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  1. Does Low-Rise priority get density done faster over a wider area? South End will likely never be this, but thought I'd look for images of density without high-rises (See below, first image). Such images may be a relic of the past and infeasible in 2021, but worth a look anyway and perhaps will inspire a slightly different way of thinking among some of you. I know many of you obsessed with towering structures and how they look from the highway, but I'd be happy seeing the remaining lots in center city filled in with images like this as opposed to all the time-intensive and capital-in
  2. Is this any worse than Lowe’s tech center and Portman square garages? Portman square not right in front of a rail stop, true, although it will be soon. Both buildings are set atop prominent garages though. We get these prominent garages because there’s really no popular discourse in Charlotte about “going carless” as cultural evolution. Until that changes and Charlotte is known for its “carless is cool” sensibilities, developers and those backing developments are going to see ample parking as essential. Also, South End might be well served by a Design Review Committee, although perhap
  3. Yes, a bit disappointing, but boy would I take this version of a building-to-garage integration over the crap we've got lining Church Street in uptown. Having said that, it seems so out of proportion with surroundings - almost gaudy.
  4. Looks great. Can someone tell me if this is all that novel or original a concept or idea? Are there non-NC examples to look to for this? Are hospital/healthcare systems around the country partnering with research universities to drive medical care innovation? Is this district another symptom of skyrocketing healthcare costs?
  5. Typo. Yes, strictly a US-focused consideration of rankings.
  6. Thank you. Yes, surprised to see LA and not any sort of Texas presence.
  7. Charlotte touts that it's the 2nd largest banking center in the US, but has anyone done or come across an analysis on deal-making/rev-generating/front-office institutional banking jobs? That is, the traders, investment banking, corporate banking, wealth management heads and teams. I imagine Charlotte has some of that but what might the list of top banking cities look like from that vantage point - we know NYC is on top. Second would be San Fran? Chicago? Boston? Or perhaps still Charlotte?
  8. Stunning photos by Mgelbach. Now if we can only get the energy and vibrancy implied by that skyline shot to match the situation on the ground in uptown, well then we’d be in business.
  9. Good luck with that. I've seen enough arrogant, self-obsessed, intractable, and distracted drivers on the roads of Charlotte to. know that the only thing that will work is camera surveillance and negative reinforcement.
  10. So many thoughts running through my head on this: Recently completed a bunch of virtual workplace training on what to do in the office in the event of an in-office shooting. Also thinking about the CEO who was shot and killed walking in front of the Omni when a stray bullet blasted from the epicenter. Makes you wonder if we really need to rush back to all this travel and in-office advisory. On the other hand, there is a school of thought that says if a growing share of companies are doing hybrid or remote work, maybe that makes "Conventions" or corporate "Mass Gatherings" even mo
  11. You're referring to the space adjacent to Truist Ballpark enclosed by the chain-link fence, yes? I'm all in on a dense, canopied beer garden for that space. Example included.
  12. actually, i wish i could post laugh and cry emojis at the same time
  13. Got it. Yes, I'm aware. My initial post said that Atlanta as the heartbeat of its metro had 157 murders. Not sure what the entire metro count is. I do believe in most metros in America, the murders are pretty geographically concentrated. Example - I recall reading an analysis done on Jacksonville, FL murders. Jacksonville is the largest city in America, land-wise after annexations and city-county consolidation, but the lion's share of the murders tend to happen in the relatively small "Old Town" Jacksonville. If there hadn't been consolidation or annexations, "Old Town" Jacksonville mig
  14. I'll like the city, inhabit the city, and be critical where I feel critique is warranted in the hopes of improving the city, and can assure you that my choice of habitation will take absolutely no guidance or urging or suggestion from you. Yes, I can find the interstate system. Sorry you wasted effort with your post. Thanks. Suggesting that the lovely trees of Charlotte are essential to its distinction, and that they are a source of unifying heritage as opposed to other sources of so-called heritage that still occupy our public spaces and are deeply offensive to some...you call that a
  15. Have also included the weekly crime report from the APD, run as of December 26, 2020, indicating 154 murders as of the date of that report. I'd imagine the additional 3 reported by the Journal-Constitution happened in the time between date of the report and final year-end.
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