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  1. Perhaps this falls under "fintech" as well, but I wish there was more buzz in Charlotte about digital assets, crypto, tokenization, smart contracts, web 3.0, whatever you wish to call it. I recall reading that Honeywell is in some partnership with JPMorgan to run a bunch of finance-related use cases involve quantum computing. Not sure whether the honeywell side of that partnership is here in Charlotte or elsewhere, but I think quantum computing will eventually be the future of finance, and if various aspects of its development & evolution could be centered here, that would be awesome for Charlotte. Seems like our city government doesn't appear to do much to champion the smartest and most innovative things happening in industry here. They only hit up our titans for contributions to equity programs or special corridors. I guess it's not bad to always be talking about affordable housing, but I'd like to celebrate innovation and ingenuity here as well in the hopes that it draws more smart and innovative transplants.
  2. Was asking the question to those who might find it fun/interesting. Objective assessment might comprise a collection of data points on Charlotte's advantages that one might pitch to corporate site consultants. Features and amenities that would have broad appeal to inform strategic placement decisions. I get why GS moving and consolidating operations in Dallas. I think Dallas is a strong draw - lots of wealth, strong corporate base but also a decent "gig" economy, no state income tax although state's expenditures per person are about same as in NC so they're getting it from somewhere, but I think no state income tax can be powerful psychologically, and location in center of the country. SydneyCarlton made a statement questioning the GS move and that Charlotte has a much better QOL. Just curious how that assertion might be framed for other corporate decision-makers weighing Dallas versus Charlotte.
  3. Well, yes, I was looking for an objective assessment. I like Charlotte too. But objectively, who has a better public school system - Dallas region or Charlotte region or are they about the same? That tends to be a staple in QOL rankings. Dallas does have an average teacher salary that's considerably higher than in Charlotte, and given housing costs are similar, that's probably meaningful. Yes, it takes about an hour more to get to the beach from Dallas than from Charlotte, but negligible IMO. Yes, Dallas summers are longer and probably more extreme. Will give you that. Also, Charlotte is greener, which might count for something in some quarters. Dallas appears to have a much higher murder/violent crime rate than the city of Charlotte.
  4. I recognize we're all Charlotte promoters as a side or shadow hustle, but out of curiosity, why do you believe Charlotte has a much better quality of life than Dallas or Salt Lake City?
  5. Our shadow government makes life difficult for adaptive reuse and rehabs? City Manager, County Manager and their executive teams (shadow government) who wield the real power, while being answerable to part-time, partly-interested, hardly-paid, high-level oversight Boards.
  6. I long for a day when a proposed development of 500 residential units is never just a single-use project, and instead it's always mixed-use with retail or other uses. Also, this project is surrounded by surface lots. I know it's not in the core city, but shouldn't a project like this include some basics of walkability like structural connectivity to sidewalks, with perhaps the surface parking on the interior of the complex and away from the streets?
  7. Yes, San Fran has VCs, other alternative investment firms like Hedge funds, and large pools of ultra high net worth money.
  8. Philly is home to the nation's oldest stock exchange, which is currently a subsidiary of NASDAQ and specializes in options and ETFs. Miami is a capital formation gateway to Latam. I'd put those cities higher in your order, although I'm more convinced about Miami than Philly. Philly area is also home to one of the largest and most sophisticated global quant firms, market makers, and liquidity providers in the country, if not world. Can I ask why you'd rank Atlanta below Charlotte?
  9. It's just one publication's point of view, but even I'll admit that I never thought of Charlotte as a "second largest banking center in the US" before moving here. It's not a mantle the city brandishes all that effectively. Housing lots of risk management, compliance, and IT doesn't really register as globally-influential banking, for most. Instead, Globally-influential banking centers need to be centers of securities trading, investment management for ultra high net worth individuals, as well as corporate/investment banking, pretty much everything having to do with institutional capital formation. Having a district HQ of the central bank can't hurt either. Charlotte doesn't really have any of that, from what I can tell. Open to an alternative viewpoint, however.
  10. Anyone looking through the 2nd draft of this thing? They've eliminated the "Facade Modulation" language found in a many of the zoning district articles. I'm new to facade modulation. Anyone have a researched or informed view on this?
  11. Well, we disagree. I continue to advocate for more restrictive preservation and mitigation requirements.
  12. Will these businesses in neighborhoods have a parking requirement? Will you see front yards paved over for street-fronting parking lots right in the neighborhood? I must admit, I love the prospect of neighborhood retail, but only if it meets a certain aesthetic standard...the aesthetic I might see in Munich or Berlin or Paris or Amsterdam, where the majority of mobility takes place without a car. In Charlotte where we're obsessed with cars, I feel dense retail intermixing in neighborhoods would drive a surge in surface lots, trees less than 30 freaking inches in diameter would get mowed down to accommodate the surface lots, and it would lead to an all-around aesthetic cluster-f!!!.
  13. Happy for you. You seem to be having a delightful time in DC. I hope the office buildings there thrill you
  14. Can someone explain to me why the UDO only requires mitigation for trees that are 30" in diameter at breast height? That seems quite lax to me. 30" is a gargantuan tree. I mean, doesn't it take an oak 50 years to get to 18" in diameter? We seem to be setting the bar massively high for keeping these gems of our landscape. And San Antonio requires $100 per inch in mitigation. Given the big pools of money in development here, $1500 seems like barely a blip for something that's been growing out of the ground for generations.
  15. "Best case scenario other than a turd..." "Soul crushing" "the most depressing place in CLT" do you live in Charlotte?
  16. City extended lease with hornets until 2045 as part of deal
  17. Driggs said "onerous," which seemed a fair representation. Bokhari said "excrement," once again over-the-top, un-productive and likely an oversimplification. Was the city's deal out of market at the time? Is Bokhari making his comments to save face for himself and the council as they vote to approve the package?
  18. Read a quote from Tariq Bokhari saying the proposal is "a bag of excrement." On what grounds is he saying that? Is Charlotte one of the only cities with an obligation to keep its NBA Arena modernized? Just incredibly strident language and soundbytes, and what's he hoping to accomplish?
  19. Bizjournal says construction on arena wouldn't start until 2024, and wouldn't begin on practice facility until 2027. Based on what I've seen of Charlotte City Gov't and Meck County Gov't public/private projects, is that more like 2027 and 2030? Unfortunately, the Ledger appears to go to the wrong sources because that article says "city staffers suggested construction could start this summer." I got excited for a second but then I read the Bizjournal article and that timing seems more in line with the city's MO.
  20. I thought hotel construction was underway in South End on Hawkins, across from the Line?
  21. So I read the Ledger and Bizjournal articles on the proposed improvements and deal worked out with the Hornets. Seems a good deal all-around, but can I ask where do we think the stimulative impact on that part of Uptown comes in. Is it that this improvement package accelerates the "undergrounding" of the bus center which we think has stymied growth in this area, including the potential of epicenter? Or is it that a training center is a catalyst for retail and other spin-off developments nearby?
  22. Are these coming with ground-floor retail? Can't quite discern that from the renderings. It almost appears the ground-floor is just screening for parking, but surely they're not putting ground floor parking right along Tryon Street...
  23. and by the way, I get that Lincoln Harris doesn't want to share renderings or a site plan. But Inlivian gets funding back-stopped by taxpayers, and can barely be bothered to show detailed plans and renderings?
  24. Is there anything else at play here? I recall reading that the city will soon rename Barringer Drive to Revolution Park Drive - Osmond Barringer being the eponym. I also know that Hall House was once known as Barringer Hotel. Is the rush to demolition the latest whitewashing?
  25. We should be ashamed as well. We're facilitating the funding of this demolition. Council voted and approved revenue bonds in December. It seemed to go over without a hiccup. It's like when someone brings up affordable housing in this city, nothing else can hinder it.
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