrophic drop-off in bus ridership. Perhaps diagnose and remedy that first before a big cap x investment?
  11. I wonder if just one year is enough support to get “higher-risk” small-business concepts over a hurdle to get the necessary financing and supplier confidence to actually launch? I like the idea of CCCP “running” an incubation portfolio, using its resources and platform as a type of “shared marketing & business development” resource for its portfolio members.
  12. So adding to CCCP a commercial rent subsidies operating segment? At least it’s a bit clearer a mission.
  13. Is CCCP even set up to do something like this with a focus on uptown? It strikes me as more of an event planning and advocacy organization, than a tactical econ development and investments group. In 2021, CCCP pulled in $12 million in donations, $5.7 million of which came from the city. It pays its CEO $530K in total compensation. That’s far more pay than the city manager. It spends tons of its annual revenue on salaries, but then contracts out for “program services” and managing an innovation fund for the balance. I find CCCP mission and activities very fluffy, high-level, and confusing, but perhaps those who’ve been here longer can illuminate.
  14. Article in the Louisville Business Journal about Downtown Jacksonville’s revitalization efforts. Article appears to position Jacksonville as a downtown comeback story, which I fail to see when I visit. One developer-panelist’s quote was interesting: “Downtown development does not work without incentives. New construction gets huge tax breaks; renovations get completion grants right now. And this has proven to be what’s needed.” Is Charlotte’s downtown too successful to even consider an incentives strategy, including incentives to the core city developments we want even on private land? Would we ever have an appetite for rich grants and tax breaks for housing (or whatever it is we think we need) and small-scale retail throughout uptown’s core?
  15. Mature trees dropping like flies on the westside…makes sense when they’re defoliating and under strain because of disease induced by increasingly frequent drought conditions, but when they’re lush and healthy and get felled because of site clear-cutting due to incoming dense development, it stings. Tree below was cut and not sure why, but looking into the reason. It’s on or along the greenway.
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